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  1. WEC Endurance Racing League

    http://www.rfactor2wec.com/ Im racing over here at the WEC, check it out, there is allot of room for teams and drivers, signing up is easy and no signing up nda crap to race. Its a new league and if you like Endurance racing, they follow the real World Endurance schedule.
  2. doug, what is the team speak ip and pw for tonights stock car race?


  3. rFactor 2 - SCSR Testing Season

    Heres something stable i made for richmond, i know last week some said the set was too loose, so i made this one tighter, i dont know if i will be able to make it thursday, but i got my fill of laps to last me, Make sure you use all the short track upgardes https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zo54e212a9mzf2/RC12%20Richmond%20Stable.svm?dl=0
  4. rFactor 2 - SCSR Testing Season

    ya it was loose a little for the first few, then it would come in, i should of told Stewart to send you his changes to it, he tightened it up enough to suit him the other night, he had the same problem you had. For me it was fine i ran a full fuel run with hot laps and it was good all the way through a full fuel run, but i ran it in practice so i wanted to see how it would run with all the cars on track in the race but really didnt get a chance to test it in the race. BTW Doug can you post a replay of the race when you get a chance, I didnt have mine turned on.
  5. rFactor 2 - SCSR Testing Season

    we used a 9:35pm est in the SCFR in season 2 to better suit drivers from the west coast as i just looked it up now from my old schedules. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doug remember to move up the caution sensitivity in the rfm, we need yellows to come out at 1.5 mile tracks, at Mountain Peak it was way too low. Of all the oval tracks i saw so far this Eagle Creek track is the best one IMO, Good Job 3PA. I will try to get set made for you guys thats stable for the test thursday, i will be on later tonight.