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  1. Make sure you read the news item about it, especially the plug-ins part.
  2. Yes, maybe they were allowed to post it though. Probably not, because they recorded it with their phone.
  3. Looks like someone won't be invited back to test.
  4. I updated Barber yesterday, only a couple of textures were off. I think Road America is ok and won't need an update.
  5. I think all cars and tracks will need to be updated for this, even if just for minor things.
  6. Kinda boring race. Hopefully it will be better than that this year.
  7. Ya, way to go Per.
  8. Driver Full Name: Alex Coutie Forum Name: Coutie Class (GTE or LMP2?): LMP2 Car Number: 34 Car Description: Oreca Judd Race Performance #34 Team Name (optional): For my friend Team Name: Cool Racing Driver Full Name: Cabernet Johnson Forum Name: GEEETHECHAMP Class (GTC, GTE, LMP2): LMP2 Car Number: #42 Car Brand:
  9. Cabernet Johnson and I will.
  10. I'll run whatever is chosen.
  11. You might want to watch the replay, you drove right into me... A stupid place to try and pass and my race was ruined because of it.
  12. Good work.
  13. Cabernet Johnson star of the show.
  14. If it's private, can we make it shorter.
  15. That was a crazy moment for sure. Race was going alright for me before that. I was just a little off with the brake pressure, and ran a little bit wide and spun. After that, it was fine until the rain. First time into the Porsche curves I went to brake and just slid out into the wall.