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  1. 2017 VEC #29 SimHQ Motorsports LM-P2 Screenshots

    Doesn't work on either my phone or Work computer. Super weird!
  2. The streaming thing was a cool experiment. We'll see if it continues goes forward, as it's demanding (and distracting).
  3. DX 11 and VR incoming

    According to Jimmi, you can use DX9.
  4. That was me, in retrospect it was hilarious! At the time... not so much. Of course, last Saturday during the VLMS race @ SRC, rain hit. I learned my lesson, and waited a lap to pit for wet tires, expecting the same calamity. The next lap, pit in with a nearly empty pit lane... except for one car in my pit box! I can't win.
  5. Please read this: SimHQ Motorsports needs your help