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  1. 2016 SCES 6 Hours of Suzuka (Matsusaka)

    Team Name: SimHQ Motorsports #888 Car Number: 888 Car Class (PX1): Drivers: Pedro Gomes, Rickard Norgren, Cosimo Streppone.
  2. Your opinion - G27 vs T300

    Actually yesterday I figured out how to correctly configure FFB at iRacing and it is as good or even better than RF2 but they work differently. You need to use the minimum FFB force, that you also have inside RF2, but with this wheel if you use more than 2% you get this terrible vibration at 0 degrees, tried everything I can think of and can't get rid of it in RF2.
  3. rFactor2 software plugins and utilities

    Good list, anyone knows if there is a sound shift program for RF2 like this http://nspace.hu/soundshift/ You can set the RPM at which you get a sound warning to shift gears for each gear.
  4. Your opinion - G27 vs T300

    I have a T300, it works great on RF2 you don't need anything more really. The G27 pedals are much much better you only need to buy an adapter for them o work with the T300. I also recommend you get the F1 add on if you do single seaters, prototypes or GTs (not needed for ovals and FWD cars), makes inputs more precise and you have a little better FFB feel due to the wheel's lightness although the ergonomy is bad, the thumb rest should be way more upwards for me. On iracing the FFB isn't great so a higher end wheel like Fanatec CSV2 may be justified, but I never tried myself that wheel on iRacing so I don't know if it's worth the difference in money. For RF2 i don't believe it is as you can feel everything with the T300.