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  1. Dirt 4?

    I noticed a big difference between stock parts and the first upgrade, even though it was just partial, made a big improvement to the handling. It seemed to loosen things up a good deal so i could actually throw it in the corners. I'll give it time to decide, going from fully upgraded cars in DiRT Rally back down to the bottom (which is actually still competitive thankfully in Dirt 4) I wasn't sure if it was the game or my perception.
  2. DiRT4 Rallycross 1st win video...

    Nice one! It does steer pretty well in sim with a gamepad I found as well, although it is still nice that my wheel works with a ps4
  3. Dirt 4?

    I've been following it, interested to see how it shakes out. Seems like it's you'll be able to create as many different stages as you want at least. https://www.dirtgame.com/blog/39309 My big worry is that they have said about trying to appease those who complained DiRT Rally was too hard, while not dumbing it down for those who liked it. Trying to please everyone seldom works, but hey you never know. I'll most likely be picking it up regardless.
  4. How's the VR in...?

    So finally got around to trying it out some, aka sent the kids to my parents house for the day. Couldn't get DiRT Rally or AC to work in anything other than the Vive Theater mode, so went to try pCars. Worked good, was pretty nice, but I did feel the sickness creeping in pretty fast with it. So to sum up, for the most part it was a total bust
  5. How's the VR in...?

    Well that could very well be true for them, for instance I wouldn't fly a flight sim without TrackIR after getting it, but for driving at least I never felt the same way. We shall see what VR does to that equation for me though.
  6. How's the VR in...?

    Well guess i'll find out soon enough, thanks for the input Probably give pCars and DiRT Rally a go first but only since AC i think had native support for the Rift, not Vive, i'll still give it a go later of course. Just hoping those tri-pods get here before the snow does, well at least I tested everything out while i was waiting.
  7. How's the VR in...?

    my biggest fear is that it's just going to make me vomit
  8. How's the VR in...?

    Picked up the Vive
  9. How's the VR in...?

    Finally got my VR set in last week and while I wait for the tripods i ordered to arrive was wonder everyone's thoughts on the VR that is available in racing titles, how good the VR aspect is. Off the top of my head I know DiRT Rally, pCars, AC all have some kind of VR support, any I'm missing and how good are they?
  10. Roadmap Update December 2016

    well, guess i'm glad i didn't opt for the lifetime sub afterall
  11. TrackIR and rF2 not working

    just tested it out, worked ok. Only thing I can think of, as I do it quite often is forgetting to launch it before I launch the game. With steam you may have to launch it before you even run the rF2 launchers as well, only other thing I can think of.
  12. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    Just throwing it out there even though I am a bit late to the party, how bout instead of a Mini Cooper S you go with a Countryman and get something with 4 seats and is a racecar as well
  13. The Grand Tour

    Just saw on Amazon Nov 18th is when it comes out, there is also a teaser trailer for it on there.
  14. also, where did everyone go?
  15. Every single time I went off course I got stuck on a bank, add in a few tires... well that's a recipe for last place if I ever saw one