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  1. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    I think that I will participate too.
  2. SCES EnduRacers - Sao Paolo (non-points race)

    Son agree with Doug that it is not right to subscribe to the championships and then leave, my teammate Franco Scalet did the last two races due to personal problems and is very disappointed but others have not really presented and it is not fair against those who organize the campionati.Fare pay a fee it is just to cover the expenses but sometimes though discourages people is perhaps the best solution. It 'also true that they are now many championships and Endurance is not easy to follow them all, my team joined several championships and I guarantee that racing almost every weekend becomes heavy. The model we used is perhaps the best among those that are there in rFactor2 regarding P2 prototypes, the GT are older than those of Apex or Simtech but are still valid, URD is a beautiful mod but if not the update will remain back behind EnduRacers that if he even P1 would be great. That said I hope we can repeat the championship and certainly I will be present.
  3. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    Beautiful and exciting race, my qualifications were not good tenth but I knew I had a car with a good set is therefore hoping for a good race.Non was easy to overcome my opponents, all good and correct but in the end with a good strategy and some luck, I won the fourth place which is also the position I have won in the league. Thank you all for a job well done and a bit sorry that we can not do the race in Spa a track that I love who knows where the third place in the league was not so far.
  4. Great video review my race was exciting and your fantastic comments'm glad belongings amused but I guarantee that I enjoyed the most. Too bad the league is over but I hope that soon we can repeat. Thanks to all, organizers, drivers and TV commentators.
  5. Congratulations Troy great job.
  6. SCES EnduRacers - Event 1 : Suzuka

    Not a good start to the season for my team and I both Franco we had some contact that has a little delayed us in the race even if in the end the fourth Franco won him over to the sound of fast laps and my tenth place is the maximum I could do after two stops because of an accident and a stop and go. However nice good drivers' championship even those of GT have been very careful in a track where it was a little difficult to overcome, I have to do a tribute to Matthias a gentleman who was completely right when overtaking even when he was fighting with the other riders gt. And 'now we'll see you at Road America we hope that here the luck is more lenient with us. Troy great service but tell me you like so much Osvaldo ahhhhhhhhhh.
  7. SCES EnduRacers - Series Discussion

    updated the post for numbers and the car Team Sikania.
  8. SCES EnduRacers - Signup / Registration

    Team Name: Sikania Endurance Motorsport Driver Full Name: De Filippis Roberto Forum Name: Rob 17 Class (GTC, GTE, LMP2) LMP 2 Car Number: 38 Car Brand: GIBSON 015S NISSAN Team Name: Sikania Endurance Motorsport Driver Full Name: Franco Scalet Forum Name: Class (GTC, GTE, LMP2) LMP2 Car Number: 33 Car Brand: LOLA B11/83 HPD V6
  9. SCES EnduRacers Series

    What if you could not make the races on Saturday or Sunday because there are other leagues it would be a shame not to have other members.
  10. SCES EnduRacers Series

    Driver: Roberto De Filippis Class: P2 Car: TBA
  11. SCES EnduRacers Series

    Sikania Endurance is present.
  12. SCES R3E - 2 Hours of Spa - Overview

    Last night was my first race of RaceRoom, and I'm very happy with how it andata.Ho had a good fight with Par and Stefan, and when they did the pit I could earn a bit and I kept the lead until my pit.Devo say that all have been corrected, except when overtaking Andrew Harper that at the time of dubbing kept me behind for several laps facendondomi lose much tempo.Il first pit went ok and I could take back the lead when he made his second Par pit hoped that gasoline was enough for me to finish the race, but within ten minutes I had to stop to refuel and that's the problem, I could not put petrol I wanted it made me full and changed the tires and there I lost the race . Anyway it was a great experience and I thank SimHQ its Admin and I hope to do some other race.
  13. SCES R3E - 2 Hours of Spa - Overview

    Hello guys i have a problem that I hope you can help me. RaceRoom for me is new and Sunday I would like to do your race I did a little practice but I have a big problem I can not make the pit stop.Ho set all the buttons, but when I enter the pits AI brings me to the pits but not I do rifornimento.Cosa ago I do? Anyone can help me, otherwise I can not be with you Sunday. Thank you
  14. SCES R3E - 2 Hours of Spa - Registration

    Name:Roberto De Filippis Car Class (P2 or GT3): P2 Car Number:# 8 Daytona Prototipo