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  1. pCARS 3.0 update now available

    Players can now define pit strategies with less fuel than the initial fuel load...and much much more... http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?37074-Project-CARS-PC-Patch-3-0-Release-Notes
  2. Road America Times?

    +1 on the pCARS dash app, but, you probably want to have a ipad to see the tempratures, wear. well worth the buck if you ask me. I' am having graphic trouble so i probably wont dare to participate on this, (still hoping) i can toss my times out there aswell for reference: 02:10:758 is the lowest i got so far (Audi std.setup if i rememeber right) usually 02:11's Cross my fingers that i will be able to race with you guys, it would be awesome. Cheers