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  1. i was absolutely joking but yeah i would love to see a few replays. i am slowly getting faster but every little helps!
  2. I haven't tried this yet but i think in the interests of fairness Archii should be forced to drive all these events in a Reliant Robin so someone else has a chance
  3. just not a fan of it. gave it a couple of hours yesterday and its better than my first impression, just a bit twitchy i guess. probably need to tweak the setup
  4. How! i mean just How lol.. i was pressing to the best of my ability to get 1.41! I can see a few seconds to grab but 6?? I am doing something fundamentally wrong i think
  5. I just can't get past 1.09.141! I have no idea where the extra time is lol. stilll at least its getting closer to the leaders... i think i am slowly getting better .. maybe
  6. Yeah i had to find 2 seconds yesterday. i think i know where they are. now tis 5! i think i am gonna have to rethink this haha! i'm guessing as well as being an awesome driver this is gonna take a good bit of setup skill?
  7. Oh this ones gonna be fun :) love these old F1 cars!
  8. Just managed a 1.48.5.. fairly sure i'm approaching my limit! this things drifting for Britain now ha ha
  9. I did manage a 1.55 in the end but after i quit i noticed that my son had messed with the TC and ABS settings. Not sure its gonna be valid lol, not that there are any assists anyway haha
  10. This is undriveable to me. I just cant handle the Countach... not completed a lap yet lol
  11. Not Last!!!!! F**k yeah! Sorry.. thats never happened before bet it wont last...