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  1. The RSR world record is 2:10.7. I can see myself getting my 10.4 down to 10 flat, but 2:08 does not seem possible. Hax.
  2. Because they made everything complicated for no good reason. How an adjective ends depends on the word that follows and if it's considered masculine, feminine, neuter, or plural. In similar fashion, they have 6 words for "the" and also lots of different forms of "a" and "an". In any one case, only one is (or tends to be?) correct. It's a nightmare for a non native speaker. http://german.about.com/library/blcase_sum.htm http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa030298.htm http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa033098.htm
  3. I'd brake early and a more gently, you will lose almost no time that way, and it's just not worth the risk. The time lost (maybe 0.25 at most) pales in comparison to what you can make up by doing something else a little better in this car. Braking late is the last thing on the list for shaving off time, so why risk it at that corner...just get to the correct speed for corner entry. Failing that, try: Gelbes Drecksack! If that doesn't work, try: Gelbe Drecksack! Gelben Drecksack! Gelbem Drecksack! Gelber Drecksack!
  4. Ok don't run this car for longer than about 30 minutes, 45 tops on any given day on this track or you're going to use strong language like I did. If you're new to this long track, my advice: use any of the F1 mods available (McLaren MP4-13, Williams FW31, FF1 2015) first, or any other high downforce fast car because with these you can run many more laps in a small amount of time to help you remember the track. The F1s are easy to keep on the road. Once you know the track only then switch to the Yellowturd. Had I done that I would have saved myself a ton of time. F1 mods: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ff1-2015.4941/ (Apr 19, 2015) http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fc1-2009-williams-fw31.5799/ (Apr 17, 2015) http://www.virtuasimulazioni.com/mclaren-mp4-13-released-for-assetto-corsa/ (Apr 25, 2015)
  5. I have a 1:47.5 on RSR with this car and track (no abs/tc), driven in march. Can't I just submit that one? it was worth a try, right?
  6. I'll start: T5 (Les Combes) is flat out in fifth!
  7. As this isn't a hardcore league, I'd like to encourage the top 3 finishers to share links to their replay and car setup file so that the rest of us get a chance to learn from the faster drivers. (Please think about saving the replay after your hotlap.) Consider posting your files when the event deadline passes, if a risk of "losing" to someone who learns from it is a problem for you. Also, share any crucial tips you like about the particular track/driving line/setup. It won't instantly make everyone equally fast but it can be a motivation for more simracers to partake in these events as a learning experience, and for those who invest the time and effort, lessen the gap a bit between the back and front of the pack in future leagues, which is always fun. As some of you will know, I've never held back any information when I was one of the quickest drivers in the SCSS league here, and was asked about stuff. Sometimes even when I wasn't asked. Skip says it best in the preface in the book "Going Faster!" by the Skip Barber racing school:
  8. Well done guys, I wasn't expecting competition this strong. I did not have a low 2:05 in me with this car. How about a replay, Brun?