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  1. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    Meet my new not quite so little friend from 2011. First place: The 118 by miles. BMW's really are not just brand image and soft touch plastic. As soon as you sit down it's obvious: everything is next level including the comfort. Forget its awe inspiring handling and smooth engine performance, seat adjustability matters. Runner up: Fiat Punto Evo 1.3 turbodiesel chip tuned for an extra 30-40 hp, and 17" rims instead of stock. Transformed the car from boring and indirect into one that will put a smile on your face for VERY little money. 6000 euro gets you one stock in very good condition. Make sure you get one with the coloured dash inlay. Lifts the whole interior. Comfortable seats, handles great. Definitely the bang for buck fun car to beat. Excellent fuel economy, will be rather fuel efficient even after tuning. Third place: Mazda 3. It's expensive, prone to rust and you can almost get 3 Evo's for the price of one Mazda 3. That's why they call it the 3. Or get a 118 bimmer like I did, not a lot between them in price, assuming both are used cars. Mazda 3 handles well, has very comfortable seats even though they lack adjustability for tall people - no upper leg support, but just stick with fabric seats - the fabric is high quality and easy on the eyes. The leather is not that great and a little slippery. The fabric holds you in place and always looks new no matter what 3 occasion I look at. Somewhere around 50th: Ford Mondeo 1.6 ecoboost. It's so big. Just how big won't sink in until you actually drive one. The dash and hood in front of you are gigantic. It doesn't body roll but it still is heavy and it feels like it. Feels like driving a huge boat, and you're the captain up in the cabin. The steering is responsive and it's not a slow car by any means, but not quick either. Good for relaxed motorway cruising, not for chucking about. Avoid narrow roads with any sort of traffic. Be advised, if you do decide a Mondeo is for you because, say, reproduction is your sole purpose in life and you need to fit a family with 4 tall fat kids and don't like pickup trucks, do yourself the favour of avoiding the heated windshield option, as comes standard even in the mid-range titanium trim. It seems handy for certain occasions but the individual wires throughout the windshield will be in your vision year round, darkening your view. Only the Trend trim (base trim) lacks these wires, but lacks a ton of other features including sport seats. Most of which *can* be added as separate (packages of) options, but the stock Trend trim's seats aren't great to look at. My 2ct after test driving lots of cars.
  2. Do you bounce from sim to sim?

    Spot on, impressive writeup, except imo the content for rF2 is not as limited as you make it sound. Many of the less mainstream cars I actually really like but they require cup racing (same car). Sets of performance balanced cars for league racing is where rF2 is lacking a bit so if that's all league admins think about it's barking up the wrong tree, for that you basically get: FVR V8Supercars, Enduracers LMS & GTs, Flat6, Megane Trophy. (Not a fan of AM GT3's rough edges). All installed cars in my rF2 (Minus everything that didn't make the cut, lots of ISI content removed.) Plenty of options for cup races.
  3. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    I've had enough of the LMP2 - it's fast and predictable but a little bland, not much character, so if we're running the same mod again I hope it's GTs. I prefer the Enduracers GTs over those by Alpha Modding. They're great, very polished.
  4. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    Half measures won't make any difference. I would suggest: 1. "I would ask for a 5 Euro contribution per car entry." Period. 2. "Drivers who don't attend at least 3 of the 5 races will be denied entry into future series." Both seem reasonable enough to me, even in combination. Either make payment mandatory or you might as well not mention it at all and go with rule 2. I would also prefer to run single class or cup. More people to compete against than in dual class races. Enduracers is good but I am not married to this mod and like to change things up. For a new series I'm craving open wheel to be honest - never seem to get a chance to run any. Any of these I would very much enjoy: Brabham BT20 You can really feel and see the weight transfer and play with the limit, great fun, easy to control. Spark F2 - easier for less experienced drivers (Tuning B with rear wing), but less playful/fun (more in a groove). Formula ISI USF2000 on short tracks - as we discussed in a previous thread Formula Renault 3.5 - just have to add a few clicks of caster, add vehicle specific FFB (~1.3), and soften the setup. Failing that: Nissan GTR 2011 (may seem odd as a cup car but why not, fantastic car.) Renault Megane Trophy 2013 My 2ct.
  5. SCES EnduRacers - Sao Paolo (non-points race)

    Silverstone was probably the best race of this league so I wouldn't call it ending on a low note. I couldn't agree more. Indeed. 20 drivers is plenty for me, but they have to be in the same class, otherwise you're only racing against 9 of those 20. As indicated by Richard and Jon already signing out, if you were disappointed with the commitment for the "for points" league races, what do you expect will happen to this fun race at Sao Paulo that people now didn't plan for? That's truly risking to end on a low note. If we're going to do this, we should put everyone in the same class car. This. Now I made you sound like Captain Obvious but you are right, captain. I'd enjoy taking one of the GT cars for a spin. Besides, the humiliation is incomplete unless George laps me in the GT class as well. But it's only fun if we can get Richard to compete. "Other priorities" other schmorities, Richard.
  6. "Sorry to interrupt. Rino who, Troy?" LOL Like George said you guys put this on another level. Looks like it was the most fun race of the championship and the best video yet. Now I'm even more disappointed I didn't get to race. Thanks a lot.
  7. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    My Windows event viewer says: Faulting module path: D:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Bin64\d3d9.dll This strongly suggests TrackMap was the cause of the rF2 crash, because it comes with a custom d3d9.dll that it hooks into. Anyone know where rF2 for Steam saves its crash logs? (TrackMap saves a log too but no debug information was written to it.)
  8. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    I understand, Doug. No worries, and I've been there before too... indeed, I think we all have. On the upside, missing the race meant I had time to go get some much needed groceries before the store closed, so I don't have to do that after work tomorrow. Hope you guys had a good race.
  9. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    Teamspeak chat log between me and Doug at the start of the race: <17:47:38>(Roenie)": ffs man, rF2 was stuttering (on the start/finish straight) so during warmup I exited to disable anti-aliasing (The game ran fine up until qualifying.) <17:48:01>(Roenie)": slow load time after that meant I joined just in time, but rF2 then crashed (My PC is rock stable - I work in IT, this crash in multiplayer was 100% rF2's fault.) <17:48:14>(Roenie)": then joining again was just a few seconds late I guess, formation lap started without me. <17:48:22>(Roenie)": ended up unable to click Race, and with fixed setup <17:48:23> "19 Doug Atkinson": sorry Jeroen, but we can't restart - it effs up the qualifying <17:48:32>(Roenie)": well, ^#%* <17:48:48>(Roenie)": things like this make me rethink simracing, 6 hours of prep time after work down the toilet <17:49:31>(Roenie)": good luck <17:49:34> "19 Doug Atkinson": I understand, its hell. But if I restart it usually effs qualifying This part of simracing sucks, not going to sugarcoat it. It can happen to anyone at any random time. I probably won't join another league for a good while. It's so hard to find the time after work and it's the 3rd technical issue I've had this league.
  10. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    Humidity 0? In England?
  11. SCES EnduRacers - Event 3: LeMans

    Pretty sure I started in 10th pos., simresults Quali results say 9th. (Look at the race results, says I'm 7th and up by 3, which confirms I started 10th.)
  12. SCES EnduRacers - Event 3: LeMans

    This was a serious challenge. I knew from experience Circuit de la Sarthe takes far more preparation than any other track, due to its length. I also knew I wasn't going to have that kind of time. Work all week every week, sick on friday, ultimately I only had one session of a few hours to get prepared so I just used my low downforce Road America setup (front 1, rear 2) and changed the gear ratios. 3:44.6 on mediums at boost 1 was the result and that was it - I had no idea how fast/slow that would be compared to the rest of the field and no time to do anything about it anyway. Today I only had time to do the math and pick a strategy. The event description said it would probably rain after sunrise. A quick look at rF2's race session options hinted that at 75% of the race would probably be where the 80% rain chance would start. Even at boost 1, the LMP2's 75 litre tank was probably not going to be large enough to do a no-stop until the rain. Quali: Worst ever as I immediately left the pit but the server/game weren't quite ready yet and I ended up stuttering past the red light at the pit exit. Stop & go penalty. Having no mic, I alt-tabbed to text chat with Doug about it on teamspeak and rF2 crashed. I did finish one lap but I half spun twice during it (not really a hotlap, just a warmup lap finding the braking limit), which got me Q10, last of all the LMPs. Race: I went with a full tank on hards, boost 1 to make the fuel last as long as possible. I had to stop for a splash of fuel a few laps before the rain started (no tire change) + switched boost from 1 to max for the remainder of the race. A few laps later I came in to exchange my hards for wets. One of the wets didn't make it to the end of the race and I damaged/removed my front wing, making the last few laps in the wet very challenging before finishing 7th. Not enough time for practice + never having done a wet race in rF2 nor in the dark + an unusually unsettled state of mind today made me inconsistent. Lots of (little) mistakes, but I'm glad I could still join you guys for this one and finish the race, without getting too affectionate with GTs at night or in the wet. After a pit strategy mistake (2 tire changes instead of 1) in the first race and crashing into a GT in the second race, my chances at podium for the championship were already gone anyway, so my main goal was just to finish the race. That will be my approach for the final 2 races as well. Thanks, gg & good night.
  13. SCES EnduRacers - Event 2: Road America

    Thanks for the replay + race video, nice work again, it's almost more fun to watch the video than to actually race. The collision you missed that caused my front bumper/wing to go airborn I believe can be found in lap 15 on the back straight (at Kettle Bottoms).
  14. SCES EnduRacers - Event 2: Road America

    I'm not sure whether it was your fault, it could be mine or neither of us. Maybe I went for the outside line too late, putting doubt in your mind. I'd have to look at the replay (which I don't have). Ultimately it's my responsibility to overtake you safely, e.g. not in that slight left bend of the straight but after it, and lift the throttle if the speed difference is too big. I was actually one of the LMPs pushing the issue sometimes. It's tempting because it can take 5-10 laps to gain back 1 lost second on the guys battling for podium. Edit (after looking at replay): You took "initiative" to stay wide but only after it already seemed likely I was going to take the inside as that was the side I naturally was after my corner exit and I stayed there for a little bit, but I anticipated you turning in and didn't want to cut off your line so I went to the outside. Surprise! You probably would've turned in if I had moved to the outside immediately after exiting my corner but it took me a second to realize the outside was the way to go... The incident puts the nail in the coffin of my chances at podium for the championship, but it's just a racing incident IMO.