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  1. toolo4sno's Classic Open Wheel Server

    It means that if I have set it correctly, only Minorated rated drivers A, B or C can join. Initially, the server was set to MR A,B, but I have since found out how to adjust that. At least I think so. http://www.minorating.com
  2. toolo4sno's Classic Open Wheel Server

    [Current Server] Server Name: toolo4sno's 1980-90's Formula One [ABC] `O=o- *O=o- Cars: Ferrari 643 (ASR - V2.0) Track: Brands Hatch Laps: 10 Minorating: ABC
  3. This thread is to announce a new 24 slot US based 24/7 Formula One server for Assetto Corsa (PC) that will cover cars and tracks from the 1950's to 2010's. The server will rotate periodically thru the standard, DLC and mod cars of AC; running on the standard and modded tracks in AC. I will try to make the mods I use be easily available from common sites like Racedepartment.com. Currently, the server runs Minorating ABC. My goal will be to run enough laps to add the possibility of a pit stop for some strategists. I understand though that higher lap counts aren't popular; so I'll run quicker sprint races as well. Car and track combinations will include the list below. I am sure more combinations will come up as more mods and DLC come online. I have not successfully tested all combinations. For instance, the Williams FW31 hasn't worked for me yet. An example 1970's and 1980's-90's server is shown below with the cars available and likely tracks you'd encounter. Server Name: toolo4sno's 1970's Formula One [ABC] `O=o- *O=o- Cars: Lotus 72D, Ferrari 312T, McLaren M23 (OMV) Track: Brands Hatch, Catalunya, Imola, 1988 Grand Prix Track Pack (http://www.f1simgames.com), Monza, Mugello, Nordschleife, Nurburgring GP, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Spa, Zandvoort Server Name: toolo4sno's 1980-90's Formula One [ABC] `O=o- *O=o- Cars: Lotus 98T, Ferrari 643 (http://www.asrformula.com/), McLaren MP4/4 (http://mak-corp.com.au/) Track: Brands Hatch, Catalunya, Imola, 1988 Grand Prix Track Pack (http://www.f1simgames.com), Monza, Mugello, Nurburgring GP, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Spa, Zandvoort I am also gauging the interest for a Formula One racing series to run on weekends. This would likely be a 1970's and/or an 1980's-90's series.
  4. You will have to have the PC version to use skin mods to get your Tobacco livery. The 98T is my favorite car in Assetto Corsa and it comes with the game standard. Here is an MP race from over a year ago. I wish there were more 98T drivers out there.
  5. 1:24.1 is pretty darn quick. Not sure about a banker lap; more like a walk away with it lap. I suppose not though; still way too early. I am still 3 solid seconds away. I had difficulty adding you on Steam; so nothing official yet. Can you imagine MP in the MP4/4 at Monaco with 15+ cars? It would have to be an MR A++ rated room to get a third of the cars over the finish line. It would be fun though. When I read on F1 forums about the hatred of racing at Monaco; I don't think they are understanding the challenge of just getting across the line. Not that crossing a finish line is as fun to watch as passing, but there needs to be some level of appreciation for the challenge of the track itself. A few laps in AC in that car around the harbor bring that home for me.
  6. An open letter from a Kunos Dev to the AC forums

    Just had a MP race with 22 drivers with GT3 cars. Metal to metal couple of times. No anomalies, nothing weird. Scary as [censored], heart in the throat but controlable. 22 guys happy as young pigs in the mud. 1.2 physics makes the GT3s quite tail happy if pushed too hard, but still recoverable if you not get too stupid. 20 attempts to get Copse right, one 360 spin, 15 times 'take it easy, Piotr" and some 4 times "yeah baby, yeah!" I love this game! How often can you pop into an open wheel MP experience like the GT3 one you mentioned? Many months ago it might have been possible to get a random room that big. I haven't seen anything for quite some time that doesn't involve a open wheel mod. The same with the leagues. I agree AC should be considered good enough to have a go online with either pick up servers or league run servers. People just aren't doing it. When Nords was released 7k drivers went online; didn't like what they saw, and only a third or so come back with any regularity. I doubt any of those were open wheel, but still it was a brief look at what the AC servers could look like. If AC's auxiliary stuff worked as well as I thought the physics did then people wouldn't have much to complain about. That said, the 1.2 rear tire physics (or whatever that was) doesn't sit well with me so far. At what point is it right, especially with such a dramatic change this far in.
  7. An open letter from a Kunos Dev to the AC forums

    Not entirely correct. I remember the full Monza configuration on their website as being advertised for the full release. Part of my purchase during early access was due to the thought of driving the Lotus 49 on the bumpy oval. They have also had driver animations assignable for over a year and a half now and correct me if I am wrong, but nothing works there. Not a big deal, but it shouldn't be an assignable button if it's never going to work. I love seeing those MP statistics thrown around. You can show me what ever numbers some survey generated; they mean nothing to me. In 2015, if you make a GAME/SIM that involves other contestants but has poor or non existent MP. There is a very healthy chance your game will fizzle, fade out, fail what ever. The developer will probably make money either way. An enthusiastic segment of the players will splinter off to what can suit their MP racing needs and maybe the dev. will fool us again and peel $40-50 away from us with 2.0. When I see excuses for things not being there like: there just aren't enough of you to make a decent MP platform worthwhile; then I am quite confident the vision I had of AC when I purchased it is not the same the developers had nor will have. I have been checking in periodically on the servers to see if anything has changed online. Unfortunately, not so much. What's with the rear end sliding around? That sure seems like a dramatic physics change this far in. I understand the pitfalls of expectation,but AC has been a major let down for me. I can't believe there aren't tons of really good open wheel (original AC content) leagues. Like a Jim Clark league with the 49. I'd understand a mod with McLaren M23 vs the Ferrari 312T. I haven't seen one of those yet. No Senna Lotus 98T championships. I can't wrap my head around any of these things. And I don't mean one league over there; I mean tripping over these leagues. How can KUNOS think the current race ending UI/graphs and general feel are ok? Back to the unimportant driver animations. When were we going to use the celebratory one anyway? After a race win perhaps. There is no time for that; you teleport to the pits and get a garbage static chart. IIRC you can't chat (could have been fixed I haven't tried). That pit stop UI is so cumbersome, and penalizes those who stop more. As if you'd have a race go that long. You may not get the entire replay, but really detailed replays are probably only important to 6% of the purchasers of the game; so don't put the effort in. It's business after all. Some of the complaints from the forums are not feasible in the current AC platform. Night racing, weather, light sources, endurance features and track cycling come to mind. At least two of those are totally unacceptable. It seems they wedged themselves into an uncompetitive feature limited physics exercise. KUNOS's short sited vision with AC will always frustrate me.
  8. I do not have a lot of confidence that this move will be good for current AC PC users. The only way this would be good is if the MP field is increased, but I don't know of any multi platform game that does that. IE: Xbox users racing MP with PS4 and PC users. This sim isn't done. The 1.0 release was so short of a final version. Not like that is new or anything. GT5 needed updates out of the box. KUNOS has had input from the community and time; yet the glaring deficiencies are still there. I really don't see how extra cash does anything other than hire new staff; which will be used for the port and further expansion. I can only use the past decisions by KUNOS as a guide to what they'll do in the future, but I'm not impressed so far. To me AC does the hardest part (physics) the best. Why they can't do the easy stuff is beyond me. I've said it before and I'll say it again. KUNOS's vision for this sim has always been behind and in catch up mode. I don't see them catching up. I had really high hopes for AC. Good thing the weather is nice now so I can hot lap for real. Sorry Southern Hemisphere.
  9. Lotus-49... any more in the mix?

    I have doubts that we'll see another open wheel car in AC (other than mods). There is hardly enough interest online for the few good ones KUNOS has made already. I would love to see all of the cars you mentioned, but I don't have a warm fuzzy that it will ever happen.
  10. AC Feature Race: F1 2015 @ Spa, Sunday 17th May

    The Electronics app (shows ABS and TCS indicators when active) will show the DRS activation. Sorry I missed this race; would have been fun. Just curious, why do these league/scheduled open wheel races frequently use mods and never the 98T or 125 S1? Kunos made real winners with those cars. They should get more love than they do.
  11. 2015 Formula 1 Sparks

    Anyone see the extra sparks on the 2015 cars? That might be fun in the dark. I tried to encorporate sparks in my Assetto Corsa 98T video, but it didn't work. That would be sweet to see in AC.
  12. Assetto Corsa 1.1

    I have been begging for this option for a while. 64 bit would open up the RAM; which makes me happy since I rarely get to use the 16GB I bought.
  13. Ferrari 312T @ Monza this Sunday 15th March

    I think I might be joining this race. Why no McLaren M23 vs 312T?
  14. Rules & flags coming soon

    Aren't the little things so crucial to the immersion factor? I don't necessarily agree with other comments I've read about the real versus fake lights, but the lack of control in your cockpit on the grid and setting up before is an unbelievable oversight. Makes no sense what so ever given how good the other parts are. That said, the lack of a real penalty system means there is nothing to hand out to those who jump. I am hoping flags and penalties will bring in some of these other requests. The development is painfully slow, but I am more worried about the lack of a driver community. I rarely can find enough half full open wheel servers to fill my needs. I'll never understand why KUNOS didn't prioritize MP. It's asinine.
  15. Nostalgia - '91 Italian GP

    James Hunt it is. Murray Walker and James Hunt, the best F1 commentary team ever. While no one can replace James Hunt; I do enjoy David Hobbes comments on NBC in the US. He says some very politically incorrect things; which is great. There is a site out there where you can watch many races in the "F1 archives". I won't post the URL; so I don't contribute to it being taken down (again), but if you do a search for the words in quotes above it'll be one of the first choices. When he gets around to putting new videos up; it's one of my favorite sites.