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  1. Hi All, PCars 1 only allowed 1 custom livery per cars. I think some of use were a bit disappointed by this. Does anyone know if PCars 2 will allow multiple liveries for each vehicle? I can't seem to find any information regarding this feature. Thanks, --T
  2. Looking for a Rally Sim/Racer

    Thanks for the input gents. I'm currently looking into the WRC3 demo. My first install attempt crashed but I think my PC was the issue and not the game. I'm going to play around with it this weekend and go from there. I must say the videos definitely look interesting. Thanks again, --T
  3. Okay, here's the deal. I have Dirt 2, Dirt 3, and RBR, but I'm looking for a rally sim with rally racing ala the old Colin McRae series. I love Dirt 2's graphics and fun factor but I don't fancy the different rally modes it offers. Dirt 3 will not run smoothly on my system. I know RBR is as pure a rally sim as one can get but it is sometimes too demanding. I did the mods and sort, but want something I can just get into and out of on a whim. I want to race the clock but have some fun in the process. Thanks for any suggestions. --T
  4. Help Setting Up Momo Force in GTR Evo

    Thanks Chip. I actually enjoy wwatching Jessica. Actually, she's the real reason I watch the show. I'm going to check it out now. Thanks again. --T
  5. Hi Guys, As the subject indicates I need help dialing in my Logi Momo Force in GTR Evo. My cars are lagging in response to my inputs. As a result they tend to push into and out of corners. The cars turn like busses. I haven't toyed with any car setups because I want to make sure my wheel is properly dialed in. I've been fumbling with various settings but I think I made matters worse. Any help at this point is greatly appreciated. Thanks, --T
  6. MAN i have to say the new COT and Nascars safety implementations have really made a difference in the sport. That crash made me think about the "Intimidator" and his crash, which resulted in the end of his life. Thank God for safety designs and protocols. To be able to walk away and then conduct an interview says spades for the safety involved. I know that rookie is going to be sore. but better sore than dead. :-) --T
  7. GTR2 vs RACE

    What Jedi Said. Both racers are great for different reasons. I have both and find myself spending time equally between the two. When I want raw unbridled power, I play GTR2. When I want more refined racing, I play RACE. GTR2 allows you to race a different class of cars and both sims definitely feel different. I personally don't do online, so I can't comment on that. While RACE is a newer sim, I prefer the cockpits in GTR2. They just have a better look and feel to IMHO. I also find that GTR2 has cooler mods such as "Power and Glory" (a GT Legends remake that is awesome and only just beginning). There's also an AUDI RS8GT and R4 mod that is quite well done. I'm sure RACE will benefit from mods as time goes on; however, if I had to choose only one, I would go with GTR2. In the end, I think it will come down to preference because they're both equally good. --T
  8. Help: Need Pots for TM Wheel

    Hello all, Does anyone know the part number for the steering wheel pot in the TM Nascar Pro Digital 2? I know it is the smaller-type pot. Unfortunately, I have no clue what the part number is. I will also need info on where I may be able to purchase the pot online. As you may have guessed, my wheel died on me recently. I contacted TM tech support but I'm not getting any response from them. All I need is a replacement pot and I can do the work myself. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. --T
  9. Best NASCAR Simulation?

    I'd have to go with everyone so far and say Nascar 2003 also. It is the best Nascar sim, bar none. As an added bonus, there are a few mods available for it too. There's BGN, Craftsman trucks, Trans Am series, TPTCC and a couple others. NR2003 is also a highly prized item - just check EBay for prices. If you find a copy, hold on to it; it's solid gold. rFactor looks like it will be the next standard in sim racing. I haven't gotten it yet, but I've heard that a Nascar mod is definitely in the works. Good Luck, --T
  10. if just one, which?

    I highly recommend GTR - I don't have rFactor, so I can't comment on it. Anyway, GTR has enough fidelity and scalability for both hardcore and beginners. The driving is intense and it "feels" realistic. It is also enough of a variety of cars to suit various tastes. I'm a Lambo guy but often find myself in the Vertigo because it's a forgiving ride. If you do not experience the stutter issue that some of us have, you'll be in racer heaven. I also second what everyone is saying regarding a wheel. I got my first wheel several Christmases ago and I can't live without it when it comes to driving sims. As for the Thrustmaster GT, I'm a bit jaded with how things went regarding the Cougar. I don't want to start slammin the company because most of my gear is TM stuff. Still, the Cougar situation left me feeling a bit disappointed. The Logitech stuff seems to be real popular these days tho. They also have a nice feel to them (played around with a couple of the momo wheels). --T
  11. I've seen a lot of positive reports about rFactor's multiplayer mode and I know the game is very moddable. However, I do not do multiplayer much, so I was wondering if someone can tell me what the single player experience is like. I'm also not a very strong driver; I have yet to win a race in GTR. I find the AI in GTR to be too fast for my driving level. So my next question is, how adjustable is the AI difficulty? I want a challenge, but I also want a chance to place on the podium. Thanx, --T
  12. NFS Most Wanted Problems

    Man you guys are too hard core for me... Not enough people are playing racing "games" and my frustration continues. ANyway, I will probably shelve this one for awhile and stick to some Nascar '03 and GTR. BTW, has anyone found a real fix for the GTR stutter? I have tried multiple tweaks and I still have the stutter. I run Win XP Pro, 512MB RAM, NVIDIA GF 5200, Ggabyte K8NS Ultra939 with onboard audio. I get stutters that really annoy me. Running in 16 bit has minimized the stutters. ANyway, thanks for all the help. --T
  13. NFS Most Wanted Problems

    Davros, I apologise that I did not complete my statement in my haste. The game recognizes the wheel, but it goes haywire once you try to configure the wheel. It keeps sending an input from the gas pedal and the wheel only wants to turn to the right. So, I'm still not able to play the game with a wheel. I used my wheel's software to map the brake and throttle to the up and down arrow keys. Still crazy inputs. The game just does not want to behave with my wheel. And like I've stated before, the wheel works fine with my other NFS games. --T
  14. NFS Most Wanted Problems

    You're not helping. It ain't no GTR or Richard Burns, but you gotta admit it's a lotta fun. Interestingly, although I am a law-abiding citizen, it's a lotta fun running from the cops in a high-speed chase. I just hope my fantasy does not translate to real life. Anyway.... Davros, I did disconnect my other devices; it's the only way the game will recognize my wheel. --T
  15. NFS Most Wanted Problems

    Thanks guys I tried various solutions, including yours and so far nothing works. I thought I was on to something with Davro's suggestion, but I still have to unplug the Cougar and then the sim acts crazy when setting up the wheel. It begins scrolling through menus. The sad part is: my other NFS games work without problems. TMP, The forums were helpful in letting me know I am not alone and some people are finding fixes or workarounds. I even did the updating of drivers, software, etc. Still no luck. I may have to put this one on the shelf until EA offers a patch (hopefully). --T