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  1. European evening/night time.
  2. SR4L ( is a friendly community, I started racing historics there a few years ago. Currently they're doing a season with the USF2000. Another excellent league I raced in is PrestoGP, usually racing the Formula Renault 3.5, so not exactly what you're looking for. Have fun!
  3. I tried DK2 and it was nice to try but the visual resolution is so low, you can't really see much detail on the screen. Haven't tried the CV1, though I heard it's a bit better in that regard.
  4. Tried AMS last night, with the new formula ultimate at Hockenheimring and it's *good*. I was never impressed by AMS honestly, always felt like a glorified rF1. After last night, I think I changed my mind. It is a really nice racing sim experience.
  5. This is really fantastic. Thanks!
  6. If you happen to have Photoshop, there's an action that will help with a basic conversion to Albedo:
  7. Pär, my experience, US Navy simulators research and the recent PS4 driveclub VR all show that driving games are among the worst possible use case for current VR technology. Personally I tried Assetto Corsa and rF2 with Rift DK2 and I was sick within 5 minutes. And that has nothing to do with latency or FPS. Elite dangerous or space sims and demos on the other hand were completely fine.
  8. I find the default setups easy to drive and those engine sounds are spectacular. Haven't had time to test drive properly of course, but this mod looks like it will be the new reference for LMP2 cars in rF2.
  9. Tried a few cars. Wow. Blown away.
  10. Any way to configure triple screens? Is aspect ratio 21:9 all there is??
  11. Not my case, for instance. I never get car sickness, but I tried the rift with rF2 (and other sims) and I couldn't stand it for more than 10 minutes with any racing sim or rollercoaster demo. Space sims and space demos were completely fine. It was very bad, and the visuals were not as clear as I expected. Tried the DK1 and DK2, not the final version. Contrary to popular belief, simulator/VR sickness doesn't originate from the delay in head tracking or similar BS. It is the mismatch between what your body/senses tell your brain should happen and what is really happening. For example, going through Maggots/Becketts at 250 km/h in a VR environment, you really feel you are there. Your brain is expecting a strong lateral acceleration that ... your body never feels. That is what causes the sickness ( ). It only happens to some of us though. You might be among the lucky
  12. Yes, however you can assign AI a setup of your own choice, so that can be tweaked.
  13. AI performance is not directly comparable across different tracks and cars, so if you are 1s off 95% you could be on the same pace with 105% in a GT mod. Skip barber at LRP tends to be on the hard side :-) A good setup gives you a good second as well. There was a quite popular skippy@lrp server some time ago. Practicing there, I improved my pace about 5s from what I thought was my limit. Don't give up! I'll send you a setup with my reference time (I am not fast).
  14. I'm quite indifferent to AMS. I bought it, tried a few cars but I don't find myself going back to it. Unfortunately, to me it feels just like a glorified rFactor 1... and I don't mean to offend anyone. It's clear that Reiza put a lot of work into it, but still... PCars seems to have the most complete and engaging career mode, since you talked about championships. The best driving and tyre model is still rFactor 2 without question.
  15. Just for fun, I have no big problems on the server. This is from Norway.