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  1. I wonder, when Hamilton will show his full power. ;-)
  2. Unfortunately, i have to say, that i am done with the gt class. The last race was a pain for me. No feeling, unable to fight. In a new series, i will try the LMP, but i'm afraid i will not be able to get a good feeling with this Endurance Mod. I like the idea of an entry fee, but maybe it is getting to serious then.
  3. Doug, can you type new PW in TS Channel please?
  4. Yes, it is shown in our UCI nearby. But unfortunately only next tuesday, and i'm afraid i can't be there.
  5. I would suggest only testing online. It is never be the same, even if you have the same grip level.
  6. Normaly, i would say, yes, it is part of realism. But in this case, the qualy time is to short in my opinion. So either have a proper qualy time without private, or, leave it as it is, and deal with private session. I prefer the shorter option.
  7. Regarding Dougs description it was not a legal pass, so he should give him position back. But i am with nhill40. It seems, that if you want to be a champion, you have to do such moves. You have to be ruthless.
  8. So, what do you think? Did he deserves the victory?
  9. Realy sad, i think this will be the highlight, but i can't take part in this race.
  10. SC throws out a green,green,green, does it?
  11. Well said, Jon.
  12. Yes, really good work, thanks for your efforts. I like watching your videos. They are a great motivation for me and hopefully others to participate in this series. And don't worry about my pronunciation, at 29:58 it is close enough. ;-)
  13. Lol, haven't seen the whole video yet, but thanks for the Intro, Troy.
  14. Was there a live broadcast? Well, as I said before, I hate the feeling of this car, but everyone has the same circumstances, and I have to deal with it. Don't expect 2nd place in qualy, maybe that made me a bit to excited. ;-) Race start was ok, but then after the first lap I spun after the chicane. Damn I hate me so much for that stupidness. After that the whole race had lots of action. Many exciting laps with Emery, as he wrote. ;-) I can't remember how often I was overtaked by a lmp2. It was so difficult, always have an eye at the mirror, and I really hope I caused no trouble somewhere. Ended up fourth in my class, could be better, but with this circumstances I should be happy I think. Looking forward to the next race and to the video. Big thanks to Doug for his efforts to host this series.
  15. So, Bottas will be placed in Rosbergs seat. What do you think about? ;-)