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  1. Oh yes, I'll take that with salt, pepper and all the spices, it's going to be delicious.
  2. It is 7 actually atm, but you are right we need more commitment.
  3. Driver Full Name: Jon Uyan Forum Name:Jon_Uyan Class (GTE or LMP2?): LMP Car Number: 15 Car Description: Ligier JS P2 Oak Racing Team Name (optional) : Horizon Motorsports
  4. Something new:
  5. I think I already had mentioned it but post it again, I will be racing with the proposed dates.
  6. I understand the decision.
  7. Apologies for not checking this earlier. I'll go with #2 on this race.
  8. New schedule is perfect for me (and for George) as there is now no overlap with WRS races.
  9. Sorry I just saw that. I'll choose one tonight.
  10. Good decision Doug, and less headache. There are many skins available in this mod and duplicate paint schemes of cars should not be a problem.
  11. Jon_Uyan Jon Uyan Car #19 (from Supercup Skinpack) GUID on file
  12. +1 on Bahrain. Very nice layout for both LMP's and GT's
  13. All proposed days are good for me, assuming same race times repeated from Season 1. My thoughts on tracks: Sebring - Good choice Fuji - Terrible 3rd sector. Gets a lot of dislikes from majority. Also possible gpx problems. Mid Ohio - Good choice Le Mans - Unless we can find a modern version, '91-96 would be boring to repeat again. Watkins Glen - Very good choice Nurburgring GP - Not a fan MoSport - Very good choice Rouen Les Essarts - Good choice Laguna Seca - No Monza - Good choice Spa - rF1 conversion one is barely OK -