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  1. Congrats Piotr, very fast lap indeed. When I saw the lap time I decided to skip the one last try I was going to do.
  2. @Archii there are 2 more guys at top between you and me, tight competition.
  3. Next competition proposal: P4/5 Competizione 2011 @ Vallelunga Classic. This is the shorter version of the track that I think has a good flow and good DF compromise between straights and twisty 3rd sector. As an opening bid I have clocked 1:12.858 after very quick setup changes and only 5 laps. This will require some setup tweaking for sure. 9/35 final drive ratio seems to be the right one for the layout. Good luck everyone.
  4. Sorry to hear about your loss Darren. @Archii, thx for the offer, I'll take it. And congratulations, you've proven yourself as alien for sure, very good talent. I'll post the combo tonight (12 hrs from now)
  5. The plank (center of the car bottom) is very low on this car and needs to be adjusted depending on which track you are on, try raising the height to avoid bottoming out especially if you are running softer springs. Also this car likes high DF on twisty tracks. In general I'm disappointed with AC's damper adjustments, and it is so obvious with this car-track combination. Slow or fast bump/rebound adjustments have very very small effect on the chassis handling when trying to fix oversteer/understeer problems. This is causing a lot of frustration as it is repetitive with every other car also.
  6. Gave it a first go last night. Nice track-car combination.
  7. Yes, Archii is a fastest young gun from SDG league, I've invited him over to show us his skills but I didn't think he will be up 2.5 seconds on me. I did have only one go on this challenge unfortunately, don't have spare time these days thanks to Euro 2016 matches. Hope we'll have more participation from SDG guys here. They will be coming over for the SCES Endurance championship.
  8. As of last night (14 hrs ago) I did not see anybody's name on the list. I'll try to post some times with GT3 cars too, and see what happens.
  9. Hi, Sorry it seems I moved you position by accident. I need to be careful when looing at the map with an iPad ;)

    Can you please reposition again.