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  1. No worries Alex, I'll ck with the admins.
  2. Total entries reached to 31 so far, Pre-season race is this Thursday. Surprised to see a lot of GTC signups.
  3. Alex, I think you need to fill out this intro; and also choose your own unique racing number here:
  4. Yes usually takes a day or so.
  5. 26 Drivers signed up for this series atm. I highly recommend this series anybody living in time zones of Americas that looking for rF2 multi-class action. Signup list:
  6. A long running tradition at Champion Motorsports has been multi-class endurance racing. Going back over a decade ago, CMS started a Thursday night endurance series that ran with prototypes and GT mixed fields in races that ran from 1 to 2 hours in length!Flash forward to 2017, and the tradition continues at CMS with rFactor2 and the Enduracers mod used in two separate series, one set for North American racers on a Thursday weeknight schedule, and the other a Sunday afternoon European time slot that's friendly for EU and NA drivers alike.If you have a love for this type of racing, CMS is the place where verterans and newcomers alike can take to the track and find great racing in a relaxed setting and rules in place to keep everyone on the same page.The North American Racing Series (NARS) races on alternate Thursdays at 8:30pm CST US. This series uses all three classes of the Enduracers mod: P2, GTE and the 'almost' fixed-setup GTC class. We just finished Season 1 for 2017 and in the progress of kicking off Season 2 and a 9-race schedule inspired by this year's IMSA schedule. If you're interested, stop by the forums and sign-up!! We have a pre-season practice race on 6/22, with the season kicking off on 7/6!!The World Racing Series (also known as the WRS) races on alternate Sundays at 6:00pm UK/12:00pm CST US. The field consists of P2 Prototypes and GTE class cars in the Enduracers mod. This series is currently in progress, but new racers are always welcome!At Champion Motorsports, we have our own website and forums, a dedicated server for racing, and no entry fee to compete. If you own rFactor2, you're ready to race! And if you're new to sim-racing, online racing or league racing, we're the best place to get your feet wet as you won't find a more friendly environment of like-minded people to help, share and race with. We're all rookies at some point, the only difference is experience and that's where CMS shines the most. Champion Motorsports has been an established sim-racing league since 1999, and we offer so much more than a place to race rFactor2. We also have rFactor, iRacing, Rally, Assetto Corsa and even American Sim Trucking as well as the occasional fun event and special one-off events throughout the year.If any of this sounds like something you're looking for, stop in and register in our forums at The Series Race Schedule has been released: 6/22/2017 - Mid-Ohio (60min) - Pre-Season Race/No Points 7/6/2017 - Watkins Glen (90min) 7/20/2017 - Canadian Motorsports Park (60min) 8/3/2017 - Circuit of the Americas (60min) 8/17/2017 - Road America (75min) 8/31/2017 - Virginia International Raceway (60min) 9/14/2017 - Sebring (90min) *day to night race* 9/28/2017 - Laguna Seca (60min) 10/12/2017 - Road Atlanta (75min) 10/26/2017 - Daytona Road Course (90min) *day to night race* We're using the IMSA schedule for our track selection this season, as well as placing certain events on the same weeks as the actual IMSA races!! There's still time to sign up, just head over to and join in the fun!!
  7. Oh yes, I'll take that with salt, pepper and all the spices, it's going to be delicious.
  8. It is 7 actually atm, but you are right we need more commitment.
  9. Driver Full Name: Jon Uyan Forum Name:Jon_Uyan Class (GTE or LMP2?): LMP Car Number: 15 Car Description: Ligier JS P2 Oak Racing Team Name (optional) : Horizon Motorsports
  10. Something new:
  11. I think I already had mentioned it but post it again, I will be racing with the proposed dates.
  12. I understand the decision.
  13. Apologies for not checking this earlier. I'll go with #2 on this race.