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  1. 1.9

    Got the season pass as well, haven't drivven anything for the last 4 months. But the GT4 going to be a great online car. The RSR is a hoot. Not that impressed by the 917 and 935 strangely enough. The people carrier does move but what a fat ass is has.
  2. Totally agree, haven't raced a Porsche since GTR2 (Excluding mods)
  3. +1 should be mandatory. Had a good race, fighting with Peter in the first half. Had a good fight with ITOX, he was really giving me a hard time. But he was a bit faster and took advantage of it when I pitted.
  4. Can't find the server to practice on? Something wrong on my end?
  5. OK going with a ferrari the yellow one ...
  6. OK going with a ferrari the yellow one ...
  7. I'm in, not sure about car yet
  8. Three most interesting improvements: Timed races! Forced pitstop Timed races! (Yeah I know, just couldn't resist)
  9. Totally agree, drove a few laps last night with a few cars, and it's a big difference. I like.
  10. Grr can't make this event. But I've tried the new FFB and physics/tires. Epic!
  11. You can improve the WIFI with a dedicated Access Point like the Unifi AP Roof or wall mount, costs a bit but is a dedicated platform. Does however require a PC to configure it, but you don't have to use the software all the time. Your problem with the lack of bandwidth in the evenings is most likely due to network usage in the Comcast networks (Netflix, youtube)
  12. My sentiments exactly. AC has a lot of good things going for it, but pCars is progressing a lot faster.
  13. Awesome! Thanks Panther!
  14. I'll be doing 2:11-16 most of the time anyway. So there is a good chance to lap me
  15. I run Pcars in windowmode but borderless, works great. Have some advantages compared to fullscreen, one is the ability to use alt tab to switch between apps. I use the Borderless gaming program: