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  1. Never seen this track before. Very interesting. I will watch the F1 race because of this.
  2. Open wheel league(s)?

    I have a yearning for some lower tier single seater action on a regular basis. The Skippy or the USF2000. Anyone know where I can get some of that? Failing that, some oval racing at a time that's good for me in the UK.
  3. RSR Richmond

    Quality fight, quality commentary, and quality production. Very impressive.
  4. Oh man, I meant to go back and have a proper go - and never did.
  5. I noticed this line, but it's easy to miss. Also, why this one in particular? Is it the one used at Monaco that year?
  6. DX 11 and VR incoming

    Well, the DX11 version only runs at about 30fps for me, and that's on minimum graphics settings, including no DX11 post effects. Reverted to the old version.
  7. SCES EnduRacers - Sao Paolo (non-points race)

    Yeah - I nearly had that. Smoking engine as I left the lane, but it cooled down after a few corners. Phew. Was also on significant fuel-saving most of the race after I went a little too tight on the fuel level. But that was a fun exercise in laptime management.
  8. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    Although I would love to, the dates do not suit me well enough to commit to the number of races required. I'm definitely with you with regard to everything else mentioned.
  9. SCES EnduRacers - Sao Paolo (non-points race)

    I agree with Staniol that the race length was good. Allows single driver entries, which does two things - increases grid size, and saves having to co-ordinate effort across a team in preparation. Or joining a team. I will certainly be attending Sao Paulo.
  10. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    I may have had a car that was way off the pace (minimal practice mid-week) but I had a car that was nicely balanced. I therefore resolved to make this an error-free race, and hoped that doing so would see me rise up the rankings. Spent the first few laps hanging onto the back of a peculiarly slow batch of LMP2s before losing touch. When GT traffic came into the equation I caught the LMPs and made a few places. I was both lucky in where I caught them and satisfyingly decisive in dealing with them. Until I caught Peter Kurucz in Becketts. He was a little off line going in, had a big wiggle, and I went for the inside thinking he was about to wiggle out to outside of the corner. He's too good for that, though, and caught it, turning in for the apex but finding my nose suddenly there. I'd jumped on the brakes but was still sent into a spin. Thankfully he continued. Sorry Staniol. So one silly mistake, almost avoided, and the odd tyre on the grass, but all OK. Then I ruined everything (in my head at least) by spinning up the rears too quickly trying to blast past a back marker late on. Lost 12 seconds to Cabernet who was chasing me down, but I got back on track and settled down. Had a 15-second lead over him when I realised that I might be short of fuel by one lap. Did half a lap of fuel saving then realised that George was going to be close to lapping me after the clock had hit zero. I cleverly slowed down and let George catch me, following him over the line as he took the flag, and saving myself from doing an extra lap. Really enjoyed that race, even though I wasn't competitive. So much run-off around the circuit that there were never going to be many retirements, but moving up from 10th to 7th and having very few incidents (by my own standards) was a good day at the office.
  11. SCES EnduRacers - Event 2: Road America

    Staniol and Bung13r have both stated that they have become frightened into giving room due to frequent dive-bombs or plain lack of patience from LMPs. This clearly makes Jon's point about people on both sides needing to learn. We've all been newbies and had to learn things, that's fine. Even last year I sometimes caught myself making space for faster classes in a bad way. But really, if drivers of slower classes had a bit more arrogance and demanded their right to the road, prototype drivers would learn quickly. As a GT driver, you will likely have moral high ground in most contact arguments. Equally, there is a bit of an art to sending the right signals for when and where you want to overtake/be overtaken. Knowing how to give those, and read them properly, needs both race experience and some feeling for the personality of the driver you're dealing with. Oh, and his particular situation in the race at the moment, of course. Today I made a few people wait a little longer to lap me when I was either fighting for position or struggling with the car.
  12. SCES EnduRacers - Event 2: Road America

    Plenty of GT3s already. You see more traffic in the top or bottom tier. And giving Spencer and Dan a playmate might ensure they stick around. Simple really.
  13. SCES EnduRacers - Event 2: Road America

    I don't like seeing poorly-represented classes. I'm hardly adding much to the prototype circles here. I might switch to the GTCs to give you some fun.
  14. SCES EnduRacers - Event 2: Road America

    I first of all need to apologise to poor old Spencer Battersby who, on Lap 8, was trying his best to let a bunch of annoying LMPs through at the start of sector 2, when I managed to lose my rear over a bump, slid to the inside, then completely out of control across the track and collected him. I can't put into words how mortified I was. I had actually decided not to go for the pass, even though you were leaving the inside lane free, but must have unsettled my car with the late braking. Actually was convinced I'd had a tap from behind but no. All my own fault and I'm so sorry you were taken out there. I did see a lot of GT cars trying to give space or move over. Peter Kurucz actually seemed to get scared with me waiting behind him and stood on the brakes in an acceleration zone. I missed him but was out of shape and spun off the track into the wall. Please GT cars: DRIVE YOUR LAP! Once we get alongside, just brake 5 metres earlier or ease back to 90% throttle, but don't take a different line or brake suddenly. EDIT: Oh, and while I remember, on the formation lap, as we were all lined up in pairs and the instructions on-screen differed from our usual routine, Cabernet knocked me off the track taking the inside of a bend which I was occupying. I regained the spot in the queue by the end of the lap, and have no upset towards him, but it served to highlight that there was confusion between staying single file or following on-screen safety car instructions. I think I was wrong and should have gone single file, but hey. Something to think about.
  15. USF2000 released

    Nothing wrong with sticking it on the list for the series and giving it a go - especially if a few people really think it's worthy. Worst that can happen is that it gets downvoted next time!