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  1. OSW ordered

    Per why do you not let everyone know, that you are faster with the G29, compared to both OSW and Thrustmaster wheels?
  2. SCES EnduRacers Series

    Driver: NiisseeClass: P2 Car: TBD
  3. SCES EnduRacers Series

    But I can`t sign up.... when I don`t know day and time start for the events.
  4. SCES EnduRacers Series

    I belive SSR will be able to start at least one car.
  5. SCES Historics - Race Starting Procedure

    Oki, but Doug said ingame chat just before race start, 100 km/h until start line
  6. There was an massive jump start from Hedlund and Oqvist, who should be penalized........
  7. 2016 SCES 6 Hours of Suzuka (Matsusaka)

    Team Name: SSR2 Car Number: 19 Car Class (EGT, PX1, PX2): PX2 Drivers: Rickyrace ( Rickard Nilsson), Oqvist ( Pär Öqvist)
  8. 2016 SCES 6 Hours of Suzuka (Matsusaka)

    Team Name: SSR1 Car Number: 68 Car Class (EGT, PX1, PX2): PX2 Drivers: F19_Cona ( Conny Näslund), Niissee ( Rickard Norgren)
  9. 2016 SCES 6 Hours of Suzuka (Matsusaka)

  10. Le Mans race @ SimRacing.org

    Just to let you know that SimHQMotorsports LMP team just now in a fight for 2nd place with 8 hours left. Live stream and timing http://www.sim-racing.org/news.php
  11. Haven`t forgot ya, but due to two 24h LeMans races the next coupple of weeks, will I not be able to participate, but I am back when the races are done.
  12. Whats your top 3 spots in sim racing....

    Tertre Rouge....Indianapolis....and Porsches...all located at the nr1 circuit of the world. LeMans Love to cruise there in a racing car with as little wings as possible......
  13. Great lap Ben, fastest I ever seen with the Nissan gt3 @ Barcelona GP