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  1. Come on in April, join the RWD fun with me .
  2. Sweet! How many of you guys are brave enough to join me in RWD only?
  3. Oh my god, thank you!! It's always a pleasure racing with you guys at SimHQ Motorsports
  4. I probably had to restart each stage at least 4 times (some of them up to maybe 7). I was driving pretty close to my limit but still left a bit out there because I was scaring myself silly with the risks that I was taking. That was easily one of the toughest drives of my online sim racing career.
  5. WHAT!?!?!? NO, GET OUT OF HERE!! I can't be beating an alien.. Man, if I actually win this thing, I'm probably going to get emotional....
  6. PHEW!! Drove my absolute guts out with the VW to try and see if I had anything for April. It took a lot of bravery vs. my usual slightly more conservative driving style (as well as a lot more uses of the restart button than I am proud of ) but we'll see how things end up on Monday.
  7. Thanks for extending the event Pumbaa. What sucks is for some reason after one run I saved my progress to finish it later and then find that I can't do another one nor are my results (I was under the 9:50 mark) are saved...
  8. Wow, my first full-length rally win and a rally championship in the same week. I don't think things could get much better than this...
  9. WHAT!?!?!?!? NO WAY!!! Well, that's officially my first online full-length rally win.
  10. Well, even though it was a suicide mission considering I had been up since 4 AM, I just finished all 12 stages in the Audi Quattro. I have to say, without this car, it would have been a much, much tougher time. The car was forgiving with its understeer yet made you really work at setting up the hairpins (downhill in particular). I did have a couple of offs and 30 seconds worth of penalties for 2 recoveries, but regardless I am still gobsmacked that I was able to survive these brutal stages with a car that was still in one piece.. Now I am just waiting for Pumbaa and Lem to demolish my times
  11. THANK YOU!! Pumbaa I really appreciate you being so accommodating about this and having the RWD Group B cars eligible in future events
  12. My point isn't that I want to use all that time training, you completely got that wrong (unless you are trying to be a smart aleck, which if you are is extremely unhelpful). It is that with having only 3 days to complete the event, I do not have the time that other people have over the weekends to actually finish it because I work on my weekends. I am simply requesting more time to actually be able to to compete with you guys and which honestly is a lot better of an experience than trying to cram in 12 stages at the last minute which I have done but was absolutely brutal. With the WRC events I am able to actually complete the events because I have time on my weekends (Wednesdays and Thursdays) to go through the stages within the 3-4 week period. Is requesting to have extra time in future events really too much to ask?
  13. I was just practicing for this event and I think I am going to have to bow out. The difficulty of these stages and a Group B vehicle is like trying to guide a bull in a china shop, and with my work schedule on the weekends I know that trying to get all 12 stages done in 1 day will be mission impossible.. Any chance Pumbaa that these Group B/Classic events, if they continue (which I genuinely hope they do because they are a ton of fun), could please be spread out to like a month (or even two to three weeks) similar to what you have for WRC rather than only having three days to complete them?
  14. Too bad there's no way to adjust the rear downforce on this thing. Tried multiple times to adjust the setup but to be quite honest based on seeing Loeb's actual run, it feels overly oversteery on asphalt for my taste. Unless someone has some sort of elixir setup change that can turn this into the semi-neutral beast that the video shows, I'm afraid that I am going to have to pass on this one.