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  1. Let's talk about hot rubber

    CoNa... I gotta' say when I signed up for iRacing for the first time a few years ago, their slow speed grip was HORRIBLE. I got a new subscription this summer and have been happily racing with none of those previous issues. It's as good as rF2 at this point. Lateral grip is still the primary issue, but IMO rF2 and iRacing are pretty much even in that respect now. Hopefully that will make it even harder on you. LOL
  2. Direct drive wheel comparison review

    Thanks Oqvist! I think more information like this is what Barry should have included, but probably just didn't have the time to do. I think the only thing left is for Berney to update SC4 auto tune based on the changes that iRacing made that ruined the profiles. It sounds like you're participating in the testing so I assume you already have some of that, but choose to configure the wheel yourself anyways. I'm in the same boat as you with the wife and sim racing LOL. There's only so much I can do and afford so I have to take what I can get. I have no regrets about my AF purchase and I don't think 90% of the people out there would. The cost of the OSW and Bodnar wheels put them on another level for both cost and performance. And I think it's only fair that they perform as well as they do. I appreciate the time you spent with Laid to give a more detailed review of the things that the community knee-jerk reacted to. My post above was simply letting those know here that there was a lot more thorough testing to be done, and I think you're post goes a long way in doing that. ------------------------------------- Questions for you... I'm getting confused by all the different OSW terminology. I hear Lenz, Kolmorgan, and others. I'm assuming that's the motor/server that's being used in the OSW config? In otherwords, are they all OSW's, just different servo's? I'm think I can buy "pieces-at-a-time" and build my own OSW, which I'd like to do, but it starts to feel like and Android phone with how "fractured" the community and information is that surround it. There's even information at iRacing about a Iona(???) "version" of the OSW.?? Any chance you could help explain more about OSW, terminology, and best resources to start researching parts and ordering? I can't spend $3000-4000 at one time, but I might be able to spread it out over a 6-8 months. =) HAHA Thanks again Oqvist! Chris
  3. what do you do for audio?

    Astro A50's. Rated one of the best for overall sound quality by many gaming headset review sites. I have 2 pair, one of them has a dead battery in it. I've had no problems getting 8-9 hours out of them on a single charge. They will set you back about $300 though. They are a hundred times better than the G930's I had both in sound and quality. Both sets of G930's I had started cracking and falling apart at the seems and didn't sound very good once I had heard the Astro's for the first time. http://www.astrogaming.com/ http://www.pcworld.com/article/2858355/a...-expensive.html http://www.ausgamers.com/features/read/3488347
  4. Don't think for one minute that "arms race" isn't coming to the console users as well. Granted you won't have the PC cost, but you will still be investing in expensive controls (i.e. wheels, pedals, shifters), rigs, screens, etc to complete the racing ecosystem to make it as "realistic" as possible. That's already evident with the pCars release, as most of the higher dollar Thrustmaster wheels that were console friendly sold out inside of a week or so. They're almost impossible to find now. Also don't forget that you've got high dollar direct drive wheel manufacturers working on console usability. The niche sim racing market is expanding into a much larger global demand with the steady increase in developer competition and hardware. The moment you add the physical nature to any hobby and it will explode. I think we're on the verge of seeing racing on any level become much more than a niche market thanks to the increased cost of racing at the local track and the increased amount of knowledge and examples to learn from within the community. As for AC, like someone else said, it's dead to me at this point. There's far better fish to fry and play with. Just not worth my time anymore. Maybe I'll come back when they have a product worth using.
  5. To be honest, AC has become such a small to non-existent blip on my radar that I neither care about the news, or it's impact on PC or console racing in whole. I've fired up AC twice since it's release, for about 15-20 minutes each time and that was just to tinker around with settings and update my controller config. I spent all of about 5 minutes on the track each time. The product is so far from finished at this point (it's the little things that matter from a league perspective), that they've completely lost my interest for anything they currently have or they plan on doing in the future. In my mind, they've gone the way of Raceroom Experience without have to pay. Sure people have found ways to hack together sessions, but it's such a mess compared to other more polished sims. I had hope that one day AC would mature enough to put itself in the mix, but now I just feel I've waisted my money. As stupid as it may sound to some, that's why I've finally purchased an iRacing membership. Sure it costs money. At least I'm spending money on something that's, for the most part, complete, versus something that never gets finished. If AC manages to maintain the PC development and truly mature the product, they'll be making history, LITERALLY. Therefore, my money's on this one going to the scrap bin. I've got too many other quality sims to use than wait on them to pull their heads out of the dark. Even pCars suprised me in the end, which I never expected them to do, but there was never a surprise of the market they were going for. It CAN be done, but I'm not so sure when the focus is changed so drastically with such a small core group of developers. Ultimately this sounds more like "Oh crap, we're running out of money to get these other things fixed. What do we do? Oh hey, let's port what we have to console. We'll bring in a bunch of money!" In reality, that never happens when it's an after throught. pCars worked because their model was for the console to start, and they implemented only what could be done on both console and the PC from the start.
  6. Direct drive wheel comparison review

    There's a LOT of misinformation out there. Both for and against the AF. Based on what I've read throughout the ISRTV, iRacing, and SimXperience forums, you can paint a pretty broad picture. Below is my interpretation. Berney and other AF and non-AF users alike, believe that Barrie screwed up his wheel from the tear down for the initial review. It's had issues from the beginning, with flex, etc. While Berney from SimX takes responsibility for the potential difficulty in setting up the AF SimCommander software, which looks to have led to drastic misconfiguration, there's still the fact that if the wheel isn't physically right, then it's not going to review right. If it wasn't configured right, then it's not going to review right. None of those reviewers, or Barrie, contacted Berney or any of the other active educated AF members in the community to help with the configuration issues they were having, and many users have already sent in their own profiles and videos of their AF doing exactly what Barrie said his wasn't/couldn't do. Again, he screwed his wheel up and missed on the configuration. That shouldn't be counted against the AF. Barrie needs to get the wheel fixed, fix the configuration issues, and redo the test properly, and include something other than iRacing. The reality is, during beta testing the AF wheel had "too much feel", even with it detuned to be more realistic, according to the REAL racers that were apart of early beta testing. What most of those reviewers "think" a wheel should feel like is patently wrong based on feed back from the guys testing it who race the real life counterparts for a living. Berney has asked Barrie to send in his wheel to have it looked at so they can fix whatever he screwed up to start with. In the mean time, Berney is working with a bunch of us in the AF forums to create a set of more unrealistic profiles that give more "feedback" for those users that want it. Per Berney, they are also only utilizing a portion of the AF motor's capabilities and have another 30% more power they can bump to the motor to add more feel. Again, not necessary to maintain realism, but is going to be necessary to combat what many wrongly believe to be necessary/realistic. There's a list a mile long that could be made if you go through and list all the reasons why the AF was dealt a bad hand. The amazing thing is, even with all of the problems Barrie's wheel and misconfiguration had, it still did pretty well. -only iRacing was used -strength of the AF is in it's SimCommander software to give FFB configuration for games that don't have the level of FFB configuration that iRacing provides. I remember the reviewers talking about having software for the OSW to configure things, but not the Bodnar, so I'm not sure how accurate this is -Barrie and the other reviewers misconfigured the wheel and caused clipping which took affects away in an effort to add unrealistic "feedback" because they've learned improperly what FFB is/should be -wheel was "damaged" already, therefore the review really shouldn't be looked at -OSW wheel, while nice, was not comparable to the AF in terms of motor size. As many have mentioned, should have used the smaller motor that most use -cost -AF includes button box, quick release and integrated (not a loose external cable) connection for other wheel devices ... You can go on with the list. They're all valid points that should be addressed and re-reviewed. On the same level, knowing what was missed with the AF, what was missed with the OSW and Bodnar???? That said, I was ok with the review. I don't expect an $1800 wheel to beat a $3000 or $5000 wheel. If you pay more for the Bodnar or OSW, then you should see some type of improvement over the AF. Bottom line, ANY DirectDrive wheel is miles ahead of anything belt/gear driven on the market. If anything this review helps to strengthen the market and what we'll see in the near future. For the AF owners, the flexibility of the software and the improvements that are coming from this review will allow us to benefit from Berney's passion to create a better experience for his customer.
  7. SimXperience Accuforce Pro

    Packed it up last night and shipping it out today at noon. Sad to see it go. Really wanted to keep it for my Son to use, but needed the extra loot for now to make the AF happen. Sorry Son! LOL Took my time watching all the tutorials and familiarizing myself with the software to configure the AF and got this thing dialed in really nice! I'll have to get an updated pic of the cockpit setup soon. Working on getting the office clean. Tore it apart getting the new pedals and wheel setup on the Obutto. Still some work to do on the ECCI pedals, as I don't have the proper length on the pedal plate to work with them adjusted all the way back on the brackets front/rear. I'm working with John at ECCI to get a custom plate and brackets made to accommodate my needs.
  8. Logitech G-29 incoming?

    Anybody else notice the "Shifter" from the first pic? Thoughts? Ultimately, I feel I'm going to be disappointed in whatever they release. I've always been a fan of what Logitech has done for sim racing hardware. I'd love to see them develop a more robust product, but I don't think that's going to happen with Logitech's size and profit margins to worry about. That said, if priced right, this will probably be one of my son's first wheel's. He's 5 now and always asking me to let him race on my PC. Poor guy just can't reach the pedals yet. LOL I'm looking for a small desk and chair setup I can mount the wheel and pedals to so he can start racing offline with me.
  9. SimXperience Accuforce Pro

    Thanks Marc! Received the AF wheel this week and got it all setup last night. The thing is amazing. What's really cool is that with all the configuration options I was able to make it feel EXACTLY like my T500 did, but with all the advantages/quickness of a direct drive wheel. I purposely picked a couple cars/tracks where I knew I was loose. Where I was unable to correct spins before, I had enough warning with the feel of the FFB that I was able to correct the car before it got too out of shape. The reviews are dead on about only experiencing it first hand really allows someone to understand fully what is capable of doing. So far, I really like the wheel and it's adjustability. I saved my T500 like settings to the controller, so if I have an old game that it doesn't directly support, it works just like my T500 did as well. Very appreciative to Marc for the sale. I'm looking forward to this being my sim racing staple for many years to come!
  10. Logitech G-29 incoming?

    Seeing as it has PS4 buttons on it, not that that's a bad thing, and the fact that Logitech's statement earlier in the year made note of no longer doing many of the PC/OEM components they had, I'm wondering if this is solely aimed at the PS4 console. I'd assume it would still have some functionality on the PC, with inclusion of their Gaming Software. It will be interesting to see how they market this, considering that once what was the king of sim racing wheels has been relegated to the cheap afterthought compared to the more robust longer living products we have available now. They know they aren't going to be able to trick or oversell their product anymore, as we've all been WELL educated about what the truth about their product is compared to others. Knowing Logitech, they'll consider their product as good as any other and jack up the cost to try and be in line with other wheels. If they don't keep this wheel and $300 or less, they're going to have trouble selling it. Only time will tell.
  11. GPU upgrade advice

    Per Doug's recommendation, here's a link at Guru3D.com for the display driver uninstaller... http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html FYI...I've never had a problem with leaving ATI/AMD drivers installed. I've tried with and without, as well as cleanup and never had any additional stability or framerate hits. I think it's mostly unfounded paranoia that leads people to do this. I've got 2 Nvidia cards and an AMD display card in my system, mixed drivers. No problems. If you have issues with installing new drivers, you probably had other issues in the first place or "your doing it wrong". I think this still falls under "better safe than sorry", and doesn't hurt anything to go through the process of cleaning out old drivers, or at least have the tool available in the case you do have an issue.
  12. GPU upgrade advice

    You better off sticking with 1 monitor for the newer sims then. You can get away with 3 monitors in older sims based on rF1.
  13. GPU upgrade advice

    SLI/Crossfire in any form for sim racing is bad. There's a new 980 Ti coming soon that will have 6gb for around $700. You'll want a car with at least 4GB of RAM to run triples and not run into texture memory issues.
  14. SimXperience Accuforce Pro

    Thanks Oqvist! Great post by Barry. I really like his in depth reviews, and this post makes me appreciate more the position he is in. Glad he was able to clear some things up.
  15. Lowered price from $350 to $300. Thrustmaster T500RS Pedals - 3 years old - Just replaced the throttle POT 4 additional new POTs with wires (brand new, paid $50) John Bodin load cell (6 months old, paid $150) Bodnar and Bodinhausen cable/adapter to make standalone USB device (brand new, paid $60) $300 + shipping&handling