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  1. Steering wheel buttons?

    I was too. But it's still a steal for 120 bucks.
  2. Steering wheel buttons?

    No I don't it's stuck in neutral the whole time it calibrates.
  3. Steering wheel buttons?

    Everything looked fine. Idk why it isn't working I removed the paddle shifters so I made look a lot more like a legit wheel.
  4. Steering wheel buttons?

    I think I'll just leave it like this. I'd rather have a broken working wheel than a broken non working wheel. Still a good deal for 120 bucks. Thanks a lot for helping.
  5. Steering wheel buttons?

    Just used it. Won't detect the buttons when I push them.
  6. Steering wheel buttons?

    This is what it says.
  7. Steering wheel buttons?

    The paddles have a positive click and so do the buttons. The firmware as in the the Logitech profiler website?
  8. Steering wheel buttons?

  9. Steering wheel buttons?

    I have a Logitech g25. I bought this wheel off of craigslist. Everything works the pedals and shifter. The steering wheel works too. Except for the buttons on the steering wheel. The paddle shifters and the two buttons aren't working. Is this the wheel or is it with the software?
  10. Picture of your racing setup?

    Hey guys some of you may know me. I was that new member who started this thread. Here's my story if you care. I bought these things to get my license me being 16. Got my license now. And got in trouble with the law for street racing so I bought this new wheel to get my racing needs out. This is my old setup: My new setup:
  11. FREE MMOr games?

    Trust me I know that now.
  12. FREE MMOr games?

    tried raceroom 3 got boring.
  13. FREE MMOr games?

    I need free MMOr games since I got a logitech g25. I can't find any trusted one online. Just got my license a couple months ago and have had run ins with street racing. Wanna do it online for fun instead of street racing. I wish I could play rRacing but too young to pay online and too broke.
  14. USB shifter

    Is there any shifters that are USB and is affordable? I want something more realistic. Not like the g25 or g27. They seem arcade-ish. I want one like a normal car. Where it wouldn't take just one finger to move it into gear. Where you actually have to put effort into moving the gear. If anyone knows of any please post here with a link.
  15. Games/Simulators that support 900 degree rotation?

    I do. My wheel turns 900 degrees. The game wheel turns 270.