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  1. Anyone seen Pumbaa around?

    Yeah I had a terrible spring and then the world went crazy stupid... That's rarely me as 3 people use the account and I've been in and out of hospital for months... If you see me listed as online in steam chat you will end up talking to a girl as I don't use it lol... She passed on a few messages from last year this week... So don't expect me to contact through there... That's a big negative to both... Haven't driven competitively since August... Can't really keep the concentration up, so gaming in general has been limited... I am however sick of the human races propensity for worshipping spoon fed landed gentries and the danger that has put our species in.. Now I am not that predictable am I? Or do you see me as the masochistic type? Surely you don't expect me to go walking up to Mormons in the street to discuss the fallacies of their religion? No, I wait for them to come to me, that way I get to see the glint in their eye that was their hope to convert someone slowly turn into dread as they hear that they have wasted their time approaching me, or better yet their lives up to that point as I counter every fallacy... Going up to a preachy religious nutjob to talk to the brick wall that they are just ain't my style...
  2. Put together my ride again...

    Awesome, great to hear mate... Even though I don't drive myself I understand the art appreciation side of this
  3. Wreckfest coming to consoles in 2017

    lol that's what the scroll function is for mate... Don't want to get involved, scroll on down... The internet is for opinions, and with the sad state of so many things caused by this belief system, from F1s chase for the perfect show (which led me to enjoying the politics of the sport more than the sport itself), to the chase for profits by sim racing devs, to the payware modders risking the future of the community with the use of other peoples IP, and all the separations this causes, our little genre of interest has a lot of ills that are directly caused by the belief system when you do the maths... So of course I'm going to bring it into the conversation, especially when I am positive about a move I was negative about for other developers within the genre for that very reason... BTW, it's not just the Netherlands and FInland. India, France, Iceland, Kenya and Canada are all trialing this over the next year or already are, with many others like Switzerland having a high proponent for this important change that is going nowhere just like Scottish Independence, both are inevitable... With all the previous trials showing booms to the local economy, the most important part for a strong economy, due to more people working (and not in wasteful & harmful positions like welfare compliance officers) and therefore higher production alongside the much higher number of competent consumers... I do realise it's a touchy or boring subject for some, I just care about the maths and the benefits to the species more than those who can't handle the thought... Add in that I'd rather the next age be a Technological and positive age, rather than a dark age... So this subject gets inserted whenever the maths make it applicable, which is quite often... Just be happy you don't have me on social media sites where I delve into the other ills of the belief system without care so I can connect with other like minded people... Anyway back on topic, the plan for Wreckfest to be early access on consoles is a little disappointing, however the economic boom for Finland largely negates any fears I have about a perpetual science project being the result of the move, plus they have already announced their next game, so there will be a focus to getting Wreckfest done instead of milking the fan base as they will have a need to move on to their next piece of art... The only worry I have is that of the perfectionist artist, where the want for the perfect piece of art takes over... Long term that is a good thing, short term that is painful... However the conditions are there for a better situation than we have seen with Wreckfest over the last few years, with updates coming faster due to the conditions...
  4. Road America 1.41 Released

  5. Wreckfest coming to consoles in 2017

    There's a lot to like about Wreckfest, it could even be steered into the sim lite or even sim category depending on where Bugbear decide to go in 2017... I'm really keen to see which mod teams jump ship to it as well... One thing is for sure, they won't be handcuffed by economic beliefs, there won't be the temptation to cut corners like other developers have had to do just to put food on their tables or to chase larger profit margins... And as far as consoles players go, they deserve a true sim, not a sim lite or another Codies F1 style effort with eye candy being the main focal point... Finland is about to experience a huge economic boom, so I wouldn't be surprised if a start up developer (or Bugbear) takes aim at a PC & console game using ISI's engine (or starting from scratch) that fits that bill very well... Italy, the UK and the US unfortunately aren't on that page of economic theory just yet, despite growing conversations on the subject, their economic beliefs still encourage the short cuts to profit over the quality of the art... And that's why I was so critical of Kunos' move to consoles initially, not because I don't think console players deserve a quality racing sim or would steer it astray, unfortunately my fears were quick to become reality... SMS' pCARS also serves as another good example of this issue...
  6. http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/wreckfest-coming-to-console-new-stunt-game-announced.125487/ This, coupled with Finland's forward thinking and prosperous political/economic moves like Unconditional Basic Income, makes me believe Wreckfest will come together very quickly as Bugbear won't have the burdens and barriers of the out dated political/economic thinking that has held many a developer back and forced them to cut corners, as well as access to a lot of local volunteers who no longer have to work for their human rights, to get the work done...
  7. Automobilista 1.0 Release Wed, 24th August

    Gave it a run this afternoon, really gives a glimpse as to how much can be done in tracks for AMS, a lot of nice little touches... The track itself is better in reverse than it is in the way they have it set up atm... There's some bits that remind me of old Spa with the 1 lane roads and in reverse the twisty bit reminds me of Bathurst... Never thought I'd enjoy a fantasy track this much...
  8. Automobilista 1.0 Release Wed, 24th August

    Can't wait... This track layout looks like a blast..
  9. SCES Historics - Race 2 Longford

    Nice video! Danke It shows exactly why I got greedy and crashed later in the race... The sequence of a Prototype catching me just before that bridge happened many times and there's just no room to let a Prototype through unless you go off pace through the Newry's corner, which hampers both your exits onto the long straight following... Also looks like we shared a pit bay, luckily the GTs are on a different fuel cycle...
  10. F1 2016?

    Did they get rid of the classic content? That'd be enough to give it a few days worth of play time from me... I won't be expecting something like AMS's V12s or earlier in driving experience, just the visuals and sounds would be worth experiencing... I think it's been a mandate from Bernie to sell the games to the masses, not the sim racers, fits in line with the DRS racing of F1 today which sells overtakes to the masses with a handicapped driver in front whilst a small group of race fans want the push to pass of Indycar... Dirt Rally has made me stop blaming Codies for the lacklustre F1 series... They are just doing what the rich man wants them to...
  11. SCES Historics - Race 2 Longford

    Firstly my apologies to the yellow and black Lola team, I was in cruise mode and saw you behind so tried to take the bridge at "on it" speed as to not hold you up and was too greedy catching the outside fence sending me into a barrel roll and then blocking the track... The car was too damaged to go at speed after that, hence I couldn't get out of Newry's at speed, causing another collision... Second, apologies to Conny for the wandering straight... I was looking in my mirrors hoping you'd go left whilst I was on the right and the car drifted on me and you had to slow down, was not intentional... Third apologies to anyone I got in the way of or gave a scare whilst recovering from the crashes. I put together one of my worst stints in the car, not happy with it at all, especially after Matthias' great consistent run in the first stint, so apologies to him as well.. It started out well with me closing on the leader and taking the lead after they made a mistake and then building a good gap, before I rolled it under the rail bridge chicane after locking the rears, before rolling it the 2nd time over the long bridge in front of the yellow and black Lola which required a pit stop but I served a stop and go instead, no idea how I picked that up, but I had to creep around with a snaking car for a lap... Then after recovering to 2nd after that heading into the same bridge there was one of those white poles in the middle of the line right at the crest before corner entry, so I thought I'd drive over it with the middle of the car, but it sent me into a barrel roll like hitting a land mine, forcing me to take a mid race swim... Took ages to get out of the river and then find a gate to get back at Newry's before another damage repair stop was required... After 3 barrel rolls 3rd is a lucky escape.. Congrats to the winners and to all who finished, this was a real challenge with all the obstacles this track throws at you... Longford is fun, but is waiting to bite you every lap... Road America should be a real joy, what with the awesome layout, actual run off, no rivers and no land mines to hit
  12. That all depends on the modders wishes, so it isn't always that way, But it is the default Kunos method.
  13. SCES Historics - Find Teammates

    No worries
  14. V 1.22 now live

    Version 1.21 Changelog • Graphics - Improvements to significantly reduce object popping during track intros and replays in VR. • Graphics - Wheel will no longer lock to the left if you use the ultra low graphical preset. • Graphics - Desktop image when playing in VR is no longer stretched. • Graphics - Improvements to prevent the environment popping in the distance during a dynamic replay in VR. • Game - You can now remap the headset position reset function in Controls for VR. • Game - You can no longer press pause during the fade to black when you restart an event in VR. • Audio - Razer Kraken will no longer cause the game to crash on boot. • HUD - Split time will no longer overlap co-driver calls in VR. • HUD - Repair puncture tooltip will no longer overlap speedometer in VR. • HUD - Legibility improvements for smaller text elements in VR. • HUD - Hud should no longer fall into your line of sight on hills if you have VR Vehicle Camera Motion turned on. • HUD - Fix to prevent the "Recover Vehicle" tooltip remaining on screen when you have accepted an invite during gameplay. • UI - A Message will now be displayed if you access the Steam Overlay in VR letting you know to take off your headset. • UI - Certain pop up messages should now display correctly in VR. Version 1.22 Fix list · Audio - Engine and Co-Driver balance is now back to how it was in 1.20. · Audio - Surround now works like it did in 1.20. · Audio - Engine audio during post race sequence now plays out correctly.