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  1. Damn, I was too busy dealing with another Porsche... I forgot about this one... Might have to have some fun with this combo anyway now that I have some targets
  2. Emotions, inflections and explanations English is simpler until you start using the words with more than one meaning... This saves those confusions...
  3. I have developed a real disdain for the cross and the gate near the end...
  4. Yo it was a joke... I know I'm a little too Frankie sometimes, but come on you should know by now... lol Now to find that second
  5. Don't get too cocky weasel, I did that with the control pad Good to have you back behind the wheel
  6. With everything being stock atm why not practice with everything? It'd be good to get a few laps in something different to refresh the brain after searching for tenths to beat the rest of you for the sunday event or the hotlaps haha...
  7. I'd have to agree, with my inability to lock in a race time, I too enjoyed the hot lapping with a purpose...
  8. Great work on the V8 Series Pumbaa!