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  1. Logitech G-29 incoming?

    That £299 MSRP is ludicrous! I was thinking the G920 should be priced at around £200 with the H-shifter included! (especially since it's a nerfed G29, button wise) G27 users should be able to use their old H-shifter with the new wheel but IMO this is an entry level wheel in the first place and an H-shifter should be included. Oh well, this makes me value my “modded” G27 even more!
  2. Logitech G-29 incoming?

    Interesting! Kinda looks like a G27 / DFGT hybrid. Best of both worlds ... nice wheel quality with lots of buttons. I'm really interested in seeing pedal and H shifter quality now.
  3. SCFS Sprint Race Series - Fuji GT (Saturday, 23 May)

    Server and rubber looking good guod.
  4. Porsche 935 Moby Dick

    Here’s Romain Dumas’ very wet romp around the 2012 Le Mans Classic with a 1978 935 ... (720p available)
  5. Auto repairs – Thanks YouTube!

    I think YouTube is becoming more of a global consciousness these days! I watched a 10 minute video on how to change the front disc brake pads on my particular SUV and then I just did it. 7mm hex socket, disc brake lube, clamps ... whatever ... super easy LOL! I could’ve easily changed out my rotors based on that vid but they were ok. My sister came by while we had mom over for mother’s day today and she said a friend of her’s actually rebuilt a boat engine based on what he saw on YouTube! Pretty insane.
  6. Any impressions on pCARS yet?

    I want the highest fidelity driving simulation available to the mid to high end PC user. rF2 and AC are fitting the bill quite nicely these days and so far nobody has convinced me that pCARS is worthwhile in this respect.
  7. Any impressions on pCARS yet?

    I think it’s gunna come down to what you have to say before I pull the trigger on pCARS guod. I’m so on the fence about this one it’s killing me. It looks gorgeous with tons of options and Conny’s articles are awesome but from what I've read, the actual driving experience just doesn’t seem to be there. I’m an rF2 and AC fan but I’m first and foremost a SIMULATION fan.
  8. Fibre to the Premises

    Ha ha! I know, right? ... https://fiber.google.com/newcities/ Nowhere close to where I live. Something to keep in mind if you're thinking about moving somewhere else. "Hey babe, I think we should move to Portland. I can't quite put my finger on it but there's just something about it that I like."
  9. Fibre to the Premises

    Not bad! I think Google Fiber is blowing everything away right now Stateside. They're advertising 1000 Mbps. I saw a guy over on SimHQ post numbers like this ...
  10. Hmmmm, well I WAS looking forward to trying Project CARS but now I'm not so sure. It doesn't look like you have to steer that much. (?)
  11. Leo Bodnar, the suspense is killing me!

    Ah yes, I knew that would happen ... the day after I post, it would arrive in the mail. A full three weeks from Towcester, Northamptonshire! (just across the pond) The Royal Mail rocks! I just noticed they also ship out of Sim-Sport USA. I guess I should’ve grabbed it from there.
  12. It’s been almost three weeks and I haven’t yet received my G27 pedal cable in the mail!!! I’m totally geeking out! Is this normal?
  13. Welcome new staffer Conny Naslund

    Expert on board! Very cool. Nice asset recruiting guod. Speaking of screaming Swedes, is Öquist next on your list? Looking forward to trying out Project CARS!
  14. New to it - and I recommend it

    Wow, I didn’t realize how many transactions would be involved. Nevermind.