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  1. Put together my ride again...

    Looks really great, top job!
  2. Simracers Revival F1 1975 Master Championship

    Somehow it feels as if I've become disloyal now as for the very first time I signed up to a series at another location than SimHQ, but I miss classic rF F1. I missed the Ensign team from the mod, but found a suitable replacement with the Surtees TS16 - especially since it sports a rather garish paintjob. And first tests revealed this will be a challenge, as these cars are a handful.
  3. Hi Doug, I assume the DRM race starts at 2000 CEST? See the thread, I pointed to a possible issue there.

  4. GPS needed for racing?

    Sebring, brake failure at hairpin, one brown pants moment... and hilarity.
  5. And you thought you had hardware problems?

    Luckily he came out of this brown pants situation unscathed. On a lighter note, his frantic hand movements simply scream to be be made into a gif.
  6. Any interest in running another DRM event?

    That was great fun! :-) It was less psychedelic, but more psychotic 320, as I was driving like a madman most of the time, until the tyres went deep into the yellow zone. And the engine is indeed forgiving, I can testify to that.
  7. Any interest in running another DRM event?

    Yes, I'm interested.
  8. A driving title with a difference: Jalopy (formerly HAC)

    Certainly something very different, interesting graphics too. Might well be worth a look, thanks.
  9. GSCE - 1970s F1 Copersucar @ Osterreichring

    Didn't turn out as planned. The first spin occured while fighting to stay in 1st with Piotr. I don't know what really happened, but I bent my front wing a bit. Car behaviour stayed acceptable though. The second "excursion" happened in the chicane and I knew a desaster was incoming. I was on the outer line and Darren went in front of me after he managed to overtake on the straight, the 100m sign was already very close, so I went to the right lane as I intended not to crash into him. Not a good move, as I ended up rumbling through the chicane (or more precisely over the tarmac of the old road) and something broke. From now on during every right turn the car understeered badly - and if you look at the layout of the Osterreichring with 80% right turns it's one of the last things you need. After a few rounds I decided to pit and hopefully get something repaired, but when I drove off I immediately noticed in the first corner of the chicane - cold tyres or no cold tyres - that it hasn't changed and in the exit section of the chicane I finally blew it and ended up smashing into the armco. I decided to call it a day then... *shrugs*
  10. Lawnmower derby update

    Err...thanks, but if I want carnage I stick to tanks then. Or the Flatout series...
  11. GSCE - 1970s F1 Copersucar @ Osterreichring

    So after the update the title of the thread (1970s F1 Copersucar @ Osterreichring) is correct now. I don't care, it's the silver Copersucar then for me.
  12. GSCE - 1970s F1 Copersucar @ Osterreichring

    Österreichring? 70s F1??? Just saw it now - count me in! The description says Copersucar, but I assume the other cars which look like a Brabham BT44 are eligible as well? Skin: #7, Alberto Ruiz
  13. DRM Revival at Rouen Les Essarts

    I was happy to drive the 320 at Rouen. One of my favourite cars on my favourite track. Unfortunately for the 320 spec race I blundered and made a setup adjustment I shouldn't have done, as I didn't test it properly before. Somehow I'll never learn not to do that. Besides that my driving was subpar then, so I had to call it a day.
  14. VW Emissions Cheat Scandal

    All I can say to the persons being responsible for this mess is "Vollidioten!" I'm confident you don't need a translation for this. This has been done for years, and apparently too many involved parties thought they'd get away with it... Concerning the car industry that's the blunder of the year, if not the decade.
  15. Car Memories

    Disclaimer: If you are looking for an interesting read or exciting stories - better move on. Let's see...automatic transmission is indicated by (AT) #1 - an orange 34hp VW Käfer (Beetle) of 1973 vintage. A good car, but it turned out that the previous owners didn't properly seal it from getting water in. The bottom rusted away. Had it for roughly 8 months. #2 - an orange 90hp Opel Ascona 1.9S of 1977 vintage with a black vinyl roof. After the Käfer my late grandfather handed his car to me, as he bought himself a Mercedes. 90hp! Now this was a car I had real fun in. It was sold to an Ascona enthusiast who apparently was more adept in getting rid of corrosion. The car has been seen for years later on in my original hometown. #3 - a beige-metallic 60hp Peugeot 205 of 1983 vintage. Had it for 3 years, then the engine blew. There was a flaw in the cooling system, which lead to leakage. Unfortunately it had no proper temperature gauge, but merely a warning light flashed up when the engine went to hot. As it happened driving about 150kp/h on the Autobahn didn't help preserving the engine. Overall there were a tad too many issues with this car and albeit times have changed I still look towards cars from Peugeot with a certain distrust. #4 - An anthracite-metallic 75hp Mazda 323 hatchback of 1988 vintage. Had this car for a very long time, and gave it away to my girl when I took over a car from my parents. I really liked this one, apart from minor stuff like exchange of the exhaust pipe and one electronic module it was a rock-solid good car. #5 - a light beige-metallic 90hp Mazda 626 (AT) sedan of 1990 vintage. Like it's predecessor just a great car, with excellent reliability. Ok, after 15 years the water pump gave up the ghost, but that was the only repair out of schedule this car ever saw. Had a sad end when it was totalled by a drunk *CENSORED* while it was parked. otherwise I might still have it - seriously, it was that good! #6 - a white 45hp Opel Corsa of 1994 vintage. Bought this one from the money I received from the insurance for the Mazda 626 wreck. An absolute no-frills car - want to open the window? Use the window cranks! And I just loved the simplicity of it. I always said "what's not there in electronic gadgets just can't break down" In 2009 the German government subsidied the sale of new cars, when you sacrificed an older car to the scrap press. And when my dad had a cunning plan involving said Corsa being offered to the scrap press my initial reaction was to ask if he has lost his mind, but in the end it made sense. My parents would get a new car, while I received... #7 - a green 60hp VW Polo (AT) of 1998 vintage. This is a car my parents used as a secondary car. It's 2015 and I still drive this car. There have been some repairs. Waterpump and thermostat have been replaced twice, the window lifter on the right side once (wouldn't have happened with a window crank, remember what I said about the no-frills Corsa?) but overall it's reliable and just does it's job. No need to get rid of it.