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    SCCA road course racing, oh...and race sims.
  1. Well, this WAS fun...until I ended up P9 when I thought I was kind of quick...lol. Tough crowd here!
  2. Well, after about 2 hours of relearning to drive with the factory TC (ABS was still at factory) and monkeying around with the setups...I love this car! Don't think I'd be any good at racing it, but I can now hot lap it...lol. If I could just master the (I think) T6-T7 esses without spinning...
  3. Oh crap...just saw TC and ABS are supposed to be set to factory. I turned mine off. Guess I'll reset my score.
  4. UGH! Had over half a second faster than my 2:07 lap when it said I cut the chicane...which I feel I didn't...lol. Need a replay marshall
  5. I'm down to 34 now...getting the hang of it more...lol.
  6. This one's pretty fun...although I have some work to do to re-familiarize myself with the tight corners. Took me about 10 tries to complete a lap without a penalty, but finally got a 36 out of it. I know where I was slow so this should be fun. **Oh, and nice track Brun!**
  7. Oh, I hit escape...lol. Only two out of probably 25-30 attempts have been logged. I'm getting really good at the first 5 minutes of the run or so...lol. What pisses me off is my incidents are happening near the last 2-3 minutes of the run and then the run is nullified. I only have so much time to race.
  8. AhhhhHHHhh!!! This course is the DEVIL! Made some good adjustments but eventually, somewhere usually about 8-10 minutes in I'll... A: Dip a tire off and no lap counted (because I really gain time cutting here...NOT!...lol). B: Hit a wall (or the cross) head on making me have to reverse and go again while losing valuable time. C: Fall off an upper switchback back down to the previous switchback. D: A couple times I've ended up on my roof...lol.
  9. I was just running the stock mediums I think. I changed my brake bias a little and that's about it. 13:28 currently. Had what I felt was a good lap going and slid head first into one of the hairpins near the top...GRRRRR!!!!
  10. OMG. Kinda fun...until I run off track near the finish and it doesn't count my lap time...grrrr. Maybe I'll try again later.
  11. Pumbaa, I know you well enough that I know it was a joke.
  12. Thanks man! Not "too" cocky...just glad I'm still halfway competitive...lol.
  13. Well, I don't think I'm that fast...but I'm happy as hell that as of this posting I'm faster than Pumbaa! 6.5 months of driving nothing but a flight line "bread truck" and some sort of weird manual little Toyota van once...I still have some quickness, even though it's still early and took me about 6 laps for one to finally count (damned penalties for touching the grass), and another 5-6 laps to get that timed one...lol.