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    SCCA road course racing, oh...and race sims.
  1. Do you bounce from sim to sim?

    This is pretty much why I stopped racing almost two years ago. I tried bouncing sim to sim, but with weekly and even daily updates I just didn't have the time, and later the willingness to keep it up. The "feel" in each sim was different, the setup format was different in each, controls, pits, etc...it was all different in each sim. I tried to get a feel from the community on which was the best and what we could all race together...and not putting anyone down because everything was still pretty much beta...but nobody knew and we kept racing something different every week. The racing sims all coming out at the same time was bittersweet...great to have a lot of new flavors...but it sucks because there are so many flavors. Maybe when it all finally settles down and we have "The One" racing sim I might come back and race again. Heck, maybe even only two. But with so many titles, I just can't keep up.
  2. Steam rF2

    Probably old news to you all, but I received an email from Studio-397 today telling me to put my rF2 (with lifetime subscription) into Steam or I'd never receive any more updates. Okay, so I did that. Do I have to actually install rF2 again? I still have it installed on my PC, but it doesn't show as installed in Steam. Thanks!
  3. Next DRM one-hour race

    I might be a maybe...lol. I still have all of my rF1 stuff installed. Been working and traveling hard for the past few months, and only one day off in the past two and a half weeks right now, so hopefully I'll get this stuff set up by next weekend.
  4. Red Bull...

    Planning on going to the Red Bull Air Races in Indy in a couple of weeks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I've seen them on TV for the past few years, and finally one is close enough to me when I have some free time to see it! This is the first time they've ever even been in my state, and hopefully they'll continue to come back. I was going to go to the race in Budapest a couple of months ago when I was in Slovakia for a month, but it was rained out. How cool would it be to have a Red Bull Air Race sim?!?!?! Why isn't anyone working on this?
  5. Karting

    I've never done serious Karting, but have done a lot of the fun Karting places. I'm usually pretty decent and keeping momentum and running great lines, but I'm usually worried about the "no bumping" policies at most tracks and lay back just a bit...until the end and then it's on...lol.. Went to a huge indoor track with about 10 friends in Salt Lake City a few years ago. They made us watch a video on the flag rules etc, and got a "license". Had to wear helmets, and the gas karts were pretty quick. A bunch of us bought a day pass and were racing many races and track configurations for the entire day. What a blast! Great fun running with and against friends. A little bumping and banging ended up being okay, and we just had a great time. Quite a few years ago I took my daughter to a kart track. She was maybe 10-11 at the time and we both had rented karts. We ran against about a dozen other people...and we both smoked everyone. We ran about a 15 lap race, and had lapped EVERYONE. She lead up to the last lap with me right on her tail the entire race, and on the last lap I tapped her bumper just a bit and scared her just enough to make my move for the win...lol. She's got racing in her blood!
  6. Tractor Racing...

    I just bought a 1952 Ford 8N tractor from my dad...so I had to see what she could do when I got her home...heh.
  7. Skoda!

    NHill, I get where you're coming from. My daily driver is a lifted Jeep TJ Sport 4.0L with big tires, and my wife drives a Grand Cherokee with the 5.7 Hemi in it. These are both pretty cool vehicles, but we both drive 30 minutes one way into work every day and the gas mileage really sucks...lol. Driving a smaller car isn't as bad as you make it out in the US though. There are many people who commute pretty long distances to work and most people understand the fuel savings so it's not really looked down upon quite as much as it used to be. In Slovakia we stayed in a town about 20 miles from the airbase and I drove it every day, plus sight seeing, and only had to fill it up after driving it for over two weeks. The second time a week and a half later I only had to pump in a quarter of a tank just so it was full for the rental car turn in.
  8. Skoda!

    I just spent a month in Slovakia for an exercise with our NATO state partner, the Slovak Air Force. As a Master Sergeant I had to rent a car, and the car that was assigned to me was a Skoda Rapid. Fun little car with a 5 speed manual transmission...pretty quick too! It took me back to our Skoda racing days...lol. One of my buddies was driving a Skoda Octavia, just like the ones we used to race, except it was an automatic transmission. We went sight seeing to a few castles, and up to a mountain for a hike to a cave, and all the while driving the switchbacks around the mountains all I could think of was the Nurburgring. Scared the guys in my car a little when I was following another one of our cars and was glued to his bumper through all of the twisties...lol. They felt a little better when I pulled out my SCCA racing license. Kind of wish I could own one, but they're not for sale in the USA.
  9. The Grand Tour

    All I ever want to see after the best TG ever is Jeremy driving a Reliant Robin anywhere!
  10. SCSR Season 4 - Race 08: Road America (23 June)

    GAH! I was really looking forward to this race as a small comeback...however, bad thunderstorms in the Midwest (where I live) with tornadoes took out my internet the night before. By the time I got the net back up and running it was too late...grrrr!
  11. SCSR Season 4 - Race 08: Road America (23 June)

    I might have to give this a shot. Love RA! My rF2 build was still 1008...lol. Time to update everything!
  12. Indy 500

    Hope you had a great time in Indy Doug! Looks like you had awesome seats! From the couple of other races I've been to there, the mid to high seats in the corner of T4 or T1 is pretty good and lets you see quite a bit more. For me, Indy has a population of just over a million people...400K additional were at the race (I didn't include my guess of 50K Indy people at the race). My assistant Crew Chief got to ride in a truck around the track wearing his uniform and told me it took him a couple of hours to get out of Indy after the race...lol. I enjoyed the race on my 63" flat screen...lol. Congrats Dave on your boy!
  13. Whats your top 3 spots in sim racing....

    I love about 2/3rds of Bathurst from going into the mountain to the left hand sweeper corners to the downhill "I'm gonna die" roller coaster to the kink after the long back straight. So awesome when you hit that couple of miles just right and fast without lifting very much...lol. The esses at VIR in a tin top while trying to hang on...yes! Vettes were very fun (and scary) here with the heavy back ends. Hitting Sebring just right in the last RH corner section to maintain a lot of speed without lifting...
  14. Where are we located around the world?

    Letisko Sliac, Slovakia....sounds like a cool place.
  15. Where are we located around the world?

    Hmmm...this summer I'll be spending about a month or so just north of Staniol and south of Piotr. Not sure if I'll get any time off, but I'm bringing my passport...lol. BRRrrrrrrtttt!