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  1. Simracing in VR

    I've been more flight simming lately, but tonight finally got the urge to hook up the G27 and try out pCARS in my Rift. For my test I drove the Z4 at Donnington and the GT3 at Spa. In each case I did about 10 laps to warm up and get a feel for the car, and the drove a 5 lap race. In short, it was the best driving sim experience that I've ever had, and I can't imagine how good it would be with a buttkicker and a full motion rig. Specifically, your sense of depth of field is so much better, you drive the car much more precisely. I am hitting my braking, turn-in points, and apexes a lot more confidently and consistently. Also, I drive out near the edge of the track with more confidence because I am much more aware of exactly where the car is. The resolution is much less of a factor as compared to flight sims where you are looking at hundreds of feet instead of tens of miles or kilometers. The head movement is very natural, and I find myself looking into the turns for apexes more often. I didn't compare track times with 2D, but it certainly feels faster while more relaxed. If I were to get back into sim racing, I would think of VR as an advantage in my case.
  2. My bad Pumbaa666. Should have read the first post more carefully.
  3. In a Group B car, frankly RWD only sounds like masochism to me. Would prefer the same format with more locations. Having said that, I'll be happy to drive whatever the group decides as long as we keep the same format. Just my $.02, but I really think that the restart event and stages of the current WRC format and a month to drive the rally kills the immersion and feels very arcade like. In other words, it encourages flat out driving without worrying about taking care of the car. I really like what we've begun with this series. Huge satisfaction to be gained just finishing a rally with the car in good shape IMO.
  4. Nicely done Marc and adlabs6. Thanks very much to Pumbaa666 for organizing. I like the current format and if I were to add time to the rally, it would just be Thurs and call it a reconnaissance day. This coming from a person also very time challenged. I mean we are only talking an hour of race time over 4 days, well 45 mins for Lem :). Cheers and looking forward to the next one!
  5. Had an OK rally going until the SS12. Off the course 3 times and spun 2. Yesh! Oh well. On to sandy Argolis! Great fun though!
  6. LOL, I remember now that I swapped the shifter with my G29, because it is bolted to a gaming seat. No wonder the shifter looked brand new when I connected it last night. Oh well. I left my PC on. Hope that the rug rats keep their paws off of it while I'm at the game. What a noob.
  7. Thanks again Pumbaa666. I've driven 3 stages, now need to head out to a lacrosse game, but can't figure out how to generate a (17) SAVE & EXIT TO MENUS. My G27 only generates up to a (16) I think. Anyone have an idea about this? Sorry to be the problem child. Will have my act together next time.
  8. OK, I figured it out. I had to link my RaceNet account with my Steam account. Thanks.
  9. Hey thanks so much Pumbaa66. When I login to Racenet via a web browser, I see that I am in the league. But my game never will let me connect to RaceNet and prompts me to join every time I click the Leagues button. I've tried creating another account, but it does the same thing. Steam version, up to date. When I click Yes to join RaceNet, it pulls up my data. But the game always says Waiting for browser, Frustrating. Would really like to drive this rally with you guys.
  10. Thanks Mudcat. I joined the league in a web browser, but in the game every time I click on League, it tries to register me for Racenet. Will do some more research.
  11. Hey guys. Another question about the event pls. If I start a rally, may I drive say 6 stages, then save it and come back and drive 6 more? Or do you have to drive all 12 concurrently? And, I see that there is a service after every stage. Does that mean that I can have the car repaired and not incur a time penalty? Thanks. Have not done this in a long while.
  12. Thanks Pumbaa666, and no worries. Wishful thinking on my behalf and more of a logistical question, since my PC is setup for flight simming. Should I assume that the series here are on the PC since DR just had the console releases?
  13. Probably the dumbest of dumb questions, but are these events cross platform? In other words, I've got both the PC and PS4 versions of DR. Thanks.
  14. Dirt out today...

    My PS4 version arrived Saturday. I hope that it's coded as well as the PC version, similar to how Project Cars works pretty well on both platforms.
  15. DiRT Rally - Sim or "Sim"?

    Thanks Darren. I've finally had time to drive a rally and a couple of rallycross heats, in order to give a very brief impression. Experience: mid level RSRBR driver. In other words, I occasionally would place in the top 10 of a minor rally, but arrive very mid pack for the really big ones, like those with 2000+ drivers. Call me Mr. average dude with limited time to work on setups and memorize stages. I've driven some SimHQ series in the past, again with average guy results, and been to full scale driving school at Bertil Roos in Virginia located at VIR (highly recommended). Dirt Rally Perspective: driving the Ford Focus RS 2007 (an RSRBR favorite), in what I am assuming is the easiest rally, Finland/summer/dry/gravel, using the default setup, manual trans with auto clutch, no other driving aids, against hard or very hard AI. I also new to DR, so benefiting from the development and bug fixes since launch. Initial impressions: the physics model on gravel and wet tarmac is _very_ good. I did not sample the other surfaces. Using the ditches at road edge and road curvature, landing from jumps, driving through fast dips, hard braking, Scandinavian flicks, and e-brake turns, all feel very much like I remember from RSRBR and what I would expect driving a rally car would be like. The one puncture that I suffered was too near SS end to evaluate. It did not seem to have much adverse effect. Need to do more research on the RL version of the tires, although I will assume that it is can be devastating to a high result, judging by how often a team will chose to stop for a wheel change. The default setups were very much to my liking. At least for the Finland rally and a wet WRX. AI: I'm not ready to say that they are easy or stupid, but I should not have been able to place 3rd at Finland my first time in the car. In WRX, as long as I took the Joker on lap one, I could pretty much win the heat. However, the AI cars do seem to behave reasonably well in traffic and were aggressive when they should have been. I do need more time to evaluate. They will definitely bump you, but that is to be expected if watching real GRX and WRX replays is an indication. FFB: it isn't horrible, in other words I could live with it if I had to. But as mentioned previously, there is the dead space at center. This is using the DR default G27 configuration. Whether it can either be tuned out or improved with a gear driven wheel remains to be seen. My only change in the Logitech Profiler was to set Degrees or Rotation to 540. Obviously I need more time to fine tune. Rally Notes: IMO really well done. We the co-driver says "Don't cut." or "Keep right over rise." one should heed those directions, lest they become more acquainted with the damage model. There might have been one or two calls that had me scratching my head, but overall, very few complaints. Graphics: very, very good, but not spectacular. The GTX980 gobbled it up. In fact I could run Fraps during SS and rallycross heats without a noticeable change in FPS, which many times exceeded 100. IMO, if the graphics need to stay in the current state in order to maintain the high frame rate, then no complaints. The launch and loading of the sim was quick on my Fragbox, with acceptable stage and heat load times, albeit a bit longer. Certainly better than the other "modern" sim that I've sampled, Project Cars. The lack of mouse navigation in the menu was aggravating. I found myself alt-tabbing to determine which button on my wheel would allow me to navigate. This was still an challenge since my G27's stick is connected to the G29 for the PS4, the G29 stick being back-ordered everywhere. Conclusion: as you can see, DR and I are still very much in the early days of our honeymoon on a small island near Fiji. I haven't nearly spent enough time in the sim to utter the words, "I hate it when it does..." Suffice it to say that my last post on this forum prior to this thread was made in 2011, such is the real life adventures of a daddy with 3 daughters, the oldest of which is 4. However, after reading some of the online DR reviews, I couldn't help be curious as to what the collective driving sim wisdom at SimHQ thought of this title, rally being still remaining somewhat out of the spotlight. Although I expect that the rise of WRX/GRX will bring many new fans. Speaking of rallycross, I was surprised how much I enjoyed driving these races. Wow, what a quick and satisfying fix for the rally addicted. Hmm. I didn't have time to try MP, but the YouTube vids look promising. I would think that a fixed setup rallycross series with random weather would be a blast. Anyway, you all probably have bigger fish to fry, but from my perspective, Dirt Rally is a really welcome surprise, that should get lots of game play on my system this winter. In sum, Dirt Rally offers a lot of entertainment bang for the sim buck.