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  1. It was fun combo, despite frustration of notb being able to get all sector together ;-) .
  2. Exactly. Just make a gentelmens agreement with rest of us that from now on you always do the hotlaps with: a. full tank of fuel b. hardest tyre available Maybe this will gives us more hope to get within 1 second of your laptimes BTW - I lost my AC documents forlder so I am starting to do my my PBs from empty page again. F1 Safety Car model
  3. We run in it October 2016. Taking out F1s and Caymans it was not further than 6 SYTYAFs ago. Is AC short of content for fresh combinations?
  4. Let's hope this year we will have something like racing in this very 2002 in this very track...
  5. you are right, those are different cars, so no hotlap challenge but one day we could do a race like that with handicap by driver taken into calculation ;-)
  6. I like the idea. I would like to see the 2013 Ferrari Opponennts mod + Ferrari 2013 of course. At least to see Ahmad taking it against Archii We lately run of out talent to challange Archii and I really count on you @Ahmad. The offline version of the mod provides all cars balanced to real world performance, so we could also making it even more fun where quickest guys take slower cars and vice versa. We have a month to go to establish this peculiar BOP, untill F1 season starts. Or even without that, two years of SYFYAF gives us clues. Like the one that @archii16 has to be allocated Manor with broken gearbox ;-) P.S. Sorry for missing recent challange, crazy schedule at work
  7. CHANGED TO VOTING POLE: please add your votes I just thought it would be good to check what our hotlap competition regulars hace available in their AC folders. So to keep it the simple. Cope/paste below and add your own 'x's dream pack 1 - x dream pack 2 - x dream pack 3 - x Jap pack dlc - x red pack dlc - x to help here is the full list of cars and tracks with info where they come from http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/assetto-corsa-car-and-track-list.52638/ I am doing this in hope this would help to choose future combos. It's would be nice to use new content, but on the other hand it would be bad to alienate those who are still missing some packs.
  8. Shame I am suffering a bad back lately. Couldn't do enough laps on the Ring although 6:30 is completely out of my league. Well done Archii, And Brun and Ben for leading "protein based life forms" simracers
  9. Archii already proved couple of times that he is from planet Melmac ;-) Edit: great classic combo, good that we have more time for it; I have been in for last few days, but will hopefully start putting some laps tonight/tomorrow
  10. @not_him_59 - I am not sure I understand, isn't RSR all about hotlappping and nothing else? I meant if we would do our SYTYAF via rsr we could have always possibility to check laptimes, without starting AC
  11. Quick lap time from Frank. I don't think I have it in me. I have seen my delta showing half a sec couple of times (before I blew it next corner). Low 36 is best I can get on my best day... Will make another try on weekend.
  12. Friends app does not have such functionality. But there is other thing very widely used http://www.radiators-champ.com/RSRLiveTiming/
  13. I think it GTL it was a different one "Kielce" also fun. Poznan first circulated as official add-on to Simbin's GTR Evo or Race series. Few years later there was great rF2 Poznan addon track made from scratch by feels3 modder*. *) BTW, I read on local sim forum that feels3 was hired by sector 3, which resulted in quite an improved in RRE' track quality, so as you see you DB, you have new career path available if you get bored 3D-ing oil rigs; sattelites, IC missiles or whatever you do for a living-)
  14. Let's come back from 60s to current day. And I mean very current day ;-) http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/tor-poznaƄ.6118/ Let's go on 'winter scenery' version 'Zima' looking just like world looks behind my windows now. It's just scenery, no ice on track hehe Car: Praga R1 - Tripl3 DLC
  15. Hi @Darren_Blythe Are we getting a new one for this week?
  16. I am avoiding this. No runs on sunny conditions with optimum surface, while you set the server the other way around... Will be back to hotlapping once we are done with these series of races
  17. Quite busy with work and work travel. I think I won't have time for it before weekend. Looking forward to the races!
  18. Shame I missed this one, but I in travel in second half September. Archie needs to be given BOP balast ;-)
  19. I managed to dip into highest of 37s. I think I know two places where I can gain solid laptime (at least 0,5 sec)... But knowing it is much easier than doing it... ;-)
  20. Knowing his leage agenda, I bet on either Zaandvort or Barcelona in the McLaren GT3
  21. Wow. This combo is way above my talent level. The grip level makes me check if I am not rFactor 2 by some acident ;-) Great job with the track, Lilski. I am sure I will do a lot of laps there with some easier to handle machinery