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  1. Wow! this looks and sounds fantastic. It's great to have another great AC mod that... we will never race here
  2. Big congratulations, guys! Glad to see the bad luck did not hit you this time. It was painful to see what you guys went thrugh at Suzuka. I don't think I will ever have rF2 pace to do races in such a serious leauges, but will appreciate if you could PM me your setup (this is URD car, isn't). I will play with it to check how far off I am he he. What were the benchmark race laptimes in both dry and wet? p.s. the wet pitlane comedy was priceless to watch, also when one of you shouted 'give me a break' seeing that proto blocking your pitbox entry again
  3. Good read. But I have different opinion of couple of points. 1. "physics good enough to not drive you nut" is just unfair; many of us may initially feel not at home after driving 10+ years of sims based on gmotors code and math but i does not mean that it deserves such a description. And the fact that is has impressive licenced content and looks great should not lead to compare it to GT and Forza. Come one, the driving feel satisfaction is on different planet 2. I think Automobilista overtook rF2 in terms of physics and FFB finesee. Just compare the takes of both sides on single seaters
  4. Unfortunately I can be certain to only make 3 races out of 6, so I think I am not allowed to sign up and call it commitment, I cannot make Apri 16th, April 30th is maybe and same about June 11th. If I am allowed to join other races I will join the class with less entries.
  5. Boring race although glad to see Ferrari being able to stay with Mercedes pace. New wider cars with fat tyres and lower rear wing look great.
  6. Let's hope this year we will have something like racing in this very 2002 in this very track...
  7. This is great mod I have to say. But as mod creators wanted to make it a paid mod, we should respect it and not distribute.. I advice we remove the link to google docs and here is link where one can get it for €3,99 http://racesimstudio.com/
  8. wow! looks amazing I wonder what FFB controller do they use, their own electronics? Bondar? OSW?
  9. Very dissapointing to see it cancelled. I guess single make series are getting people excited Well... there is still sentiment among community that GTR2 was best and most complete sim ever. GT are most popular cars, they are fantactically represented in AC, so no wonder they are popular among AC fans. Last time we had mixed makes 100 mins GT races here we had 10+ grid at every track and 20+ at The Ring. I advise we just reconsider another shot at that with GT3 and some exciting tracks. No need to find geographical theme for it, like UK of Germany or other country. Or let's wait untill LMP1s from Toyota and Audi are released (both due 2017) and then will be able to run big multiclass events on big tracks. Maybe this will change people's mind about AC. Again, reallly sad to see again how little interest we have here for AC multiplayer.
  10. I don't know rF2 well enough to judge on tracks, so I will leave decisions to others. But I will be happy to join new series. I won't be able to make the one on Easter weekend (April16th). I think it might be the similar for more people. Easter Monday is public holiday here. There are some countries (like UK) where they have even longer weekend starting with holiday on Good Friday. Quite probable that lots of folks will either travel or have family matters.
  11. you are right, those are different cars, so no hotlap challenge but one day we could do a race like that with handicap by driver taken into calculation ;-)
  12. @Doug Atkinson; @Darren_Blythe I think we need a PM with mailing notiffication to get things going...
  13. I like the idea. I would like to see the 2013 Ferrari Opponennts mod + Ferrari 2013 of course. At least to see Ahmad taking it against Archii We lately run of out talent to challange Archii and I really count on you @Ahmad. The offline version of the mod provides all cars balanced to real world performance, so we could also making it even more fun where quickest guys take slower cars and vice versa. We have a month to go to establish this peculiar BOP, untill F1 season starts. Or even without that, two years of SYFYAF gives us clues. Like the one that @archii16 has to be allocated Manor with broken gearbox ;-) P.S. Sorry for missing recent challange, crazy schedule at work
  14. The words 'you have to' and 'donate' do not work together IMO ;-) This one is free, complete and very good. My favourite currently http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferraris-opponents-2013-offline-edition.12188