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  1. I tried searching in all known places but with no luck. Anyone have any idea? Maybe someting circles in closed rF2 communites? I would appreciate PM then. I give my word to keep it for myself. I want to use it for setting up myself a single player Le Mans race experience, thanks to rF2 functionality of 'race from saved replay file'
  2. Le Mans 24H 2017

    Eurosport was not producing the broadcast. It was done by French TV. They often complain themselves that director was cutting from on track battles to show som art. slow mo of car over kerbs or mechanic scratching himself while asleep. WEC app was on the same broadcast feed, but thankfully free of commercials.
  3. Le Mans 24H 2017

  4. Le Mans 24H 2017

    Time to start a thread about that. Somehow less exciting this year with smaller LMP1 grid, but still tones of themes to follow. One of the things to notice are new low downforce LMP2 makes that with the 600hp Gibson engine are doing well over 330kmh on straights (!!!). The GT drivers says that this year it feels like there is 30 LMP1 lapping them all the time. Preview - GTE AM Preview - GTE Pro Preview - LMP2 Preview - LMP1 spotters-guide All above and more resources can be find here http://www.dailysportscar.com/2017/06/12/le-mans-resources.html
  5. Dirt 4?

    I never tried Dirt series so I cannot compare to the past. ButI was expecting succesor of Dirt Rally and I got really dissapointed. This game is absolutely no fun for me. Thankfully I came to this conclusion quickly enough to get the refund.
  6. It was fun combo, despite frustration of notb being able to get all sector together ;-) .
  7. You forgot 24H at Nordshleife that also happened this weekend.
  8. Ready to race DLC plus V 1.14 patch

    AI is night and day difference. I made a SP race with GT3's armada and three makes of LMP1s and it was blast
  9. Assetta Corso vs. Project Cars

    I recommend Content Manager to have much more customisation options including opponent strength adjustment in 1% increments. http://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html
  10. Exactly. Just make a gentelmens agreement with rest of us that from now on you always do the hotlaps with: a. full tank of fuel b. hardest tyre available Maybe this will gives us more hope to get within 1 second of your laptimes BTW - I lost my AC documents forlder so I am starting to do my my PBs from empty page again. F1 Safety Car model
  11. We run in it October 2016. Taking out F1s and Caymans it was not further than 6 SYTYAFs ago. Is AC short of content for fresh combinations?
  12. New DRM Preview

    Wow! this looks and sounds fantastic. It's great to have another great AC mod that... we will never race here
  13. Big congratulations, guys! Glad to see the bad luck did not hit you this time. It was painful to see what you guys went thrugh at Suzuka. I don't think I will ever have rF2 pace to do races in such a serious leauges, but will appreciate if you could PM me your setup (this is URD car, isn't). I will play with it to check how far off I am he he. What were the benchmark race laptimes in both dry and wet? p.s. the wet pitlane comedy was priceless to watch, also when one of you shouted 'give me a break' seeing that proto blocking your pitbox entry again
  14. Do you bounce from sim to sim?

    Good read. But I have different opinion of couple of points. 1. "physics good enough to not drive you nut" is just unfair; many of us may initially feel not at home after driving 10+ years of sims based on gmotors code and math but i does not mean that it deserves such a description. And the fact that is has impressive licenced content and looks great should not lead to compare it to GT and Forza. Come one, the driving feel satisfaction is on different planet 2. I think Automobilista overtook rF2 in terms of physics and FFB finesee. Just compare the takes of both sides on single seaters
  15. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    Unfortunately I can be certain to only make 3 races out of 6, so I think I am not allowed to sign up and call it commitment, I cannot make Apri 16th, April 30th is maybe and same about June 11th. If I am allowed to join other races I will join the class with less entries.