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  1. Good luck with this one, fellas - I didn't spend a lot of time in it by any means, but I tooled around a bit in the RX-7 (tuned) and it was surprisingly a bit of a handful! Pretty significant turbo lag, as I recall...
  2. Yeah, I can imagine! I've about sprained my wrist 3 times wrangling my g27.
  3. Made a couple attempts at it yesterday, but was not able to make it up the mountain before nightfall. I did stay at a lovely little bed & breakfast just off the road - run by a charming old couple who speak really good English!
  4. Ah, good to know - thanks. I know not that long ago there was no penalty.
  5. I've done all my laps heel+toe with the H-shifter - I'm assuming paddles + auto clutch would be quicker?