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  1. Ordered! A fool and his money are soon parted... I may post a mini-review once I get it installed and tried out.
  2. Anyone have experience with one of these bad boys? https://www.ricmotech.com/Load_Cell_Kit_for_Thrustmaster_Pedals_p/rmt-lc500.htm This hobby is kind of nuts. A very short time ago, I would have chuckled at the idea of someone buying one of these - I would have considered it overkill...but then the idea got planted in my head and here I am considering one!
  3. Good counter-points! I will take these one by one: On Roenie's rF2 content selection point, I will happily concede that rF2 has made strides in the right direction...for my personal tastes, I just don't believe it is up to the diversity/quality level that is present in some of the other sims on the list. In this particular category, I personally would still rate rF2 near (if not at) the bottom of this list of sims. I for one would really love to see this change (and I think there are some positive indicators that it may). Regarding Piotr's defense of Assetto Corsa's physics, this comment for me personally is extremely timely. I am in a bit of an "Assetto Corsa reawakening" at the moment that is in no small part being fueled by me challenging myself to approach AC's physics in a more open minded mental state specifically as it relates to dropping my assumption that AC should drive like a gMotor sim. See what I mean about "timely"?!? Give me a few more weeks and I wouldn't be surprised if I would be ready to re-write my AC assessment without any disparaging comments regarding the physics. Lastly, as it pertains to Piotr's comment regarding rF2 vs AMS physics - in my book they are, very, very close...but I still give the edge to rF2. The main differentiator to me is in the FFB: there is a buttery, constant smoothness to rF2's effects that makes AMS feel just a little bit "choppy" (for lack of a better term) by comparison. I'm not sure I'd be willing to part with any of the sims on the list. Ideally, I'd still like one to bubble to the top as a clear, long-term #1. Realistically, I think I'll keep "bouncing"!
  4. Does anyone else bounce from sim to sim? When I consider how little time I have for sim racing in my life and then look at how many different sims I actually end up playing on a regular basis, I'm truly astounded. I kind of wish I had it in my personality to just laser focus on one particular favorite sim, but I just can't seem to do it. Every so often, I delude myself into thinking that I'm going to commit to just one (or, hell, just work on narrowing it to 2 or 3)...but I always get sucked back in somehow. I thought it might be interesting (as a conversation starter, if nothing else), to sit down and try to analyze each sim from the standpoint of (1) what it is about this sim that pulls me back and (2) what it is about this sim that pushes me away. Here is what I came up with: rFactor2 + The physics - the best in the business, IMHO. You can feel things going on with your car that simply aren't there with other sims. - Lack of content - finding a good car/track combo in this sim has gotten better as of late, but not to the extent where it's caught up with some other sims on the market. Automobilista + "Toyota of Sims" - it's a perfect "7" across the board. There is no one area where Automobilista is going to blow you away...but there is also no one area where it's going to let you down in an experience-breaking fashion. - Lack of mainstream content - if you are in the right mood, this can be a benefit, but I invariably get called away by the chance to drive a (insert your favorite car here) at (insert your favorite European track here). Assetto Corsa + GT/Forza for the PC - pretty much speaks for itself: an amazing diversity of brands/locales paired with awesome visuals and physics good enough to not drive you nuts. - Doesn't feel like a racing sim - feels more like a hot lap simulator. I know that's become the "cool thing" to say about AC, but when I look at how I play this particular sim, I think it's absolutely true. Raceroom + Glut of content - tremendous range from a Formula car ladder to classic touring cars - tons of well-known tracks, as well. And, all of it very uniform in quality. - Physics missing something - while the cars are all very fun to drive, I have a hard time shaking the feeling that there is something missing in the driving experience. iRacing + On-demand competition - it doesn't matter if you're home from work early on a Wednesday afternoon or stricken with a bout of insomnia on a Sunday evening, you can jump on the service and find people to race. - Pricing model - content is the most expensive on the market...plus, having to pay a subscription fee to access the content I supposedly own really gets my goat. HistorX/P&G/GTL + Content - you could assemble all the classic content from every sim listed above and still not come even close to what these sims model. - Dated physics - they are all still very drivable, but there is no question the respective underlying physics engines are showing their age at this point. As is usually the case with me, I have no coherent point or conclusions! I would be interested to get others thoughts - do you find you jump around a lot from sim to sim yourself? If so, do you indulge yourself and jump around, or have you found ways to force yourself to focus in on a narrower subset? I think what's especially maddening for me is that, if you asked me to rank these from 1-6, I could definitely do it...but then ask me again in 2-4 weeks and I bet I would give you a complete different ordering from 1-6! I guess maybe the ultimate take away message is that I should consider myself lucky to have so many viable (yet, imperfect) options to choose from.
  5. I found this podcast and really, really enjoy it - I'm binge-listening from the beginning and have yet to hear a weak episode: http://www.dinnerwithracers.com/ It's definitely very heavy on IMSA/IndyCar in terms of the guest line up, but much of the talk is general enough that I would give it a blanket recommendation to anyone with an interest in racing. One benefit of being heavy on the IMSA/IndyCar stuff is that it makes you realize how "elite" F1 has become (and not in a good way). I assume WEC might possibly suffer from this same phenomenon (though I don't really follow it, so I can't say for sure), but everyone and everything in F1 is either treated like it's closely guarded state secret, or so hyper-managed from a PR standpoint that it becomes neutered. The contrast becomes very apparent when listening to the guests on "Dinner with Racers" - everyone pretty much lets it rip and you get to hear some really awesome inside stories and insights that you'd never get to hear in F1 unless you were a true paddock insider or one of the "elites". And, take note F1...it works! I'm already a regular IndyCar viewer (I catch probably 80-90% of the races), but I can tell you my DVR has been set for every IMSA event available to me so far this year and that would not have been the case if it weren't for this podcast bringing the series alive for me and heightening my driver/team/etc recognition. A recent episode I listened to had an interview with Jeff Braun (http://www.rrdc.org/member/jeff-braun/) and they asked him if he could change one thing and one thing only about racing, what would it be? I muttered under my breath "get rid of downforce"...much to my surprise/pleasure, his answer was "reduce downforce by at least half, preferably by 70%" I thought, "this is my kind of guy!" He cited a lot of the same reasons I do, including driving engineering innovation in areas that ~gasp~ people might actually care about (instead of "ooh, look at this - Ferrari does one little winglet here, whereas McLaren does a cluster of three little winglets!" Snore! Wake me up when you guys have something that might actually have some semblance of road relevance).
  6. Seeing Toto slam his fist on the table in frustration was awesome. He'll probably be giving Jos another call, as I'm sure he thought Max should have turned on his hazards and pulled onto the shoulder to let The Great and Powerful One by! You can't read too much into just one race, but Bottas looks to be a perfect fit so far. He has an equally slim chance of wrecking the equipment as he does of challenging Lewis on pace. If he can bring the car home in all 20 races (or however many races are on the calendar this yr) one spot behind Lewis, that will be a very happy garage (lots of pts, low maintenance costs, and Lewis's sulking kept to a minimum).
  7. Do the cars only vary by paint scheme? For example, within the the Corvettes, are they all spec'd alike? Or are there differences between like "09 ALMS" and "11 LMS", etc?
  8. One specific question - do you guys do day/night cycle? I'm asking because I've got some graphics settings dialed in that work...for daytime. At night (at Malaysia, at least), it turns into a slide show!
  9. Well, I gave the mod a second chance - not sure what I was smoking last time (or perhaps I was just rusty on rF2), but I really enjoyed the GTE cars. I think I am probably "in" - I've checked out all the dates and, at this point at least, I'd be good to go on all of them. I want to think about it just a couple more days to make sure I'm really committed the way I want/need to be to enjoy the experience.
  10. I'm very, very tempted to jump in, but I'm not in love with the mod. Someone give me a pep talk - do I need to give it another chance?
  11. Been running for over an hour and still not done! Was hoping to unwind by getting a few laps in tonight, but my machine is virtually unusable. It's a bitter pill to swallow to use Macs/Linux machines all day only to come home and find Steve Ballmer has figuratively planted his big arse in between me and getting some AC wheel time!
  12. Holy smokes - want this!!! Looking for where I can most easily obtain this stateside...
  13. This is perhaps a dumb question, but dumb questions are sort of my thing, so here goes... Is it possible to get "directional" sound from headphones? Not sure why this took so long to occur to me, but it seems like it would be really cool/helpful to be able to discern which corner of the car a wheel scrub sound effect is coming from.
  14. Cool, thanks for the tip - I'll be checking this out!
  15. "I'll take 'Things that wouldn't exist if there were no such thing as men' for $400, Alex"