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  1. Coming soon: Ferrari's Opponents 2013

    Thanks for the praise To be honest, I don't even like the cockpits that much. Would love to see them all on the F138 level, but I think we would need one dedicated modeller per car to make that happen. What it is is solid RF2 quality from three years ago. We considered FOM in the beginning, but figured that the very same mod has been public for RF2 for over two years. And many other F1 mods are available for AC (not full seasons, but some nice cars and skins). So, while they certainly would have a claim they hardly can drop a ton of bricks on us. Worst case the mod becomes "private"... happily shared elsewhere. And yes, Codemasters F1 2013 isn't produced on disk anymore, and there are new seasons, new games, new regulations. Maybe that helps.
  2. Coming soon: Ferrari's Opponents 2013

    Well... we made it http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/new-assetto-corsa-ferrari-opponents-2013-mod-released.126780/
  3. Donington Park WIP

    Nice! I should also mention that since 1.8 the occasional CPU warning is no more.
  4. Coming soon: Ferrari's Opponents 2013

    We're very close to finished, expect about 5% work effort left.
  5. Coming soon: Ferrari's Opponents 2013

  6. Coming soon: Ferrari's Opponents 2013

    Yeah I figured AC really needs a full grid of a specific race series
  7. Coming soon: Ferrari's Opponents 2013

    Hi Guys, I'm proud to present what we've been working on the last two months. The full opposition for the RedPack Ferrari F138: Yes, there will be all ten teams / 20 drivers, invidual 3D and sound for each, 4K liveries, appropriate driver helmets and suits. We will release both a version with equal performance for online league racing, and one with realistically graded performance for recreating the offline experience of a 2013 season. This project comes about as a cooperation between many people; it was me who got permission to convert the well acclaimed RF2 mod of that year, but I certainly didn't have the skills. Thanks to the Italian MSF modding team who happily offered to help and two very dedicated independent skinners this conversion is very close to becoming a reality, at about 80% of the work already done. I will keep you updated... Cheers Helmut
  8. Major rFactor2 Announcement

    More interesting content, a neater and nicer GUI, better GFX is exactly what they need. AC has that, but not the physics or the race-weekend features like flags, qualifying, day/night...
  9. Major rFactor2 Announcement

    I know I'm an evil person. But I can't help feeling a big "told you so" towards the Devs. Tim now admits what I and a lot of others have been saying - that RF2 is lacking the content, no series, bones all over the place but no meat. Lots of cool race-weekend features and great physics, but nothing to race. As an early supporter I still hate their decision to move to Steam because not requiring Steam was one of the main reasons I bought RF2. Yet it seems that was another decision they had to revoke or go under. I'm out of that title anyway, currently spending a lot of time with a very great team to release a huge mod into AC. But it is strangely satisfying to see them coming round into what large parts of the community told them for months or a year. Will be interesting to see if AC is quicker to implement proper race weekend details, or RF2 gets into DX11 and proper UI faster.
  10. 1.8 and Tripl3 DLC

    I was a bit late to update, my most favorite thing are the performance increased for physics. I was getting CO warnings at Donington and Spa, Spa with 22 F138 was at 130%. Now it's barely 70. FPS also slightly increased. Not going to buy the DLC though. I don't want road cars, and the Praga for me is too obscure to care. Bit of a shame to still see no blue flags, DRS detection rules or other stuff that makes racing actual racing. Nor off the singleplayer career mode either... new Monza is fun, though.
  11. Assetto Corsa 1.7 released + Red pack

    The small line: -New AI algorithms for race craft kind of changes everything. I've never before seen the AI race so dynamic and agressive, without being unfair. It also means that qualifying is now faster, because quick AI drivers will not stay behind slower ones. Understand that most of you here race online but for offline it's a big deal. The detailed ERS is cool, but the SFT-15 has no opponents to play with - I really look forward to see these systems implemented in the ACFL16 mod which is coming out with a offline edition where each team has accurate aero and horsepower differences.
  12. Ford simulator...

    Rfactor Pro possibly... the lighting and color palette is very similar to RF1.
  13. Isle of Man continues the tragic weekend on 2 wheels

    Tragic, but sadly par for the course on the IOM TT.
  14. Fatal accident in Moto2.

    I hate reading stuff like that, considering I have eight more days on track this year. It seems he got hit by his own bike as he already was against the barriers. RIP... it shouldn't happen in the sport anymore but... damn, it does again.
  15. Indy 500

    I read a pretty good article not long ago arguing that the end of Tobacco advertising was the end of Formula One talent... Indy car is about 10x cheaper to run a season so naturally it should mean talent gravitates there.