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  1. That´s a very generous offer you are making here! May I ask what racing chair you used together with the seat frame?
  2. What to upgrade?

    I would recommend waiting on the release of the next generation of AMD CPU´s and GPU´s. It will set things in motion as Intel and nvidia will probably try to match the new lineup and the consumers can most probably profit from that rivalry. If you don´t want to wait that long just invest in a new faster SSD. I really don´t see another reasonable option with £200 to spend on your current system.
  3. GTR3 in 2018

    Don´t understand all the fuss about a new GTR from Simbin to be honest! What could they posssibly bring to the table other titles haven´t already covered? New racing license? Maybe a very sophisticated offline driving experience? Got all their past products starting with the first GTR mod for EA´s F1 2002 and more or less liked all of them, but that was in a time with a lot less titles to choose from in the virtual racing genre.
  4. Nice time indeed! According to RSR-Rank that´s clearly alien territory. Well done!
  5. Quick laptimes from brun and ben so far! Impressive! Struggling a bit atm here. Are you guys running the stock setup settings? Wing setting?
  6. Update incoming + VR support

    Server down for maintenance right now and while I checked the official and RD forums it looks like there is a new upate on the way which apart from Silverstone and other fixes adds VR support finally OpenVR support
  7. Thx Darren, would very much like to go with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 on the Nordschleife Tourist layout. The car is fast yet comfortable enough to concentrate on the track and doesn´t require any setup magic to keep it on the tarmac.
  8. Picture of your racing setup?

    As soon as you don´ t need the quick and easy function to get the stand out of the way there are much better solutions out there. At a price of course. ;-) BTW If I would have known I wanted to commit fully to PC virtual racing again and not only do a few laps on console here and there, this one would have been my choice: Next Level Wheel Stand
  9. Picture of your racing setup?

    @arthur666 Unfortunately you can' t adjust the angle of the wheelstand. The wheelplate itself is slightly adjustable by a few degrees. Just enough to make the angle of the wheel a bit more comfortable. You can adjust the shiftermount horizontally only by sliding it in/out where it is connected to the stand itself. Works fairly good for me, but I have to lower my office chair quite a bit to get into a comfortable driving position.
  10. Picture of your racing setup?

    Can highly recommend that GT Omega stand! Got one for myself only a few weeks ago because I wanted something more solid than my desk, but my old dedicated racing rig was out of the question because there was simply no room for it atm. That stand is much more comrortable than the old Fanatec wheelstand I used years ago (kind of a wheelstand pro) and is surprisingly solid. And you can store it away if the need arises.
  11. Didn´t like the car/track combo at first but after a few laps it is slowly growing on me. Though the track looks fine and seems to be laser scanned it feels rather flat and without any good feedback given to my wheel?!
  12. Nice car and track combination! Like going back in time when it all started for me and many others with GPL many years ago. Still extremely difficult to go fast with those little screamers.
  13. Big R3E news!

    That looks interesting indeed! Have to say I´m very surprised about the actual state of R3E. Tried it for the first time only several days ago to get a quick first impression but I´m loving it so far. In fact so much I got the whole package taking advantage of the hefty discounts available. ;-) Well, that seems to be a constant experience outside iRacing it seems?! Back then in the GPL days a Monza race on open servers usually ended in a few losses right at start with the majority of the survivors finishing their race at the following first corner, Curva Grande. Chat was always fun in those races!
  14. Automobilista event?

    Thx for the warm welcome, Piotr! Been awhile! Feels great to grab a wheel and try all the new racing sims I missed during the last years. Couldn´t decide what to try first so I simply bought them all, have tons of fun and practise a bit for all the online events I can join in the future! Hope to catch you and the others on a virtual track again soon!