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  1. Thanks for the offer Doug, I received a reply last night and have installed the game. Need to configure and practice a bit down.
  2. Still waiting for ISI to get back to me about my RFactor1 registration. I lost it when I forgot to back up my game during a format last week I might not make it.
  3. Sorry I missed it, Windows 10 corrupted profile was convinced that my hard drive had errors. It was in error. It took me a while to convince it of this fact though
  4. Sounds good
  5. Yes, but only if it is on Sunday and if I get my simpit put back together by that time. I switched up computers to add yet more monitors....8 altogether....
  6. I will stick with the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. I was thinking of changing up as the R8 has wings on the seats which makes it a little difficult to look beside you or behind using TrackIR. But I do love that car otherwise.
  7. Car TBD #106
  8. Sorry Darren, I did not mean to denigrate your efforts. I look forward to driving the track.
  9. Not my favorite either to be honest. Although I do spend a great deal of time out in the very large green parking lots
  10. I was doing better than I expected to until I remembered something.....gas. Had to pit for refuel and had a bright idea; "Hey! How about changing to softer tires?!". Really dumb idea to experiment with tires during a long race (or any race for that matter). It became a skating rink for me even after a dozen laps so I just waited it out in the pits Sorry if I slowed anyone down. Before that I was having a rather fun race with JM (not that I ever actually caught him, but it was fun trying). Thanks again for hosting the race and I look forward to the next one.
  11. Thanks Darren, I think sometimes that I enjoy building these things more than playing the games. Now I am working on an F-18C cockpit:
  12. Update: Finished the mancave in the new house and installed the motion pit. Did a few upgrades including a single 4k monitor and an enclosure to, somewhat, reduce the gear noise.
  13. Can I ask a, probably, silly question? I assume from "Full Layout" you mean the international circuit? Or do you mean the Grand Prix course? The Grand Prix is longer but....
  14. Thanks Darren I did share the link to the event with AC drivers on another forum, hopefully they will drop by as well.
  15. It has been a long time since I have driven with your group, I became addicted to iRacing for a while and then built a new house...etc. If I can scrounge up the time to do some practice laps over the next few days I would be interested in trying to stay out of everyone's way Race Number: Any will do Car of choice: Audi R8 AC Name: Propnut Steam ID:76561197987500553