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  1. https://www.studio-397.com/2017/04/roadmap-update-april-2017/
  2. Nice to see them run around again. Car looks faster with the fatter tires and drivers sound more exhausted on the pit radio
  3. Great Recap as ever. Sorry for not helping.
  4. Interesting. Would like a headband with just the rumble part that fits whatever headphone I got. I do miss bass shakers but everyone I try is to loud
  5. Interested if it all works out not sure I can commit though. Low on energy at the moment.
  6. It´s a known franchise that is what creates some buzz
  7. May be for some. I hope they can solve the issue with input lag on the Unreal engine. As I understand it for the VR titles they have rewritten a lot of code to get it lower but there is like 3x more data to compute on a serious simulation.
  8. Running currently http://imsatv.imsa.com/
  9. Albequrque opened the gap and tried to close it again but it was to late. May not be able to see Taylor but after drifting wide he should have a strong suspicion about having a car on his left. I think it was a race incident had Albequrque stayed on his new line he would been in a better position for next corner.
  10. Every time I check in there is safety car out
  11. It´s still a big minority that owns a VR headset though and competition is almost as tough since almost all beside rFactor 2 has VR support now. Did some comparisons with Assetto Corsa they need to work on the shadows had to turn them off. Can live without them but it´s awful when you have a car floating ahead. I also did attempt to run assetto corsa on low track detail because it´s realistically what I need to do to ensure smooth framerates in races with my X 1080. So it´s a more valid comparison for anything else but hotlapping. Assetto Corsa still looks way better. It also felt more 3D better sence of the elevation changes and the kerbs built more in height. Maybe it´s exhaggerated what do I know. I didn´t get the feel that the Raceroom version was wider though. Mainly the elevation changes that made the track feel different. Raceroom version had one steeper downhill though so who knows which is correct. But Assettos graphics surely make it appear a lot more convincing. But no problem with visibility, zero eye strain and performance was good with 1,5x supersampling which is the same I use for Assetto Corsa. How high I go with supersampling all depends if I can hold 90 fps without asynchronous time warp etc. Nothing beats true fps I don´t know why they recommend you enable it. It´s incredibly annoying when they dip your fps to 45 better to be at 70 most of the times. Cockpits themselves is not to shabby in raceroom. May be better to stick to stock wheel rotations the wheel seem to lag sometimes when running my custom 360 lock. Not a big deal though.
  12. downloading a 2,8 gb patch at the moment
  13. No return now just ordered and payed for Ollies OSW package. The pound just keep going up sadly it will surely go down now... What I ordered so far: Self-assembly DD FFB kit consisting of Small MigePre-assembled MIGe Power & Feedback cablesAll-in-one board (Sim-ple for IONI)IONI ProAscher Racing MIGe mountHolger's OSW Adapter with COM-B 22x32E-StopEnable SwitchFerrite Cores600W Switching PSU@ 725GBP inc VAT (Europe) / 1050USD (Australia & New Zealand) / 1025USD (Canada & USA) Got myself a cooler master 130 htpc case. OMP Trecento 300mm rim cheap one with fake leather to go with my RMD 320 mm and 365 mm Momo Classic, 289$ sam maxwell basic usb button plate. Martin Ascher paddle shifters. As for quick release just for convenience may go for the Holgers will see. If I want to move my SMC button box around QR is redundant though so will wait a bit on that one. total cost without QR around 1590 Euro.
  14. I am on single monitor and also felt like it was wider. Wish raceroom had 3D so you could truly compare the scale of everything
  15. Ollis fan boost is still working!
  16. https://www.twitch.tv/eleaguetv/v/113155961 Here is the event. I fast scrolled through the qualifying rounds but it seem to work well in the final except the fan boost glitch of course. Certainly not showing rFactor 2 at it´s best though with that track
  17. Jake seem a bit over dramatic. As for graphics cs is quite big despite being ugly and how could simracing compete with the real deal in term of eye candy jake would spell doom no matter what. While Assetto corsa, pcars or even iRacing looks a lot better streamed not sure that matters. Curious why 25 plugin was needed. Had some tv show in Sweden called vgp using race 07 some years ago and it worked really well. Not good enough to give ratings for another season though.
  18. It´s completed but still in development. Else what sim out there is completed? Even LFS gets updates Ah yes P Cars but only because of P Cars 2
  19. Well that is a wish. I am in that camp as well. It really sucks running on a 2D monitor but endurance racing is not hot in sims with VR support and iRacing is just to expensive now that I invested in osw and VR
  20. Native support don´t mean much. I have had some issues with the Rift in AC but not Vive. Essentially they are the same so it´s just ev drms preventing one to not work. There is no problem to switch at all. I don´t believe you will be faster or slower with any. You will get stuck with your inabilitys sooner orlater Sure on a new track the VR have benefits because you can judge distances and get a more natural feel for the elevations and position of the car particularly for open wheelers but you learn that in time in 2D as well.
  21. That weird Cosimo flight sims for sure where you move in more directions and have less reference points should be more challenging. Wish you could try it on my setup maybe DK 2 had some issues? I haven't tried psvr in drive club either.
  22. It will not happen with driving because you always know where you are going and you have a solid reference point in the chair you sit in and the wheel you hold. I actually haven´t read any reports whatsoever about nausea while driving. I think motion sickness would be less then irl because the limited fov. That is one trick developers emply to limit the fov when turning in other genres. If you run fps games however and use traditional movements where the view is the same as in real life but control movement differs that can cause issues for some. Thus most games use teleportation and locomotion and other cheap tricks. A bit frustrating for one that managed the trick to get the brain to realize it´s not real. I never got sick before that but for sure I got some balance issues when standing. Windlands was very challenging the first 30 minutes before I learned the ropes. Getting in a flatspin in a P51 make me get abit as uneasy in the stomach as I suppose I would irl but as soon as I get out of it I am fine. Same with doing advanced movements in chopper where I go in three directions at once. But some get sick and is sick for hours after kind of fascinating how we can react so differenly.
  23. Vr support is great in all sims as long as you can maintain the fps.