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  1. Forza 7

    Demo released today. I have no problem connecting separate usb shifter, separate pedals and separate usb button box. I expected this but no ffb through mmos sadly but wheel works fine. The new cockpit is a big step forward though I am still going for the hood view. Cockpit is only for VR for me nowadays. It don´t look right anyway otherwise. I have not been able to test on my ultrawide though as 2560x1080 resolution is not recognized. I believe they will fix this as it was not a problem for Forza Horizon 3. Visually it´s absolutely stunning. Will see how P Cars 2 fairs this friday but it´s so far ahead anything I witnessed so far visually outside of VR of course. Physics wise it´s inherete the same design as FM 6 essentially. Normal steering has hidden aids that do very well control your wheel moments to keep the optimum slip angle. Simulation on the other hand is fun but extremely punishing whenever you are not supersmooth on the wheel. Extremely unforgiving. Will see but it appears solid as long as you are not looking for a hardcore simulation outside the visuals.
  2. Forza 7

    https://ar12gaming.com/articles/forza-7-competitive Multiple usb support sounds interesting and the cockpit optimizations for wheel users
  3. OSW ordered

    No return now just ordered and payed for Ollies OSW package. The pound just keep going up sadly it will surely go down now... What I ordered so far: Self-assembly DD FFB kit consisting of Small MigePre-assembled MIGe Power & Feedback cablesAll-in-one board (Sim-ple for IONI)IONI ProAscher Racing MIGe mountHolger's OSW Adapter with COM-B 22x32E-StopEnable SwitchFerrite Cores600W Switching PSU@ 725GBP inc VAT (Europe) / 1050USD (Australia & New Zealand) / 1025USD (Canada & USA) Got myself a cooler master 130 htpc case. OMP Trecento 300mm rim cheap one with fake leather to go with my RMD 320 mm and 365 mm Momo Classic, 289$ sam maxwell basic usb button plate. Martin Ascher paddle shifters. As for quick release just for convenience may go for the Holgers will see. If I want to move my SMC button box around QR is redundant though so will wait a bit on that one. total cost without QR around 1590 Euro.
  4. OSW ordered

    Lol I worked hard to favour the osw and managed to beat the time with 50 hundreds of a second. Now I will not test anymore but take for granted that the osw setup is faster. Don´t matter that I have 100s of h on the osw and way more on the he ultimates and just 1 on the G29 Always the driver at the end of the day. So many fast aliens on half broken dfps
  5. PC2 + VR + LeMans

  6. OSW ordered

    New firmware out https://granitedevices.com/wiki/IONI_firmware_releases My OSW still going strong. Never had any problems with it not a single hickup. Only the side issues with grounding. I am on a new mainboard now and it fair much better then the old one. I can now use also my older ascher button box without occasional double shifts or reluctances to shift. The newer Simucubes are supposed not to be nearly as sensitive to grounding issues though. Went back to the TX for some months to run some arcade titles. That is the other big con and probably the biggest plus for the upcoming more commercial directdrive wheels. TX works for sure but everything is loose beside the lack of torque. I wish I went for another PSU though because the meanwell 600w is unbelievably loud. Never heard such a loud 80 mm fan or if it´s a 60 mm in my life. It screems at idle and get even worse whenever any force is output from the wheel.
  7. PC2 + VR + LeMans

    Looking forward to it certainly tick a lot of boxes on what to ask for in a racing simulation.
  8. Think you're faster than Hamilton?

    I want to be faster then Bottas My best was 0.025 in an attempt to abuse the start. Real reaction times around 0.19. Got plenty of those.
  9. Same here am I on the list? You can do it in any mode or just hotlap? I did a testlap yesterday
  10. Do you need to install the optional tires? Where do they go?
  11. May I ask for a setup. I am no threat I don't believe
  12. Dirt 4?

    Still haven´t found a rally car that drives without gods hands. I will just run the career some then be done with it. Anybody figured the my team stuff out? I have some C-license guys but they have lower specs then some E-license engineers, pr agents etc? Is there a multiplier thing going on so a C-license but lower specs engineer still performs better? So far only at one time I got so much damage I got close to penalty time so not sure they are worth the cut anyway. I will not spend anymore in adding more engineers.
  13. Le Mans 24H 2017

    I am sure there was a good race. Impossible to know following Eurosport. Commercials every 10 minute and they refuse to focus on battles on track. I had no clue at all what was going on following that. Rather then following the GTE Pro battle at the end it´s better following a limping #8 Coyota or find some guy in the pit lane or audience or whatever instead of booring cars that is actually racing. I just don´t get it? To bad the P2 didn´t win . Hybrid systems is getting to complex for the P1s it seems.
  14. Le Mans 24H 2017

    That´s quick
  15. Dirt 4?

    X 1080 ti installed up and running again I found the my team menu. Not sure its really worth investing anything in that? So far I have never been anywhere close a penalty for repairing the car and never have to buy any cars it seems. I could afford to before spending it all on upgrades though. Pit crew etc cost money but not sure they will do anything good for me
  16. Dirt 4?

    Yes my X 1080 just died. Shouldn´t blame it on Dirt 4 though
  17. Dirt 4?

    And it crashed my PC. I had a pink screen of death after a session of Dirt 4 yesterday but that I could recover from. Worse today light blue screen of death after some hour of racing during the loading of windows 10 and a complete reinstallation will see how that goes.
  18. Dirt 4?

    Unlocked some more cars and there is fun to be had so there is nothing spectacular. Just nice with a change. Nice speed sensation in the class A cars the extra grip do help reduce the amount of frustration and there is just about enough power to loose traction particularly if you shorten the gears. Best way is probably to run with long gearboxes though. Big disappointment to see that Höljes and the other rallycross tracks from Dirt Rally make a comeback. Particularly Höljes is just awful.
  19. Dirt 4?

    Dunno but it would surprise me if it couldn´t in these coop oriented times. I only run these arcade titles in single player for fun. Tried the sand buggies but I would not want to race these online I would get so pissed lol. It´s essentially all about survival and if you don´t take the start you go blind due to all the smoke effects and you just have to floor it if you are lucky you ram whatever is ahead in a good way or if you don´t you crash but step off the throttle and you are being rammed yourself and there is no way through. There is no gentlemen racing in these cars the way they jump around and everything Physics felt good and the tracks while short was much better then the awful real rallycross tracks in Dirt Rally. I would never want to race them irl they felt that bad to race. The cross carts had snap oversteer whenever I dabbed the brakes. Not sure if it can be fixed with setups? Doing some more rally on tarmac so much grip really hard to make the rear brake loose my f1 2016 driving style do work quite well but the settings is quite realistic. No widened roads and quite long stages reminds a bit of rally 2000. But Still to find myself in a rally car I like but I have not bought any yet just driven what is given to me. Wonder what I would aim for in the classified section. There was some old lancia but maybe better to go for a newer lancer.
  20. Dirt 4?

    Yes often you are best mimicing the gamepad in Codemaster titles. I never run 900 degrees in any rally sim need to get lock to lock in a reasonable amount of time Need to access new cars but provoking oversteer is really really hard due to that invisible steering aid to keep everything in line. I can see how that really helps with stability on a gamepad though I guess I have to try that as well. I am gonna let it mature though. They have not optimized the stage times at all. On tough you win some races with 30 seconds while on other it´s not possible to get top ten positions. And they haven´t totally excluded VR support. I was about to boot up Dirt 3 again but then they made some progress. Dirt 3 only allow one controller in Dirt 4 I can at least use separate usb pedals. There is ways to fix it though with some software I believe.
  21. Dirt 4?

    Picked it up yesterday. It´s the sequel to Dirt 3 simple as that. Long time since I touched Dirt 3 though but in that it did feel I had full control over the wheel. I disabled all aids but during the first tune in run I didn´t have my controllers configured and I didn´t unlock the highest AI difficulty so I don´t know if I am stuck on an amateur driving model or something. If I have the wheel and driver enabled it´s clear to see it´s not 1:1 with my wheel movements though essentially he just go left and right like crazy where my driving style is more calm. And while driving it feels like there is some magnet that tries everything to pull me back on the road or keep on it. Maybe it´s just the starting car but it really feels like a hidden steering aid. I have triple checked the options and all driving assists is off. Anyway the physics may have been all that but it can´t match Dirt Rally just due to VR and the immersion and feel for the environment it gives. It feels rather underwhelming tbh may try Dirt 3 again.
  22. F1 2016?

    Got it on some sale at humble bundle for 19 euro. Campaign is still going I believe. Started a career with Sauber. Put AI on medium actually my self esteem is so low I contemplated low but on this I outqualified marcus ericsson with over 3 seconds and put that Sauber 6th on the grid. Used the race strategy they suggested after my testing in practise one and it worked quite well start on super soft then pit be well behind everybody before pitting for next stop. I wanted to reverse it but the x button to reverse strategy did nothing? AI didn´t seem to gain pace until the last stint I lost some positions sleeping behind the wheel and trying to monitor the fuel load at the end of the race. Maybe some rubber band effect adapting to my pace? Just wish they wouldn´t simulate need for fuel savings. Where is the fun? Gonna focus on upgrades that bring better fuel efficiency Going to lean mixtures is really noticable on lap times. Game thing I am doing awesome on the tire saving part at least. Ended up at 7th though a bit annoying see my fastest lap was actually competitive for higher positions. But to many laps required on lean and some time lost managing the buttons and opponents getting a free pass while cruising. Cost two places at least. Without aids it´s actually pretty damn challenging be close to the limit. You lock brakes in no time and it really destroys the balance of the car. I lowered the brake pressure a ton figuring you would pretty much always want 100 % brake pressure as in Dirt titles.
  23. Rift DK2

    I would jump the DK 2. I doubt you would feel the resolution would be enough for serious racing so either it will make you feel VR is not mature enough or you spend money on both the DK 2 and a CV1. CV1 is good enough for me for racing. It´s quite demanding on your hardware though. Supersampling does help to produce sharper images and compensate a bit for the low resolution. In Assetto Corsa I felt my i7 4700K at 3,9 ghz and X 1080 was bare minimum to get close to smooth framerates. I want at least 75 hertz in VR but preferrable all 90 hz. Really hope my I7 7700K will give a healthy boost here. Something like Live for speed is a lot easier to drive though and it´s clean graphics is good for VR.
  24. http://store.steampowered.com/app/619680/Assetto_Corsa__Ready_To_Race_Pack/ "Ready To Race" is the new DLC for Assetto Corsa is now available on Steam and will be coming to PS4 and XB1 later this year. It includes ten new cars from AUDI, Lotus, McLaren, Maserati and Toyota, providing the "most wanted" models ready to race!The RTR DLC provides a great variety of models that mix technology, power, history and design from Italy, Great Britain and Japan, resulting in a package able to meet all your wishes!List of cars:- Audi R8 LMS 2016- Audi R18 e-tron quattro- Audi TT Cup 2016- Audi TT RS (VLN)- Lotus 3-Eleven- Maserati MC12 GT1- McLaren 570S- McLaren P1 GTR- Toyota Celica ST185 Turbo- Toyota TS040 Hybrid******Changelog v1.14- New autosaved replay options and UI added to launcher main theme- New Audi TT Cup- New Audi TT RS (VLN)- New Audi R8 GT3 2016- New Audi R18 LMP1 2014- New Lotus 3-Eleven (race)- New McLaren 570S- New McLaren P1 GTR- New Maserati MC12 GT1- New Toyota Celica ST185 Group A- New Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014- Mandatory pitstop window is now related to pit entry timing (replacing old system)- Pitstop animation enabled with oculus or STAY_IN_CAR enabled (system/cfg/pitstop.ini)- Added Position set digital script- Added ballast and restrictor option offline for championships and multiplayer. Work in Progress for offline quick race and race weekend UI- Added wind algorithm- If controller is keyboard then Pitstop app is replaced by mouse pitstop- Mouse pitstop with Mouse Steering enabled is now working correctly- Tweaked backfire flash flames in many cars- Realtime app: qualify/practice colors are based on leaderboard position, race color on current position- Added DIGITAL_PANEL script to display current position and P2P on car's external panels (Audi TT Cup)- Added FUEL_PERC script to show fuel quantity as percentage (McLaren 570S)- Fixed broken UI interaction due to session switching when pitstop was not finished- Fixed rare automatic pitstop activation at car spawning in the pit- Fixed deadzone for gamepads- Fixed Tyre App thermal value for exploded tyres- Minimum for automatic reset tyre on track is now 2- Fixed flag rendering in VR with PP off (again, hopefully for real this time)- Fixed Achievements from unlocking when car is blackflagged- Pitstop app: new tyre pressure can only differ from the current one by 4psi (because of minimal height rule)- Added Push To Pass system (Audi TT Cup), P2P amount depends on grid position, enabled in Practice and Race sessions only- Added physics option for different fuel weight/density (optional section in car.ini [FUEL_EXT] KG_PER_LITER=value)- Adjusted Lotus 98T tyre wear- Fixed old pitstop UI from allowing more fuel when setup is fixed- Added Black Flag description- Added Online time of day multiplier (x1 to x10)- Added track animated starting lights- Added blink feature to RPM SERIES script (updated all relevant cars)- Added acServerManager 1.14.0- Added Time multiplier- Added Wind- Added Restrictor (BoP)- Fixed BoP server message to client- Fixed bug on client fixed setup 2nd reloading- Added resolution string on splash screen- Added "safe mode" initialization when first DX11 init fails, it will try again with desktop resolution and AA/Fullscreen off- Added AI Aggression selection- More AI differences within a single lap to generate more battles- Added AI wing setup variations- Added new Random camera mode algorithm- Fixed driver model visibility bug in Random camera mode- Removed AI slowdown hack for cars with spool differentials- Improved Downshift Protection algorithm- Fixed AI giving away green light by flooring gas 500ms in advance- New AI algorithms for understeer detection and downshifting- Fixed Car Engineering app sometimes reporting wrong total and sprung weights- Added Fuel x Time on Setup Fuel tab and pitapp- Added best splits at the end of the race on leaderboard timetable- Tweaked leaderboard to show player name/position even if that player has disconnected- Updated Steam statistic reader to synchronize steam achievement- Added "virtual desktops" functionality to in-game GUI (cyclable through ctrl+u key combination)- Fixed session synchronization issue when session switches while a new player is joining- AI is now using kers- Fixed Nissan Skyline R34 having downshift protection when it should not- Added "variation" slider for AI. It will randomize the AI level in the range selected.- Fixed Nissan GT3 texture map on lod B- Added player's nation flag support (not valid flag will be rendered as AC logo)- Added new Driver Label GUI (customizable in \system\cfg\name_displayer.ini)- Added nation flags on leaderboard GUI- Tweaked opponents list to include nationality- Update special events to include nationality- Added Mandatory Pit warning message at the start of the race- Added minisectors to overlay leaderboard and performance delta app, this can be disabled through [Documents]/Assetto Corsa/cfg/gameplay.ini- Some template updates to existing content- Porsche 911 RSR 2017 template added- Templates added for Lotus 3-Eleven, Audi TT Cup, Audi TT VLN, McLaren 570S, Mclaren P1 GTR, Toyota Celica ST185, Maserati MC12 GT1,- Minor graphical updates on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Lotus Exige V6 Cup- Digital display script tweaks across the board- Fixed a bug on Nissan GTR GT3 LOD B- Minor livery fix on Glickenhoue SGC003- Python new functions:getWindSpeedgetWindDirectiongetDriverNationCode(CAR_ID)getCarSkin(CAR_ID)- Added deactivation on lateral G on McLaren P1 and P1 Gtr (optional [DEACTIVATION] LIMIT_G=[x] in drs.ini)- Porsche 911 RSR 2017 official WEC liveries added Look forward to try this out when the endurance season is over
  25. Ready to race DLC plus V 1.14 patch

    Sandfloorp seems about right. Try joystick perhaps arthur :).