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  1. OSW ordered

    Lol I worked hard to favour the osw and managed to beat the time with 50 hundreds of a second. Now I will not test anymore but take for granted that the osw setup is faster. Don´t matter that I have 100s of h on the osw and way more on the he ultimates and just 1 on the G29 Always the driver at the end of the day. So many fast aliens on half broken dfps
  2. PC2 + VR + LeMans

  3. OSW ordered

    New firmware out https://granitedevices.com/wiki/IONI_firmware_releases My OSW still going strong. Never had any problems with it not a single hickup. Only the side issues with grounding. I am on a new mainboard now and it fair much better then the old one. I can now use also my older ascher button box without occasional double shifts or reluctances to shift. The newer Simucubes are supposed not to be nearly as sensitive to grounding issues though. Went back to the TX for some months to run some arcade titles. That is the other big con and probably the biggest plus for the upcoming more commercial directdrive wheels. TX works for sure but everything is loose beside the lack of torque. I wish I went for another PSU though because the meanwell 600w is unbelievably loud. Never heard such a loud 80 mm fan or if it´s a 60 mm in my life. It screems at idle and get even worse whenever any force is output from the wheel.
  4. PC2 + VR + LeMans

    Looking forward to it certainly tick a lot of boxes on what to ask for in a racing simulation.
  5. Think you're faster than Hamilton?

    I want to be faster then Bottas My best was 0.025 in an attempt to abuse the start. Real reaction times around 0.19. Got plenty of those.
  6. Same here am I on the list? You can do it in any mode or just hotlap? I did a testlap yesterday
  7. Do you need to install the optional tires? Where do they go?
  8. Forza 7

    https://ar12gaming.com/articles/forza-7-competitive Multiple usb support sounds interesting and the cockpit optimizations for wheel users
  9. May I ask for a setup. I am no threat I don't believe
  10. Dirt 4?

    Still haven´t found a rally car that drives without gods hands. I will just run the career some then be done with it. Anybody figured the my team stuff out? I have some C-license guys but they have lower specs then some E-license engineers, pr agents etc? Is there a multiplier thing going on so a C-license but lower specs engineer still performs better? So far only at one time I got so much damage I got close to penalty time so not sure they are worth the cut anyway. I will not spend anymore in adding more engineers.
  11. Le Mans 24H 2017

    I am sure there was a good race. Impossible to know following Eurosport. Commercials every 10 minute and they refuse to focus on battles on track. I had no clue at all what was going on following that. Rather then following the GTE Pro battle at the end it´s better following a limping #8 Coyota or find some guy in the pit lane or audience or whatever instead of booring cars that is actually racing. I just don´t get it? To bad the P2 didn´t win . Hybrid systems is getting to complex for the P1s it seems.
  12. Le Mans 24H 2017

    That´s quick
  13. Dirt 4?

    X 1080 ti installed up and running again I found the my team menu. Not sure its really worth investing anything in that? So far I have never been anywhere close a penalty for repairing the car and never have to buy any cars it seems. I could afford to before spending it all on upgrades though. Pit crew etc cost money but not sure they will do anything good for me
  14. Dirt 4?

    Yes my X 1080 just died. Shouldn´t blame it on Dirt 4 though
  15. Dirt 4?

    And it crashed my PC. I had a pink screen of death after a session of Dirt 4 yesterday but that I could recover from. Worse today light blue screen of death after some hour of racing during the loading of windows 10 and a complete reinstallation will see how that goes.