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  1. Same here am I on the list? You can do it in any mode or just hotlap? I did a testlap yesterday
  2. Do you need to install the optional tires? Where do they go?
  3. May I ask for a setup. I am no threat I don't believe
  4. Congrats Archi total annihilation. Some more times for reference http://managerdc4.rackservice.org:50215/lapstat?track=ks_zandvoort-zandvoort_osrw&cars=abarth500,bmw_z4_gt3,ks_audi_r8_lms,ks_ferrari_488_gt3,ks_glickenhaus_scg003,ks_lamborghini_huracan_gt3,ks_mclaren_650_gt3,ks_mercedes_amg_gt3,ks_nissan_gtr_gt3&valid=1,2&date_from=&date_to=
  5. 38.762 or something it don´t get much better. Maybe I can do a 38.650. Do you all run in hotlap.
  6. It was better then my setup. Did a 38.7 in qualification will give it a go tomorrow. I wonder a bit why my old times are not counted. Is it nickname it goes by? 30 GT3 cars at Zandvoort is s a recepy for mayhem
  7. I have no idea how to drive these cars. high 39s even if I drive straight through the chicane I don´t think I can find the 37s
  8. Did a 39.8 is it visible? Have a fresh installation of Assetto Corsa
  9. Thanks Lilski. I believe this will be quite embarrassing... Here is my effort so far. 47 litres and not all that much rubber on the server to my defense but still dead last. http://managerdc4.rackservice.org:50215/lapstat So yes Zandvoort in a McLaren 650GT3.
  10. Sorry . Next week I need to learn Zandvoort though
  11. Can we have a mclaren Mp4 GT3 at Spa next? I don´t have the confidence to win this so I can choose
  12. Can try laborate with this if you have the horsepower http://www.roadtovr.com/how-to-improve-your-htc-vive-image-quality-with-supersampling-pixel-density-tweak/ This tool make it even simpler https://m.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4q4bu3/update_chaperone_switcher_on_the_fly/?utm_source=mweb_redirect&compact=true I got a X 1080 also with this I am hitting my 90 fps but it don´t appear to run as smooth anyway. But it did help with a lot of the crazyness going on with the guard rails, fenches etc and felt a bit sharper. I set a time not sure it´s legal as it was marked red but maybe they are? Car feels odd not used to the Formulas