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  1. https://www.studio-397.com/2017/04/roadmap-update-april-2017/
  2. Nice to see them run around again. Car looks faster with the fatter tires and drivers sound more exhausted on the pit radio
  3. Great Recap as ever. Sorry for not helping.
  4. Interesting. Would like a headband with just the rumble part that fits whatever headphone I got. I do miss bass shakers but everyone I try is to loud
  5. Interested if it all works out not sure I can commit though. Low on energy at the moment.
  6. It´s a known franchise that is what creates some buzz
  7. May be for some. I hope they can solve the issue with input lag on the Unreal engine. As I understand it for the VR titles they have rewritten a lot of code to get it lower but there is like 3x more data to compute on a serious simulation.
  8. Albequrque opened the gap and tried to close it again but it was to late. May not be able to see Taylor but after drifting wide he should have a strong suspicion about having a car on his left. I think it was a race incident had Albequrque stayed on his new line he would been in a better position for next corner.
  9. Every time I check in there is safety car out
  10. Running currently http://imsatv.imsa.com/
  11. It´s still a big minority that owns a VR headset though and competition is almost as tough since almost all beside rFactor 2 has VR support now. Did some comparisons with Assetto Corsa they need to work on the shadows had to turn them off. Can live without them but it´s awful when you have a car floating ahead. I also did attempt to run assetto corsa on low track detail because it´s realistically what I need to do to ensure smooth framerates in races with my X 1080. So it´s a more valid comparison for anything else but hotlapping. Assetto Corsa still looks way better. It also felt more 3D better sence of the elevation changes and the kerbs built more in height. Maybe it´s exhaggerated what do I know. I didn´t get the feel that the Raceroom version was wider though. Mainly the elevation changes that made the track feel different. Raceroom version had one steeper downhill though so who knows which is correct. But Assettos graphics surely make it appear a lot more convincing. But no problem with visibility, zero eye strain and performance was good with 1,5x supersampling which is the same I use for Assetto Corsa. How high I go with supersampling all depends if I can hold 90 fps without asynchronous time warp etc. Nothing beats true fps I don´t know why they recommend you enable it. It´s incredibly annoying when they dip your fps to 45 better to be at 70 most of the times. Cockpits themselves is not to shabby in raceroom. May be better to stick to stock wheel rotations the wheel seem to lag sometimes when running my custom 360 lock. Not a big deal though.
  12. downloading a 2,8 gb patch at the moment
  13. I am on single monitor and also felt like it was wider. Wish raceroom had 3D so you could truly compare the scale of everything