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  1. Japanese GP ticket shot - with a twist

    Looks like a great time and wow on that last picture! great stuff
  2. GT Tour Navarra 2015 crash

  3. GT Tour Navarra 2015 crash

  4. 3 hours Figure 8 enduro race? Uhm, what?

    The trucks are fun for figure 8's
  5. 3 hours Figure 8 enduro race? Uhm, what?

    from the comments: " Each car has an electronic transponder and the track uses a scoring program to keep track of progress. The cars must complete a full lap to count so the drivers "cheating" by not going through the X do not get their lap counted. Fans can use a phone app that would show live standings of the entire field of cars."
  6. An American Is Back In F1 . . .

    . . . As Alexander Rossi Signs To Drive With Manor For Rest Of 2015 http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/an-american-is-back-in-f1-as-alexander-rossi-signs-to-d-1731045733
  7. 80-20/Aluminium Rig

    Since it will under the seat, out of sight for the most part, don't be afraid to try wood for raising the seat base to where you are comfortable. and some rumble action attached also
  8. The Howmet TX: Rethink Everything

    Nice way to spend a few minutes . . .
  9. Indycar Pocono

    Sad news for sure, RIP JW http://espn.go.com/racing/indycar/story/_/id/13505054/indycar-justin-wilson-37-dies-injury-pocono-track
  10. Not sure what you will see but this could be interesting http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/russia-is-livestreaming-the-world-championship-tank-bia-1724304610#_ga=1.231521631.1334639273.1419464265
  11. Making in home wifi better/stronger?

    I have this one and I have been very happy so far http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PDLRHFW/ref=psdc_300189_t1_B00KF93DBO