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  1. Wow I have no idea how to drive this one!!!
  2. Never driven Zander before and never drove the 2-11. Fun track got a lot of blind spots it seems like. Could have also been the car.
  3. Congrats Niissee! Fun track unfortunately I only got 2 laps in. Looking forward to Barca and the GT3
  4. I think that's fair. Honestly cobra could be a friend of Darren's how doesn't frequent the forums. I didn't see him in the steam group. I did add piotr. I figure I will add as people post times and I'm not on them. Kinda wish you could set up a hot lap league so only the times of people in the league posted.
  5. Did two runs, More to come for sure, Got to shave 12 seconds of my time.........
  6. Track and car didnt come with the game did they? Or is this a dream pack add on? I think I only have pack 1. If its mod add ons a link would be very much appreciated. Been away from AC for a while now.
  7. Are we starting a new Thread for the next SYTYF or will it be posted here?
  8. I should visit the homepage more often......Some good stuff up there.
  9. sweet!!! How did I not know about that, anywho Im in!!! woohoo!
  10. So got it installed. Its not bad. A couple of notes it only works or up loads in hotlap mode. Also I need to add you guys as on steam in order to get your results. Cool app saves time filling out spreadsheets
  11. Well damn....lol. App looks pretty cool. Here is the LINK to the AC forums for it. Im downloading it now and installing.
  12. So with the absence of any leaderboards for lap times, I decided to create a spreadsheet for our Personal Best Lap times. Follow the following link and input your info. Just select the proper track at the bottom and then fill in the info. Here is the link: Assetto Corsa PB Lap Time Spreadsheet An issues let me know, I look forward to seeing how slow I am compared to you all!