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  1. Dirt 4?

    I got it. And so far I like it. I pkay on xbox one. I have rallt for xbox too. However i could never get the feel right in rally. I have rally for the pc also and with a wheel rally is awesome. Dirt 4 has two modes sim and gamer. Since im using a gamepad on the xbox i chose gamer and its perfect. My assumption would be that sim with a wheel would be good too. Its got little things that caught my eye. For example, during my second rally i finshed stage one of two in second. Between stages news scrolls across the bottom and one of the news items said the guy in first had issues in his second run. I thought that was cool. Also the team thing is nice. Sign soonsors and team memebers and upgrade facilities. All in all it got everything i wanted in a dirt game. It will keep me busy for a long time. As for the steering wheel try 240 for degree of rotation. Codemasters has bever nailed the 900. Even in rally i had to use 240
  2. Dirt Videos

    Yep they nailed dirt. So many different track conditions. It s hard to have the same race ever. Future is bright with dirt. Can't wait for rally cross and maybe actual rallies.
  3. Dirt Videos

    Legends at USA Dirt Gyro Cam At USA Dirt
  4. Dirt Videos

    A few videos from my first few tests with Dirt. Limited Late Models at Eldora. Gyro cam of Eldora
  5. Dirt is a lie

    It's fun but extremely difficult. The SS at USA is near impossible for me to drive. But I can drive limited late model at Eldora. But I'm 1 sec of pace. So I really need to figure it out. I didn't buy winged sprint or Volusia or Groove but from what I hear they are a blast too. Curious to see how they do the license if and when they separate asphalt and dirt. Will every one be a dirt rookie?
  6. Wow I have no idea how to drive this one!!!
  7. Thinking of Coming Back to iRacing

    Well I had 26 iracing credits so I bassicly get a month free and some content. Haven't been able to do much yet. But I think it will be worth it once i get back in the swing.
  8. Thinking of Coming Back to iRacing

    Im looking to come back to iRacing but not necessarily to race competitively. Look more to do TTs and practices for a bit. Just to learn and get a better feel and to calm my oval racing itch. Is it worth coming back after 2 years away just to turn laps non competitively for awhile? Also dirt has intrigued me a bit.
  9. 7 Laps At Brands Hatch-Indy

    It seems pretty basic right now. I didnt try the ballast so I cant say if you can. My hope right now is a 2 class option in the future.
  10. 7 Laps At Brands Hatch-Indy

    So I recently got back into AC. The recent addition of the offline championship tool peaked my interest. So here is a quick 7 lap race against the A.I. I have to say in the few races I have run so far the A.I. has been excellent.
  11. AC Year End Blog

    Year End Blog Sounds like some good stuff up and coming. And fictional track while we wait for Laguna Seca to be finished. A few free cars including the Mazda 787B More DLC, British cars pack with McLaren and Lotus and maybe more!(please be Aston Martin) An Ferrari pack celebrating 10 years. 7 cars through player voting. And much more. Sounds great and I cant wait!
  12. Forza Horizon 3 trailer

    If and when I get my new PC built(this year or next...maybe) That is where I will play them too. But in the mean time Xbox one will get the play time. However with cross play I only need to buy it once which is great!
  13. Forza Horizon 3 trailer

    Awesome! So was that Australia this time? Little disappointed just a little, was hoping for motorcycles this time....
  14. NASCAR expansion coming to FM6?

    Having played about 4 races in the expansion. I can see some good and some bad. The quick pit feature is awesome. Well at least on road courses. When you only have 4 or 5 laps and you have to pit once it makes it interesting. They got drafting all wrong. I was doing 208 out of the draft at daytona but 190 in the draft bumper to bumper. It is fun but at $20 turn 10 is just exploiting the lack of NASCAR on console.
  15. NASCAR Heat 2016

    Lets not get our hopes up now!