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  1. What a great race and great win. I think he deserved it.
  2. hmmm... don't know why but looks a bit strange to me. I hope some expert comes here and tell me why I am wrong.
  3. Ah, they are running a closed one with NDA? Shall I delete my post? I don't want anyone to get into trouble...
  4. Not sure of the source though, so take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Never give up, never surrender!
  6. great racing and a really entertaining video! Congrats!
  7. Oh, for this I too will find the time for sure!
  8. Hi all, I don't know if this kind of marketing is OK or not, and honestly, I am too lazy and old to read through the rules (hell, I hadn't even started searching for it), Doug will punish me If I deserve it...:) but I would like to share some information on a new sim-cockpit building team. One of the founding members is my favourite Hungarian race driver, Norbert Michelisz (WTCC Honda). Although this is well above my price range, maybe someone is interested.
  9. well, there is no FFB, but its cheap!
  10. Done. Guod, thanks for keeping this whole thing together!
  11. Although I cannot be there always (almost missed the last one due to the family), but have no issues with the mod, length and timing was perfect. I am happy to increase the gridsize again!
  12. Despite falling in last moment (and limping at the last place as usual), I loved every bit of this race. I usually hate Silverstone because of the long wide turns, but it worked surprisingly well this time for GT. I realised I have done the previous races on boost 1 (i thought it was defaulted to 3, most probably it was changed during one of my setup changes before the first race), so this time I wasn't THAT slow anymore. More to that, I had a good setup from Lonestar (thanks again) which I tailored to this track and allowed me to go around safely. Tried to stick to my line, no jump away from the LMPs or GTs behind me and I think mostly I succeeded. I remember James's situation and yes, it can be dangerous to pass me if I am barely hugging the proper line, sorry for that. It was almost at the end of my first stint and tires were not that good anymore. One thing I need to mention. I have 180 ms from here (Central Europe), that means a lot of extrapolation, sometimes it can cause problems too, I am aware of this and keep distance on both sides when I can. If that ping is too much for good racing, please let me know,l don't want to mess up other's races. Extrapolation is dangerous, because you see the predicted position of cars not the real one which sometimes can be different. Having (and dealing) no damage is already a huge achievement for me. I am happy, and I also see gaps where I can be better and faster, so beware... Thanks for organising, participating and running these races!
  13. Family event has been cancelled, I will try to hit the road, will try to practise in the afternoon.