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  1. What I read, its not possible at the moment. Devs are working on it seems but no date given.
  2. Very good! Could do a few laps at the beginning of the week driving Donington for the first time and yesterday. This is so much fun, I love the high speed corners. I have big problems beginning with the chicane. I had laps where I managed to drive the last 3rd of the lap with -1 second but already screwed it at the beginning. But somehow I am unable to perform good at the end when the first 2/3 of the lap was good also. I am such an inconsistent driver... Sooo, there is improvment possible for me, hehe
  3. Owned a Skoda Octavia till last year. I loved it, had all the things you need, much room and great reliability.
  4. These old paintjobs look so much better
  5. I liked the finish very much. That last 2 laps were great seeing Rossi going so slow and nobody knowing if he will make it
  6. That was a crazy race.
  7. Strange, isnt it? Maybe he thought the dust came from the other car just passing?
  8. Great race till now, but Ford
  9. The direct IMSA Stream for the full race:
  10. Whew, Just had my first online race ever. Only did SP before. Last week I bought the 3 month license as a promo for 5€, so I thought lets try it. I qualified as 4th on the grid. (Mazda MX5 on Summit Raceway) Got turned by a driver behind me in turn 1 because he missed his braking point.... fell to the back of the field (12cars). 2 laps before finish I got me back into a good position behind No. 3 and 4 and again got bumped into the grass. In the end place 5. Quite a good feeling to compete and drive a race to the end To win a race must be awesome
  11. The Lotus 25 is pure joy.
  12. Purchased a 3 month subscription for only 5S so I am not mad at all, but since one week I only could practice 2-3 times. Always when I have freetime to do it and maybe want to join my first race iRacing is off. I hope that is not the normal state after updates?
  13. Thanks, so F1 of the 60ies with a working championship is not possible at he moment. Looking at GSCE I found the free Copa Championship of Reiza. Are physics the same on both?