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  1. List of working F1 mods for AC

    Added Formula Hybrid 2017 mod
  2. Thanks DB @archii16 I added you on Steam, please accept
  3. F1, winter testing

    We'll find out in 2 weeks
  4. I recommend the F2002 for the first challenge (and others, we can re-use): http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferrari-f2002.8703/ (and here's a bonus skinpack http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f2002-community-skinpack.9520/) And this for the Albert Park track: http://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/melbourne-grand-prix-circuit.html#en You can start the challenge now or in a couple of weeks but the idea is that we will get to know the track in the lead-up to the GP and then once the GP ends so does the challenge (with your leeway).
  5. Hey DB do you think we can have a 2nd separate SYTYF challenge during the F1 season? The challenge would end at the end of the race and the next challenge would start the day after. I have listed a bunch of F1 mods in another thread that we can all use (no DLC required).
  6. List of working F1 mods for AC

    That's why "donate" is in quotation marks Added your link to the OP.
  7. CARS All cars that you have to "donate" to get will be free once they hit v1.0 (P.S. I am NOT affiliated with anything here, I'm just making a list). (PM me for working links to the "donate" cars, I have most of them) Ferrari F300 (1998) v1.1 by Virtua Simulazioni : http://www.drivingitalia.net/index.php?/forums/topic/70878-ferrari-f300-by-virtua-simulazioni/ Ferrari 641/2 (1990) v0.2 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ (donate) Ferrari 643 (1991) v2.0 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ Ferrari F412T2 (1995) v0.1 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ (donate) Ferrari F310 (1996) v0.3 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ (donate) Ferrari F2002 v1.4 : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferrari-f2002.8703/ + skin pack : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f2002-community-skinpack.9520/ Ferrari F2004 v0.3 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ (donate) Ferrari F2007 v0.1 by VRC : http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/ (donate) McLaren MP4/4 (1988) v1.3 by VRC : http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/ McLaren MP4/6 (1991) v0.2 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ (donate) McLaren MP4-13 (1998) v1.0 by Virtua Simulazioni : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mclaren-mp4-13.6061/ McLaren MP4/22 (2007) v0.2 by VRC : http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/ (donate) Williams FW14 (1991) v0.2 by ASR : http://www.asrformula.com/ (donate) Williams FW31 (2009) v1.4 by VRC : http://www.vrc-modding-team.net/ F1 2013 (minus Ferrari) : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferraris-opponents-2013-offline-edition.12188/ Formula Hybrid 2017 : http://racesimstudio.com/ (buy) Do you know of more? Let me know. TRACKS You can get every single track on the F1 calendar (except for Mexico) plus more at the following websites: http://assettocorsa.club/en/tracks.html http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/ac-tracks.8/ Do you know of more? Let me know.
  8. I just want to share my Col de Turini rally

    It was definitely mouth in heart stuff
  9. I've been having a "hotlap" comp with my friend and I was really proud of this time, though I still kinda suck at the first 2 sectors.
  10. Best save ever?

    Mostly luck, and gravel
  11. Anyone seen Pumbaa around?

    I found him
  12. Wondering if SimHQ are planning any Rally events
  13. Update 1.12 - includes timed races

    Do they have formation laps and do they let you jump the start yet?