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  1. Noone is suggesting you shouldn't participate Archii, it certainly won't help the community if people don't take part in events. I had to miss the last race series entirely due to work and study commitments, when I logged back in a couple of weeks ago I found that the series had been cancelled. Participation is everything that holds communities together.
  2. Had a little bimble about this morning. A bit daunting to see Archii already at the top, I would be happy to get a sub 1.50. I wonder how the tyre model changes would affect lap times compared too back then. Are they faster or slower or just different?
  3. There is always a benchmark driver, Razcass (or something similar) in the past and others, It is great to know what's possible. Some replays would be awesome though Archi, to let us bus drivers know where we can improve...
  4. Yes and yes, @Darren_Blythe and @Piotr I am off work today so I will check.
  5. I've done a 2.11 something but I can't see any of you guys on the friends app, really weird.
  6. I mean Kers and DRS, I really thought an F1 car should be able to power through all its gears no problem, and DRS etc is an extra boost to pass someone, at the default setup 15 back wing this is not possible.
  7. Tricky car to set up, seems to stand still in 7th unless you use one or other of the aids.
  8. All the DLC, even when they do a 'boring family saloon pack' where the new track is tescos car park I will pribabaly instabuy.
  9. my god that's an insane time, Hi Archie, did you find a shortcut?
  10. Sure thing Darren, just PM me your admin password and I'll 'look after' things till you get back
  11. Somehow I followed the link the other day and have a Dallara, I went back and now have the correct car...god knows how that happened. Edit I have a feeling that people have doe the same as me somehow and have the same (wrong) car, go to the above link, it is working correctly now.
  12. Hey LilSki why don't you be the bigger man and PM him? I know it must be frustrating, but it has to be more constructive than just venting here. Just a suggestion, no flames please....