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  1. I think that you are correct that it would really only make a difference for endurance racing, and muliticlass racing, there are a few guys around here that are very interested in that, but the lack of timed races and driver swaps made that impossible. Now that timed races are in that removes one of the obstacles. With regard to the sprint races it wouldn't make any meaningful difference to the race itself, but it would be an opportunity to see how it works in a live situation. I did some ten minute timed races around the Highland short yesterday on a public server, its the first time I was able to finish a race in AC and avoid the fade to black as I cross the line, very nice it was too.
  2. It is not the 'gamiest' of games single player is not the best, but for the feeling of driving and being connected to the road and machine it is excellent. Bought it in early access when you only had hotlap style challenges. Jumped in a lotus 49 and was instantly addicted. There is a lot of depth to the simulation of the car and the setups you can choose, however the stock setups are generally good and you can just get in and drive. None of the crazy learning curve of DCS, the learning curve is there but in a good way.
  3. Won't be able to do all these races due to my work shift pattern, but if it is ok to race when I can then I am in.
  4. Yep it seems I have a lot of learning still to do around here but the track/car combo was great imo, lets keep it up and organise some more races soon.
  5. OK chaps, pls make sure you are on v1.1 of the track as per the link in OP. I tried to get on and found I had the 1.0 version and got the error 'Checksum Failed'.
  6. Er, stuck at work can't check. @Darren_Blythe will need to confirm, but I'm guessing he is guts deep in his rig trying to sort out a gfx card at the moment. Can anyone else find the server?
  7. Click the padlock and try again.
  8. It is password protected, have you got the option selected to exclude password protected servers?
  9. That's some bad luck, is it under warranty?
  10. Yup those blind corners are tricky, I think a long session of practice would be useful for all who don't know this track already. Let's say that my 'just north of 2 mins' is at present more theoretical than actual. Once you get on the grass here it is hard to keep it together. Tail happy is right, had to do a couple of set up changes to calm it down a bit. Nice time.
  11. So the laps are just north of 2 mins so I think 2x10 lap races at VIR Full Course is spot on. Looking forward to this.
  12. This has confused me for a long time, needs some experimenting. Try each setting from a standing start and then see how easy it is to spin the rears. I race the GT2s online a fair bit and I still think higher is less interference.
  13. Ok KTM XBow is a shout, its a fun ride and the open top gives us a chance to look around, I'll do a couple of laps tomorrow to sort out laps numbers. @Darren_Blythe KTM Xbows it is, two sprint races with a 15 min Quali and Lap numbers to be confirmed.