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  1. Most exciting racing weekend in a while...

    Amazing finish to that race, really what endurance racing is all about
  2. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    Hehe @Piotr Nice BRZ @Grave @nhill40 I think we all drool when we see a nice MX-5 at a light no matter what car we're driving, my wife keeps thinking I want to trade in on one, but I just appreciate a nice car. My '13 BRZ I just got new snow tires and an oil change, in a couple of weeks I'll be driving it from Seattle to Philadelphia (2,800mi) as part of our move to the other side of the country, really looking forward to the drive despite the time of year and potential crappy weather. Even crappy weather is fun when driving a fun car on decent roads:
  3. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    I think you can pick up a FR-S with a bunch of TRD options by buying the FRS Series 1.0 and the parts for it are probably available via the Toyota US dealers: http://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/scion+frs+release+series+1+arrives+dealerships.htm Otherwise I've ordered a couple of JDM STi parts for my BRZ from Japan via Japanparts.com (keyless startup button and rear spoiler gurney flap) back when those parts were not yet available in US models, and the prices and shipping weren't too bad, you might want to check on there, lots of ft86club.com BRZ guys have ordered the full JDM STI kits and rims via that site. https://www.japanparts.com/parts/list.php?skwd=TRD+FR-S&x=0&y=0
  4. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    Wow congrats @arthur666! Very nice RS Your experience with the loose rear end could also be caused by cold weather if it still has the stock "hard" Michelin Primacy tires which make the car feel lively during the summer (they slide and squeal very satisfactorily) but during winter they never heat up enough to get much grip... @nhill40 good question about the '17 Toyota suspension, my favorite forum for BRZ/86 info is (I'm kludger on there too): http://www.ft86club.com/forums/index.php Lots of good info there, I've been busy the last few months with prep for a house sale and move so haven't kept up with what the '17 models changed (and also because I'm happy with my '13) so I not sure off hand, but I'm sure the threads there on the '17 will have all the details on what changed and how it compares to the first gen, especially since some of the forum members were planning to do the upgrade. Also there's lots of people who post their BRZ/FR-S for sale on there when they decide to move on to other cars, so also might be a good source for a used one, although personally I would probably stay away from the ones with Turbo/Supercharger mods... too many variables to know for sure how sorted a large mod like that is on a particular used car and I don't want to buy someone else's Frankenstein... Good luck with the car search/decision, keep us up to date if you end up test driving one. PS, if anyone is curious I had some pictures of my 86 in this post: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45755
  5. That's awesome @arthur666 congrats to you for the good driving and to @Darren_Blythe for the great job on the digital version. Is the blind T10 as scary in real life as in the digital version? I've gone off there tons of times in iRacing when I miss turn in, it would probably be my most interesting corner to see if in real life there's any extra clues for braking and turn in.
  6. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    I echo Doug's advice. The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ is ~$18k used/ $26k new, weighs 2,600lbs, has just 200hp but awesome handling and gets 30MPG. I've had mine 4 years this month, and have loved every single time I get in it since that test drive. The great handling and nice 6 speed manual makes the 200HP fun without getting into speeds that would get me in trouble on my other cars and motorcycles. After 4 years I still look forward to driving it everytime, even running errands or dropping a kid off at soccer practice etc. For me a daily driver that is fun is a great option as long as it's not expensive to run or maintain. Lots of other great options out there including those mentioned in this thread, a peppy engine, a manual transmission, and decent handling are the key.
  7. 1.9

    Just bought the season pass and tried things out in VR and Nordschleife and man what a nice pack. So far my favorite is the Cayman Cup car, very controllable and predictable, but that 935 is a blast to drive though I spent most of the time sideways looking out the side window. Good stuff
  8. If it's like Forza Apex, in Surround mode it ignored my side monitors and just displayed 1080p in my center one... Hopefully T10 will add triple monitor support in the future. Patiently waiting for it to unlock for us non-ultimate peons on Tue, while ultimate owners started playing today.
  9. Ah good info. I agree with you about that first Lamborghini you drive in the demo, it does drive like it's on rails, but I hoped that was just because it's a demo and they don't want to lose people so early in the demo. The GT350 I've enjoyed but I do look forward to being able to add more power via tuning. I'll have to give FH2 a revisit and compare the handling, you could be on to something.
  10. Yeah I'm not a fan of driving offroad in sportscars, only in the offroad vehicles where then it's very fun. Which vehicle did you try and were you using a wheel or controller? So far from trying both the GT350 and the Silvia, I'm able to get lots of wheelspin in the lower gears and enjoying the drifting using controller. Did you enjoy the previous Horizon titles? what is making you think this is the weakest in the series?
  11. Yeah if you buy the digital version either on XB1 store or Win10 store you get both platform versions for no extra cost. Supposedly the online functions will be crossplay as well between both platforms.
  12. Forza Horizon 3 Demo is out on XB1 and it's really fun. Disappointingly the PC Win10 demo won't be available until after the Sept 27 release date. I'll be picking this up on XB1 and then hopefully switching over to Win10 once that version is available.
  13. Do you have the pedals plugged into the wheel directly or to USB ? I finally got a chance to try it and my G27 pedals are working fine plugged into the TX using an adapter. Wheel support is working well, feels decent and similar to what I feel on XB1 by tweaking the Apex settings to reduce vibration and wheel damper and spring: Forza Horizon 3 Demo comes out Sunday 9/11/2016 at 5pm PT, looking forward to trying it.
  14. I haven't had a chance to try it either, but I expect the wheel support will be identical to what it is on XB1 which is ok but nothing spectacular compared to what we're used to on PC Sims. On XB1, Turn10 didn't really have much competition from other sims that support a wheel, and there's not a ton of players with wheels, so they could get by with passable support all this time, but now that they're on PC people will have higher expectations especially for the Forza Motorsport titles which are supposed to be sim. I'm hoping T10 raises their game on the wheel support. One other thing that may affect it too is Forza physics tend to feel like a car driving on glass, good grip until it starts to slide and then the slide is pretty quick, I eventually get used to it, but most PC sims tend to have more progressive grip when you start to slide, especially AC and that just feels more natural.