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  1. German GT Cup Series: Signup & Car Selection

    I hope there is another run at it soon. I think after F1 starts, there will be more interest in this kind of road racing again.
  2. German GT Cup Series: General Information

  3. AC DTM 2 x 20 Laps @ Brands GP (Sun 17th Apr)

    I'll be there. I'll take an Alfa as well...
  4. AC GT3 50 Laps @ Monza (Sunday 28th Feb)

    I'll be there. Mercedes SLS AMG GT3.
  5. AC GT2/GT3 50 Laps @ SStone (Sunday 31st Jan)

    Looks like you guys had a solid race. Sorry I missed it. I couldn't join because my game resolution didn't match my new computer monitor. The game, of course, didn't tell me that was the problem. It just kept dumping me out to the server selection screen and flashed the password input box. Ugh.
  6. AC GT2/GT3 50 Laps @ SStone (Sunday 31st Jan)

    Hey Darren, Can you sign me up for a BMW M3?
  7. Assetto Corsa @ Zandvoort (Sunday, 11 October)

    Summer is over, time to get back into sim racing!
  8. I would personally love it if I could run AC and other sims on a console. I'm a bit sick of keeping up with the PC arms race and the constant care and attention that goes with maintaining a gaming rig. As for Kunos's attention, I think it could run two ways. 1) It does stall the progress of the PC version for a while. Having two more builds is going to take away resources if they don't hire more people (are they hiring more people?). Luckily, both the Xbox and PS4 have similar architecture's and neither are too different from PCs, so they can share a lot of code. 2) Making the console versions forces them to tighten up the PC version. A lot of the strange UI bits and missing features simply won't fly on a console. Console gamers expect a certain level of polish and refinement that hobbyist PC gamers will overlook if the core product is solid.
  9. Sounds boring to me. I want drama!
  10. BMW Z4 GT3 @ Monza This Sunday 3rd Aug

    I wish I was going to be around on Sunday :-(
  11. P4/5 Competizione @ Monza This Sunday 22nd June

    You can prebook me!
  12. 0.9 with MP is out!

  13. F1 opener (contains spoilers)

    Agreed. There is no refueling, so why not just stick with a limit to the size of the fuel tank? It's so much simpler and achieves the same thing.