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  1. Damning rF2 News

    Thanks gongo2k1, So far clicking through the settings it seems as if I've got a similar amount of pre-defined settings. Not too sure if it is "programmable" as it is on my Tiger as I still haven't RTFM'd enough to get my iPhone set to the Bluetooth. An yep price was less than half what it was new, so trading up was a possibility. Could've went with the C7 but first and foremost at the risk of dating myself the damned car is fugly. Ugly Camaro/Crossfire rear mated to the latest gee-whiz "edge/blade" styling with no curves. And don't get me started on how I feel about AFM. I realize the LS series motors in the C6 were originally slated for it and that only the vibes on less cylinders running caused its' cancellation but my GM Senior Master Tech friend has advised me to run far away from them as of yet. He's seeing more than the usual amount of difficulties with them and since I count on him to keep the car from grenading instead of a Dealer I'm running with what he's saying. And back on topic, I agree with Pumbaa's assessment more or less. If the car behaved that badly when cold no one would drive it at all. It's hard for me to tell whether it is the FF implementation or what. I will say that the differences between base coupe and the ZR1 are implemented but without testing both with access to a track modeled on one in real life it would be hard to say with any certainty.
  2. Damning rF2 News

    Got to agree re. the C6 handling and the FFB. Don't care about the spreadsheet as spreadsheets don't turn laps. I'm currently using reiza and an authorized and patched version of Alex's Vanport for familiarization runs which sucks as I'd love to be able to use the rFactor2 C6 there especially as it is my "home" track and Mama and I just dropped for this:
  3. US EPA

    The one useful thing my American motorcyclist association membership got me. Politically active enough to contact my local elected type and register my disgust with these clowns and this backdoor attack. I get that lots of people break the law by installing "devices" made by members of the SEMA clearly labeled for off road use only. But in typical bureaucratic fashion they sneak in their agenda in another bill designed to slide under the radar of the average voter. Got a heads up on E15 too which I STRONGLY advise anyone with a motorcycle especially keep an eye on as the costs for fuel system related failures will be in the millions at least. Almost ALL modern engine manufacturers specifically forbid the use of fuels containing more than 10 percent ethanol so if you fuel (or cause to have fueled) with the stuff it'll be on you when your engine dies.
  4. Damning rF2 News

    I have to agree with both of the above. rF2 put a jaw dropping smile on my face with the vintage Monaco and cars. Then they proceeded to release a concept rather than a finished product.I put ten times at least the time over the same time into pCars and I had my doubts about that one ever being full-baked as well. I'd really like to like rFactor 2 more but as for well developed content it's a bit thin.
  5. investment payback released

    Unfortunately enough I'm with Piotr above......it's disgusting really so I've ploughed all the money back into buying it again on PS4 to have SOMETHING to justify the cost of my G29.
  6. I know its a bit egoistic but,

    Indeed. Been going to a lot of shows for various bands lately, always regretted seeing Priest instead of them back in the day. Live after Death is probably close to my favorite "live" album by any band and to find out I took a pass to see the "Turbo" tour instead is a bit of a double whammy. Enjoy! Up the Irons!!
  7. RUSH

    Thank you to all those who posted as I'd rather get opinions on a movie like this from motorsports fans as opposed to movie critics. My Wife and my Son and I will be looking forward to the first theatre movie we've seen since episode 3. It'll probably be one of the last as well as I'm usually not too keen to go to movies due to the disruptive behavior you see sometimes, but as I say put your $$ where your mouth is. I'm glad someone has made a movie for "car people" that isn't made over too terribly with "image" over substance. Grand Prix and LeMans are my two favorite flicks for motoring so far and I hope this compares favorably. Also at Staniol, yes there is a '76 season available for rFactor. It's a conversion of an earlier mod for F1 challenge . It's known as F1 1976 LE and is available at either rFactor central or drivingitalia I can't remember right now. You'll need to download the tracks in addition but all of those are available most of which are in the rather good GPC '79 track pack.
  8. So, what got you hooked to racing?

    What started me was a boyfriend of my Mom's circa '67 or so with an Alfa spider. In those days even Hot Wheels had an open wheel car. I remember distinctly wanting a Maserati GT well before the B.O.C. song. Admittedly those are early memories, but well defining I think as far as I go anyway. Along comes early '00 and I find GPL in original box form for 5.00 at the Ross. Having already just purchased a spanking new 3dFx 5500 to go in my 550 coppermine P3 I thought I was hot stuff mon. Except for nVidia buying the assets and company I was in good stead. Had a logi red momo within 45 days of release thanks to Justdeals refurbished and again felt well-paid as far as purchase went, but by now we're of course on team green to get that 1Ghz.going and mess things up..........a whole new way with xp.