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  1. Need help with Race 06 car mods

    There has to be a way to make this work, so far evrything I tried and still the cars don't show up.
  2. Need help with Race 06 car mods

    Appreciate the help, but heres what i get after extracting for the Mazda MX-5 Cup, first one for UAIData, and the other for GameData. My question is where do the files go? Nor sure where Data and Stockteams go plus all the other info after them.
  3. Need help with Race 06 car mods

    Is there a way to do it manually without directly unzipping into Race 07 ?
  4. I've tried doing this with 7Zip,WinRar and now Winzip, and still get nothing. Basically I'm trying to add these mods: Mazda MX-5 Cup Formula Ford 2011 F1 Formula Legends. After extraction I get this message: Extracting to "C:\Program Files\RACE 07 Offline\" Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no Error: Unable to create "C:\Program Files\RACE 07 Offline\Mazda Mx5\GameData\Teams\Hankook MX5 Cup\DATA\3rdp_hansdevice.gmt" Irrecoverable Error: File creation error. If I can't do it by extracting it directly into Race 07 Offline, can I do it manually, and how do I do it ?
  5. R3E Questions

    Yep your right slow internet is right, but I still manage iRacing, just not when I want to, guess you might say our schedulles don't coincide.Thanks for looking that up though, appreciate it. Plus I heard if you like offline racing GTR2 and Race07 are tough to beat. If I do ever update to comcast though and I do get Steam, do you need to have an internet connection, even If your playing offline ? We just have issues with internet of any sort here up on the hill with high winds and T,storms. I did manage to find a hard copy of it online, so it should be here within a week, I know theres lots of addon content, so whats worth getting? I see NoGrip has lots of addons for it, anywhere else ?
  6. R3E Questions

    I ony ask because there used to be a section where you could buy and sell games at the old SimHQ site.
  7. R3E Questions

    Anyone have a hard copy of the CD they would like to sell?
  8. R3E Questions

    Ok I'll admit I like iRacing, but at the same time I like racing the AI more, plus my schedule and iRacing don't always meet eye to eye. I also run Rfactor 1 and 2 as well as Game Stock car 2013 and just recently got back into Nascar 2003 again. My favorite remains GPL, but finally got rid of it off my PC about 2 years ago. So how does Raceroom experience comapre to the sims I've listed and is it worth getting ? even though I'm not a huge fan of Steam.
  9. Driver education software

    Trying to teach my kid driving on a simulator, and was wondering what you have heard about or what is best. I've seen City Driving simulator, but thats about it. wanted to use either an xbox360, PS4 or my PC with wheels and pedals. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. SimHQ Motorsport rFactor2 tracks

    I finally shut off the verify install option and the file finally worked, but with the verify install option on, it doesn't work.
  11. SimHQ Motorsport rFactor2 tracks

    So you can't use the front end of RF2 Manage mods and use that to install the file ?
  12. SimHQ Motorsport rFactor2 tracks

    I tried Internet explorer but had issues with the download just showing gibberish. I tried Mozilla, and downloaded it 3 times, but each time Rfactor2 just gave me the message it wasn't able to recognize the file.Also even though I'm following the thread, i"m not getting notified of responses.
  13. SimHQ Motorsport rFactor2 tracks

    I finally managed to download it. But everytime I try and use the manage mods I get the message unable to verify file, even though the verify bar goes to 100%
  14. I was pretty excited to see Alex Coutie had gotten permission to convert the original Rfactor tracks to Rfactor2. Problem is I can't seem to find where to download them, especially Barber Motorsport Park. I tried the download area and when I clicked on the Barber download all i could see was a page full of gibberish. So where can you download Alex's conversions ?
  15. As a PC and console user I wonder why the PS4 hasn't come out with a wheel similar the the one for the Xbox360 Wireless speed wheel. they have something I've heard , but its not as good as the Xbox one. Granted the Xbox360 wheel isn't the greatest, and its nowhere near as good as a sperate wheel and pedal set, but it does do a halfway decent job. I'd like to try that with AC, just to see what its like, meanwhile I'm going back to RF1 and Extreme Stock car, mostly because I just don't seem to have time for iRacing any longer.