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  1. Brake Failure

    Yes, certainly another kind of "brake failure" altogether.
  2. Brake Failure

    Hmmm, that's strikingly similar to a street car version of the 370Z during Car & Driver magazine's "Lightning Lap" event at VIR a few years ago: http://www.caranddriver.com/features/z-m...t-lightning-lap Maybe the same problem can befall race-prepped body-in-white cars, too - if you don't do some serious surgery on the car to improve brake cooling at all 4 corners.
  3. It's ON at Mercedes

    I respect the enormous talent that Hamilton has when it comes to wheeling and open-wheel beast like an F1 car... in its many forms (we've seen how the 2014 formula does not suit all drivers, yet some are just as quick in this formula as they were in years past, which is quite an endorsement of skill). He certainly deserves to be a world champion - when one only looks at driving skills. However, I have to admit that I am not a fan of Lewis as a total package. Taking the perspective of an armchair competition director, having Hamilton on your fantasy team is a tough call: on the one hand, he's supremely gifted in wheel-and-pedal skills. On the other, he's a bit too emotionally unbridled - an 8 year-old trapped in the body of a fit, 20-something man. Frankly when I hear him on the radio during races, I often cringe in sympathy for how he comes off. Ditto for some of his interviews. I think we all realize the immense pressure these young men face in this sport, but Lewis stands out in my mind, and not in a good, mature, tactical way. To be sure, he's matured greatly in the past three seasons. But perhaps now he's merely a 12 year-old trapped in the body of a 20-something man. I get that he wears his emotions on his sleeve (I do, too). But I find that to be one of my biggest personality flaws, and it's obvious that it is also one of Lewis's biggest flaws, amplified many times over by his occupation's many demands and high-visibility. In my mind, it's his inability to control his emotions (or whatever character flaw that manifests itself in those emotional roller-coaster rides we see/hear) that makes him less of a total champion package. I mean really, we've been here before, in 2011 when Button exceeded Lewis's performance at McLaren (the team that used to be fast). And, I think Nico knows that, perhaps studied it, and perhaps some day we'll read about how he pushed all the buttons he could find to take advantage of Lewis' obvious emotional maturity weaknesses. I am sure that will rankle the Lewis fan club, but it's certainly not intended to be a troll, just an attempt at an objective assessment. Lewis's brain's "stem performance" is awe-inspiring, but the emotional part needs some extra time at the mental gym. This is one aspect of the sport that I find rather amusing and fascinating.
  4. It's ON at Mercedes

    I dunno, kinda reminds me of some of the Senna/Prost shenanigans. I mean, didn't Senna wreck Prost once, just to preserve a points advantage? Doesn't make it right, but it does happen in the sport, so we've probably seen this sort of rodeo before. One could argue that Rosberg is tired of being b!tc#-slapped by Hamilton's passing and defending tactics, and right or wrong in this case "stood his ground" and let the chips fall as they may (rather than jabbing the brakes and losing 2 or 3 seconds to Hamilton by backing out). An ugly result, but perhaps will shake things up at Merc regarding how they race each other in the future. One could also argue that while Hamilton can make it very, very hard to pass a competitor on another team; and beating your team-mate is just as important as beating any other opponent; but in the end the constructor wants max points, and that only happens if both cars finish in the points. Maybe humoring each other (both drivers) would be more beneficial in the big picture. But honestly, drivers don't care a whit about the big picture - they care about winning, period. This has been brewing for awhile now, and its finally coming to a head. In the aggregate, I think both are equally to blame, and not to blame, for their situation. Unless Toto/Niki impose team pecking orders, we might see more foolishness from these two. I seem to recall Hamilton's defensive and offensive passing tactics grating on Mark Webber a few seasons ago. And if I recall correctly, there were several times (like Singapore?) when Mark put Lewis into the tire barriers or off the track (possibly) to prove a point about what's a valid tactic, and what is an invalid, arrogant tactic.
  5. Maybe you should ask Doug if you could review MadCatz Xbone wheel. Seems pretty nice, and they're trying to re-do their image.
  6. ...And they never will. Get used to it, Magnum. My advice: wait for PCars (might support Fanatec on Xbone, if that's even possible), or go get Asseto Corsa for the PC (Steam).
  7. 8/1 Update?

    I now have audio problems with older replays. Haven't tried to drive yet. Also, my FPS is significantly lower on the replays, and live in the pits. Settings that used to give me 70 fps now only gives 55.
  8. Season 3 Build Today

    I just saw EmptyBox's review of the new build today.
  9. Elkhart Lake WIP released

    Speaking of weird looking trees - AC has raised my standard for track details. Most of the 3rd party tracks (which are mostly imported from other titles) do not look up-to-snuff. Road America is one of those "not quite ready yet" tracks, with all the 2-D trees. On the other hand, the GenTrack1 fantasy track that was recently released... well, that's a good looking track, all things considered. That an Mid Ohio are the two I've tried that will stay in my AC/Tracks folder. GenTrack1: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/gentrack1.2541/
  10. More server controls update

    My game now says version 21.10. What's new in that? BTW, the cars seem to have had some physics tweaks as well. This game is very immersive from a driving perspective. They just need the race features to make it useful for actual racing (pit stops/strategy, more in-car adjustments and feedback, virtual mirrors, functioning damage, etc.)
  11. 0.21 is live, inc. Lotus Type 98T

    I've noticed substantially lower FPS with this update over the previous one. Post-Processing (formerly HDR, with more items in the mix) puts a hit on my system: with the 20.5 build I was getting 70-110 fps with a single car in practice at Silverstone. Same settings with 21 build, and I get 65-80 fps. I tried all the different settings in post-processing, but they don't seem to make any difference in FPS, except for un-checking FXAA (brought my FPS up from the high 50s). Turning off Post-Processing (un-checking the box) helps, but still not getting 100s in the FPS. Hopefully there will be future builds that improve frame rate.
  12. Assetto Corsa screenshots and vid thread

    Nice skins in there, Leemz. Where do you get yours? I've been using NoGrip and Race Department. But some of yours I've not seen there.
  13. The best all-time rFactor1 mod

    DRM for me, although the ILMS mod that we used for the first few seasons of SCES gave some very balanced racing (if you excluded the few LMP cars that weren't BOP'd correctly). I also thought the PCC '07 mod was rather enjoyable, as were the Megane Trophy and Clio Cup mods. For Oval cars, I think the SCFR (a Mod of a Mod) is also very enjoyable.
  14. Assetto Corsa screenshots and vid thread

    I've been playing around with AC and the 3rd party car skins for the title. Here's a few of my screenshots so far, trying out the MP4-12C GT3 in some quick races at Silverstone: Here's a nice paint of the Turner Motorsports GTD car from the Tudor Sports Car Championship (TUSCC), formerly the ALMS The Gemballa McLaren GT3 car Some shots from a quick race that I put together to try out the MP4-12C GT3 car. I think the graphics are impressive, but the camera functions need some improvement (hopefully that will happen as the software is developed)