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  1. Finally

    I do hope they can implement this #sooner. It would give a real boost to the endurance racing. Did my first official race last evening i several years. Just love the GTEs. Some more GTEs and new LMPs would be great. Porsches are comming and possibly another GT3. Both the McLaren and BMW are a bit old by now. Just missing #"real weather" and rF2 will have a hard time to fight it off. Sorry studio 397, neither the radical or the 650 has impressed me so far. The ffb is just dead and they drive terribly. I used to say just the same thing regarding iRacing but the tide is shifting.
  2. RRRE DTM Season

    OK, I think the problem here is that it won't save the championship until you have finished your first race. I have tested and if I just go in and do some laps on the first trace and then quit, I see the same issue. The championship is not saved. So, test this by doing a one lap race . Finish the race, then quit. When you go into championship next time you will get this screen below. There you have your progression the championship and all races are saved and also your progress. There you also can create new championships. I think this is done to allow you to quit a bad race and give you the chance to come back later and redo the race. So that is why it's not saved. But to get there you must at least have one race completed.
  3. RRRE DTM Season

    Yes, if you want to run a championship you need to select which tracks to use. You go to championship then select DTM 2015, select car and then in the right column you chose track. The first track is by default the first one in alphabetic order, so select one track, go back, then with the + sign add next track, and so forth. Once you have all tracks selected, go back to first screen and hit "Go race" It could not be much easier
  4. Indy 2018

    A clear improvement from today. The oval version looks nearly minimalistic with that tiny wing.
  5. PC2 tire deformation

    I'm far from an expert but a 60's tyres with low sidewall rigidity,high profile and full lock with full slip angle. Looks OK to me. Tyres move a lot on the rim when you add pressure directly from the side at low speed as there is rotation to stiffen it up with the centrifugal force. Push your parked car sideways and you can see how much it flexes, or at the yearly MOT check when they check the front suspension.
  6. OSW ordered

    After having used the D1 qr for a coulpe of months now and it has been performing perfect, still as tight as when I got it. I have now ordered and recived another qr, which will be used for the OSP SW1 box I also just ordered. Will get it in June as they have a high demand right now. I will do some feedback on that. Might even be a video review actually.
  7. Ricmotech load cell

    I have some friends who use this and they are very happy with it. Improved their driving/braking concistency very much. Got good quick reaponse if anything is not working as it should.
  8. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    Sorry for not being able to join in much racing lately, but work has had me pinned down hard past year. Finding a spot for when I can race is just becoming worse. Unfortunately these are just wrong dates for me as I will not be available for more than one or possibly two races. Would have loved to join in on some GT racing otherwise.
  9. Bathurst 12H

    I was hoping for a last lap battle, but it was quite obvious that Ferrari had the control, even if there were plenty of situations when the leader field was mixed up. SVG did not show the best of races this time though, way to agressive. Lots of action during the whole race.
  10. Bathurst 12H

    After Daytona kickstarting the racing year, this is always a fun event. Plenty of action with mixed classes. Streams for the race and practice http://www.bathurst12hour.com.au/streams-tv/international-streaming/
  11. GTR3 in 2018

    A lot of peoples wet dream come true. I wonder how it will differentiate from R3E, especially since R3E also will get the same graphics engine in the long run. Sure, GTR3 will not be a steam title , but is that such a bad thing?
  12. Porsche Coming to iRacing

    It's the 2017 model (2018 for American customers...I never understood that ) so it's different in that way. Sure it looks very much like the RUF but still not. So it's just not that they are slapping the new badge on it and selling it again. This time they also got actual data from Porsche. The RUFs data has been from some private Porsche teams as the RUFs are fictive when it comes to racing. Then it got the new TM which I must say is really impressive so far. Low speed slides seems alot better and the death wiggle seems almost gone. Doing a burnout does not make the tires act like they were made of icecream the next 2 laps. Also it behaves well over curbs, not bouncing as the RUF always did . ( now go and fix the McLarens curbs issues also please) I must agree with Matt that this does promise well for the future. Hopefully we will see the same improvements comming on all other cars soon.
  13. OSW ordered

    Got a photo on the backside with the quick release from them. The shipping to Sweden was 50€ which is acceptable. The QR is meant for direct connection on the shaft, so it won't work for me, as I have an extender attached also.
  14. OSW ordered

    Yes, I have asked them for some more information on that inkluding the QR. I would like to see how that one works.
  15. The Nordschleife is pretty good in R3E!

    Well it's the first laserscanned track from R3E, which is using the same data as iRacing and AC. So it is as accurate. If you think it feels wider, I suspect it might be due to the FOV as R3E does not support multiview. If you are on a single screen, you might still have a different FOV than on AC of course. I think the feel you have is more due to how the sims behave in general. R3E has more grip of the bat so it feels a bit easier. Especially since it takes the rubber half a lap to get the temps up i AC. Then there is a bit different feel in the cars them self, even if you drive the exact same car in both sims.