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  1. I have some friends who use this and they are very happy with it. Improved their driving/braking concistency very much. Got good quick reaponse if anything is not working as it should.
  2. Sorry for not being able to join in much racing lately, but work has had me pinned down hard past year. Finding a spot for when I can race is just becoming worse. Unfortunately these are just wrong dates for me as I will not be available for more than one or possibly two races. Would have loved to join in on some GT racing otherwise.
  3. I was hoping for a last lap battle, but it was quite obvious that Ferrari had the control, even if there were plenty of situations when the leader field was mixed up. SVG did not show the best of races this time though, way to agressive. Lots of action during the whole race.
  4. After Daytona kickstarting the racing year, this is always a fun event. Plenty of action with mixed classes. Streams for the race and practice http://www.bathurst12hour.com.au/streams-tv/international-streaming/
  5. A lot of peoples wet dream come true. I wonder how it will differentiate from R3E, especially since R3E also will get the same graphics engine in the long run. Sure, GTR3 will not be a steam title , but is that such a bad thing?
  6. It's the 2017 model (2018 for American customers...I never understood that ) so it's different in that way. Sure it looks very much like the RUF but still not. So it's just not that they are slapping the new badge on it and selling it again. This time they also got actual data from Porsche. The RUFs data has been from some private Porsche teams as the RUFs are fictive when it comes to racing. Then it got the new TM which I must say is really impressive so far. Low speed slides seems alot better and the death wiggle seems almost gone. Doing a burnout does not make the tires act like they were made of icecream the next 2 laps. Also it behaves well over curbs, not bouncing as the RUF always did . ( now go and fix the McLarens curbs issues also please) I must agree with Matt that this does promise well for the future. Hopefully we will see the same improvements comming on all other cars soon.
  7. Got a photo on the backside with the quick release from them. The shipping to Sweden was 50€ which is acceptable. The QR is meant for direct connection on the shaft, so it won't work for me, as I have an extender attached also.
  8. Yes, I have asked them for some more information on that inkluding the QR. I would like to see how that one works.
  9. Well it's the first laserscanned track from R3E, which is using the same data as iRacing and AC. So it is as accurate. If you think it feels wider, I suspect it might be due to the FOV as R3E does not support multiview. If you are on a single screen, you might still have a different FOV than on AC of course. I think the feel you have is more due to how the sims behave in general. R3E has more grip of the bat so it feels a bit easier. Especially since it takes the rubber half a lap to get the temps up i AC. Then there is a bit different feel in the cars them self, even if you drive the exact same car in both sims.
  10. 2 if you are strightly theoretical. gforce only relates to radius and speed, and as gforce and radius is the same in this scenario, so must speed be. In real life this information is not important, but the whole corner is. If you want to know which one is the faster through it, which is what really matters, then for that question #3 applies
  11. http://www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk/2017/01/roar-24-preview-season-starts/ So what do you think of the new cars for this year? New DPs. New GT3 cars.
  12. Really nice I'm planning on doing something similar soon. Just wish I had a 3d printer to create a shell around the box. Will order two d1 spec qr also. Just hope they can take the punishment without starting to wobble or get play in them.
  13. I'm on a 2500K, with a 1070 (triple screens though) and I have no issues at all with it. So you should be just fine.
  14. Still more fixes and also the F3 is released. F3s are my favourite openwheeler cars in any sim. Just enough downforce and horsepower for me. This one feels good, a bit different than Automobilista, perhaps a little easier to drive until you are pushing it really hard. Not a fan of them not adding this to a pack though. The last cars get expensive if you want more than one skin to it. I was hoping that you could use the premium pack and get all added in case you are own all. But that only works once for now. Game: Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck after skipping a session in a custom championship. Fixed an issue where the car setup file was being saved in wrong directory after loading championship. Fixed an issue with cars being too spread out in rolling start and almost going off the road. Fixed an issue where tyres were changing regardless of player choice during pitstop. Fixed so brake bias etc. can only be changed as long as the player's car hasn't finished the race. Reduced ffb slip effects for default xbox gamepad control sets. Multiplayer: Removed RaceSeriesFormat from multiplayer (now it always use custom/RRE format). Disabled full lap time syncing upon joining a dedicated server. It now only requests the best lap time of each opponent instead of all of them. This should help with people experiencing problems when joining a server at the end of a long practice or qualifying session. Fixed an issue where opponents driving certain cars such as Audi TT Cup would appear to have a bad stance, appearing taller. Fixed an issue with garage countdown timer still being visible in menus after leaving a MP session during garage phase. Fixed an issue with dedis not reporting results to backend. Fixed issue with dedis not using correct race length for race 2 & 3. Sounds, Physics & AI: Reduced engine sensitivity to side contacts in mid and rear engine cars Sachsenring: Fixed AI hitting the tire wall at pit exit Red Bull Ring Spielberg: Added alternative layout Südschleife National Circuit Finalized Formula RaceRoom 3 physics and AI for release Portal & Backend: Added option to hide password protected servers to MP browser. Added quick search field to MP browser. Fixed an issue with competition end countdown being inaccurate for players in different timezones. Fixed an issue with an essential pack already owned appearing as purchasable when looking at a car in car selection menus.