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  1. FeelThree virtual reality motion simulator

    How would you use a monitor with this? It seems cool but probably way out of most of our leagues.
  2. G27 Steering Wheel Exchange

    Might not have used the search feature right but didn't find a topic on this. I like my G27 setup a lot but the wheel feels a little bit too small. I would like to switch it out with a 13 inch wheel but would like to know opinions of adapters and wheels that work best. I know it can be done, have seen adapters made but I don't want to start futzing with the wheel only to run into trouble.
  3. 40% off on Project CARS

    I got it in July, just now trying to play the game. I don't play video games in the summer since it seems like some kind of heresy but with the weather changing I am trying something new. Suck at this almost as much as flying. Pretty fun stuff though.