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  1. Studio 397 August Update

  2. SimHQ Motorsports Teamspeak Server

    Server: Password: carrera
  3. PC2 + VR + LeMans

    Be sure and catch the animated crew pit stop halfway through the video.
  4. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Chuck, this is just a thought, but have you considered joining your local SCCA region as a corner worker? I think they still feed IMSA with workers. Go to a few of their regional/national races to learn the ropes then you can request assignment for each of the tracks and usually which corner to work. Alternately consider flagging and communications. I got to see many tracks that way.
  5. Finally

  6. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Mid-Ohio is a much better track (imo).
  7. Think you're faster than Hamilton?

    https://f1-start.glitch.me/ old phart clocked .206
  8. Automobilista event?

    If a race was... held on Sunday it was cars you liked the race start was 1700 GMT ...would you attend?
  9. NARS (North American Racing Series) at CMS

    NARS Series Race Schedule 6/22/2017 - Mid-Ohio (60min) - Pre-Season Race/No Points 7/6/2017 - Watkins Glen (90min) 7/20/2017 - Canadian Motorsports Park (60min) 8/3/2017 - Circuit of the Americas (60min) 8/17/2017 - Road America (75min) 8/31/2017 - Virginia International Raceway (60min) 9/14/2017 - Sebring (90min) *day to night race* 9/28/2017 - Laguna Seca (60min) 10/12/2017 - Road Atlanta (75min) 10/26/2017 - Daytona Road Course (90min) *day to night race*
  10. NARS (North American Racing Series) at CMS

    NP. Their initials aren't J.A.
  11. June 2017 Update from Studio 397

  12. Le Grand Circuit 1967

    Download this. Now. https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/le-grand-circuit-1967-in-association-with-vlm.53616/
  13. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Looks fun Chuck! Be careful out there and keep the blog updated so we can follow your journey.
  14. RSR Richmond

    Terrific battle for the win. Final 19 laps.
  15. Most exciting racing weekend in a while...

    Spoiler reminders. Yes, I was happy to see the Indy 500 winner too! And now, the World 600 NASCAR race!
  16. Tell me about Circuit of the Americas

    WEC. Not even close. COTA is SE of Austin out in the fields. You'd be better off driving the I-10 route Chuck then go NW on 71 at Columbus. https://goo.gl/maps/FFPYn1mgjQ22 Get a room along the way on I-10 and drive there early AM. Let me know if you do it so I can meet up with you.
  17. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    The Aussie produced Mighty Car Mods Channel is very informative and worth subscribing.
  18. Automobilista Inter-Club Series

    Thanks for the update. Let us know how the race went and add some screens if you can.
  19. 1964 Ferrari = 100 million USD?

  20. The wait is over First up thanks to Darren Blythe for making this track and then allowing me to convert it over. 2nd Thanks to Hexagramme for making the AIW Also a big thanks to all the guys at xfactorracing.com for all the testing and downloading they did. Also to my wife for all the hours I spent on it. Not very much left to do so it's time for the public test and see what you guys find. I welcome your feedback so I can try and make it the best I can. v0.9 All rFactor 2 features added 2 layouts (long, Short) Nightlighting realroad terrain Radiosity Pass new terrain shader wet reflections Animated objects Billboard trees and shrubs added grass verge re-textured all objects albedo maps Ambient Occlusion maps made for some objects Graphic detail settings (med, low) DOWNLOAD HERE Hope you like it and please leave feedback if you find any issues. Nibiru
  21. DX 11 and VR incoming

    Thanks Cosimo!
  22. DX 11 and VR incoming

    https://www.studio-397.com/guidelines-for-artists/ Yep, looks like Alex is correct. Every car and track will indeed need some changing (as he said, more or less) for DX11 to not hot spot bloom like crazy. Looks like another possible round of potential hell for rFactor2 modding and new releases of everything for DX11 to function with current content.
  23. New DRM Preview

    Not that we didn't try. And try. And try.