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  1. Thanks Cosimo!
  2. Yep, looks like Alex is correct. Every car and track will indeed need some changing (as he said, more or less) for DX11 to not hot spot bloom like crazy. Looks like another possible round of potential hell for rFactor2 modding and new releases of everything for DX11 to function with current content.
  3. Not that we didn't try. And try. And try.
  4. this is amazing
  5. hmmm, 6 entries so far
  6. AFAIK, yes. Visual differences only within a car brand.
  7. 1955-1970 version
  8. All races will be daytime except Sebring which will use time compression.
  9. Malaysia 2007 (Sepang) Saturday, April 15th 1800 GMT (2 pm EDT) Monza Sunday, April 30th 1800 GMT (2 pm EDT) Watkins Glen (no chicane version) Sunday, May 14th 1800 GMT (2 pm EDT) Rouen Les Essarts Sunday, May 21st 1800 GMT (2 pm EDT) Mid Ohio Sunday, June 11th 1800 GMT (2 pm EDT) Sebring Sunday, June 25th 1800 GMT (2 pm EDT)
  10. Please add your entry to this thread. The group voted to use the built-in skins within EnduRacers, so custom skin uploading is disabled. Unique car selection is disabled on the server so drivers can select any car for the series. In case of duplicate cars, the drivers can determine who gets which car or okay to run multiples of the same car. For the SCES EnduRacers 2 Series entry, a 5-Euro contribution is requested. Payment can be made via "Our Servers Tin Cup" donation panel on the lower right of each page. ------------------------------------ Driver Full Name: Forum Name: Class (GTE or LMP2?): Car Number: Car Description: Team Name (optional):
  11. I don't want to switch criteria once it starts because some drivers like one car and not the other. Same reason as making sure all drivers have all 6 races to run regardless of the entries.
  12. 5 of the tracks are available through the rF2 Steam WorkShop. Click subscribe to each one of them and it adds it to your rF2 installation. One is a direct download that you will have to manually download, place in the Packages folder, and click install in the Launcher's Content window.