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  1. lol i forgot the car description...

    it is:

    13LM Corvette Racing

    Richard Blokker #73

    Rinus Janssens #74


    with regards


  2. Never mind I got it fixed. Thank you though 

  3. Hi Doug!

    For some reason Steam is not updating to 1084.

    I have validated game integrity and it passes but when I go to properties to check version all other versions are there up to 1080 but no 1084. My friend Scott has it on steam and it updated his last night. I can't get into your server because of this, I'm wondering if you have any idea why? It's really frustrating!

  4. Hi Doug, I assume the DRM race starts at 2000 CEST? See the thread, I pointed to a possible issue there.

  5. doug, what is the team speak ip and pw for tonights stock car race?


  6. Hey doug are you there?


  7. Hi, may I join in the race at Nordschleife today?

    Markus Müller

    from Germany


    12 GER #05

  8. Hi Doug Can you change practice on Daytona server? It is currently set to 5 mins.

  9. Press pause, get up, walk around, come back. Yeah, guess that's cheatin'
  10. SimHQ Motorsports Steam User's Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SimHQMotorsports
  11. Great work on the V8 Series Pumbaa!